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Susan Hewitt, Las Vegas Night Queen Patricia Dirsa, Greek Week Court 

Carole Willard, Miss University 

Kathleen Kane, Winter Carnival Court 

Elizabeth True, Miss University Court 

Robin Sanders, Homecoming Queen Joan Dombkowski, Winter Carnival Queen, Homecoming Court 

Jane Ludlow, Greek Week Court, Playboy Playmate 

Barbara Kopieck, Las Vegas Night Court 

Carlyn Miller, Miss University Court 

Judith Goodwin, Miss University Court, Las Vegas Night Court 

Patricia Jaquith, Homecoming Court 

\ Kathleen Sullivan, Greek Week Queen, Winter Carnival Court 

Sandra Richards, Las Vegas Night Court 

Roberta Kelley, Miss University Court 

Jocquehne Faustine, Winter Carnival, Homecoming Court 








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Fertilization . , . This picture, taken with the electron microscope, shows the fusion of a sperm with on egg. 
The initiation of a new generation . . . Magnification X 42,000, Courtesy of Everett Anderson, Department of Zoology. 

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President John W. Lederle 

^C Provost Oswald Tippo 

University Treasurer Kenneth Johnson 

University Secretary 
Robert J. McCartney 

Dean of Administration 
Leo F. Redfern 

Director of Housing John C. Wells 

Dean of Men Robert S. Hopkins 



Prof, of Chemical Engineering 
Ph.D. Harvard University 



Assistant Prof, of History 
i.A. Tufts, M.A., Ph.D. Syracu 


A typical 30-inch bubble chamber photo token by the 
University of Massachusetts research team. The fine 
lines are bubble trails; the crosses and X's ore 
scanning aids marked on the film. 


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Dean Warren P. McGuirk 
Director of Athletics 



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Holdsworth Hall's Mascot 


Dean Himy B. Kirshen 


Last year's completion of the new School of Business Ad- 
ministration building and the new programs which are stimu- 
lating freer exchange of knowledge are reflections of the new 
boom of activity in the school. 

Dean Himy B. Kirshen believes that "leaders in both busi- 
ness and government need to be highly intellectual and highly 
skilled", and feels that Business majors should be provided 
with a quality education. 

The new business curriculum is designed to teach students 
the practical application of the principles of management, 
decision-making and planning in typical business situations. In 
one program each student acts as a member of a three-firm 
industry and competes with two rival companies through the 
interpretation of various economic situations. Some of the 
problems are presented in such diversified areas as budgeting, 
production and inventory control, cost analysis and capital 
management. Actual business risk and uncertainty ore involved 
in these problems. Each student prepares his analysis of finan- 
cial reports, fund flows and sales forecasts. This simulated 
business experience does not duplicate real situations but real 
relationships using scientific methods for resolving the prob- 

The school has developed its own D.V.P. that brings many 
outstanding speakers here for colloquiums. There is also a six- 
week Junior Executive Training program for foreign students 
under the sponsorship of the Experiment in International Liv- 

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Dean Marion Niederpruen 

Miss Crow instructs a future buyer on the qualities of good merchandise at the House of Walsh. 


Dean Kenneth G. Picho 

New equipment, courses, and faculty members reflected the 
progress made by the School of Engineering. Dr. Kenneth 
Picha, formerly the head of the Mechanical Engineering De- 
partment at Georgia Tech, was appointed the new Dean of 
the School. Dr. Picha has been a research engineer for the 
National Advisory Commission for Aeronautics and the U.S. 
delegate to the Commission on Applied Research of Organiza- 
tion for European Cooperation. 

Besides being honored by the selection of one of its faculty. 
Dr. Hans Duus, as the Distinguished Teacher of the Year, the 
Chemical Engineering Department has received new research 
grants from the National Science Foundation. The purchase 
of two Applied Dynamics Computers has aided the develop- 
ment of an analog simulation center. A graduate program 
in Polymer Science has been inaugurated under the direction 
of Dr. Roger Porter, an internationally known polymer rheolo- 

The Electrical Engineering Department has initiated research 
programs designed to determine the unknown variables in 
control systems such as those found in submarines. Another 
study, one dealing with frequency modulation, will yield in- 
formation that can be applied to laser and telescope track- 
ing and positioning systems. 






Dean Isaac Moyer Hunsberger 


















ROW 1: C. Pease, D. Smith, L. Sass, M. Alpert, E. Lachman, J. Novack, L. 
Starzyk, C. Smith, B. Devens, P. Salice, N. Rhodes, C. Amiot, K. Hynek, 
P. Abrohamson. ROW 2; M. Johnson, M. Plumridge, J. Krusz, D. Sheehan, 
A. Davis, C. Joblonski, Dr, R, Potash, J. Moseley, D. Baillargeon, J. 

Gutt, D. Adams, C. Royner, J. Crooker. ROW 3: D, Majercik, G. Creem 
K. Hurvitz, J, Boillieul, L. Brockman, T. Strzempko, B. Gordon, R. Langan 
K. Kuske, E. Getchell, G. Studlien, P. Desmarais, F. Mackler, W. Matthews 


C— J. Smith, C. Amiot, President 
A. Yakavonis, J. Goluh. 

ROW 1: M. Fisher, President R. Fleischner, 
J. Hartstone. ROW 2: H. Loch, R. Lebel, K. 
Hardy, J. Webster, J. Forman. 


Vice-President J. Powers, 
Treasurer C. Hunt, Secretary C. 
Dembski, President D. Wood. 

CLASS OF 1968 

CLASS OF 1967 

SCROLLS, the sophomore 
women's honorary society, 
promotes spirit and friendship 
among freshmen women. Pri- 
marily a service organization. 
Scrolls initiate programs 
ranging from dorm activities 
—muffin parties, hootenan- 
nies, pizza night— to all-cam- 
pus events such as ushering 
at D.V.P. lectures, faculty get- 
togethers, and University con- 
vocations. Scrolls keep in 
touch with commuting fresh- 
men through teas and at 
Thoreau House, the commut- 
ers' newly-established campus 
home. To encourage aca- 
demic achievement. Scrolls 
awards an annual scholar- 
ship. The money is raised 
through cookie sales and 
shoe shines. Scholarship, 
friendship and University loy- 
alty—all are promoted by 

Treasurer K. Yukna, Secretary 
H. Cassoli, Vice-President J. 
Wilkey, President J. Mullin 


ROW 1: C. Milburn, A. Umana, P. Aspinwall, Treasurer E 
Levine, Vice-President R. Aronson, President E. Rogers, Sec 
retary L. Donnelly, D. Oliveira, M. Lauer, K. Sacuto, J. Sward 
lick. ROW 2: K. Garrison, B. Burnham, J. DeWalloce, P. Bourke, 
E. Salmoff, J. Harrison, B. Gallenstein, M. Brown, M. Hahn, M 
Paolero, G. Joyce, N. Fisher, V. Besser. ROW 3: A. Treistmon, 
S. Zollen, J. Steever, D. Shumoker, J. Carmell, S. Ostrander, 
E. True, P. Pryor, P. Chornyak, N. Neylon, K. Bilsbury, W 
Shepherd, C. O'Hare, R. Mareinezyk. 

Treasurer M. Nadler, Vice-President T. Byron, President G. Plantinga, 
Secretary L. Lehrer. ROW 2: J. King, S. Kramer, R. Rosen, M. Chen- 
oweth, B. Paltrineri, S. Hills. ROW 3: J. Miller, J. Wein, R. Wilbur, 
T. Devlne, E. Sheehcn, G. Fantl. 


Treasurer S. Weisman, 
Secretary R. Stedman, 
Vice-President G. Mangu- 
rion. Missing: President R. 

MAROON KEYS are q sophomore 
honorary organization of twenty- 
five men. Its main objective is to 
meet freshmen and orient 
them to life at the University. The 
Keys try to accomplish this 
goal by having a convocation for 
freshmen during the summer, by 
advising the freshmen on regis- 
tration day, and by sponsoring a 
reception for swing-shift freshmen 
in February. The Keys build bon- 
fires, assist at rallies, and dances, 
and usher at football games and 
concerts. This year they spon- 
sored two buses: one to the Dart- 
mouth-UMass football game and 
one from New York after Christ- 
mas vaation. Maroon Keys ex- 
pect to continue such projects 
and grovv' v^ith the University. 

CLASS OF 1970 

CLASS OF 1969 

Treasurer J. Leach, Secretary 
P. Aspinwoll, Vice-President 
T. Mitchell. Missing: President 
W. Thomas. 


ROW 1: D. Myshrall, J. Van 
Sickels, H. Low, T. Arrison, M. 
Gerry, L. Paolino, President P. 
Anderson, P. Mason, A. Klayman, 
D. Murray, R. Freedman, W. 
Erickson, G. Dimock. ROW 2: J. 
Barbaro, G. More, N. Sweet, D. 
Roones, W. Townsend, L. Correia, 
L. Willoughby, K. Hughes, C. 
Clark, S. Nyberg, C. Schultz, R. 
Cadlgan, B. McDowell, R. Teixe- 
ira, J. Waterman, Advisor R. 
Davies. ROW 3: N Slutsky, M. 
Dowal, E. Sockey, P. Richards, D. 
Ernest, G. White, E Sprissler, E. 
Pease,. S. Yeoger, S Stefonik, T 
Sportos, C. Fredericks, D. Legg, 
B. Douillette, D. Nothanson. 

ROW 1: J. LeBeou, C. Rosenfeld, S. O'Connor, J. Logosse, 
J. Jones, President I. Zaieski, J. O'Neil, S. Kyle, K. Jones, A, 
Boron, B. Finkelstein. ROW 2: N. Bednorz, L. Nadeou, P. Wot. 
kowicz, C. Amiot, J. Chanbonneou, L. Nelson, B. Mockey, 
M. Aronstein, J. Coll, A. Feyman, M. Goodell, M. Faustini, C 
Mutter, J. Greenberg. ROW 3; L. McGeory, S. Hartley, L. Bibeau, 
B. Lund, A. Stillman, E. Cloran, C. Stork, R. Lydon, M. Hickox 
P. Theall, K. Dolon. 

Service, friendship, and leadership 
on campus and in the community are 
the goals of Alpha Phi Omega and 
Gamma Sigma Sigma, the national 
service fraternities at U Mass. 
Throughout the year the Kappa 
Omicron Chapter of A. P.O. participates 
in work week-ends at camps for needy 
and crippled children and takes 
charge of the campus ride board in 
the Student Union. Together with 
G.S.S. the brothers of A.P.O. handle 
the book exchange at the beginning 
of each semester. All University wom- 
en in good standing are eligible to 
join the Alpha Theta Chapter of 
G.S.S. whose major projects during 
the year are the Blood Drive and the 
March of Dimes. 



Revelers— leaping, screaming, candy 
stripes— signs, megaphones, straw hats and 
plenty of spirit— parades— rallies— football 
gomes- hazing and buttoning— ring around 
Metawampee— everyone pitching in— unfor- 
gettable times— Revelers. 

D. Calef, M. Feldman, N. Donovan, C. Dembski, K. Schmidt, S. Edwards, L. Ferreira, K. Stefanik, 
L Martin, B. Dadoly, J. Hall, L. Neufeld, B. Tennant, L. Contuzzi, S. Finneran, G. Kaplan, B. 
Sylvester, J. Muse, E. Burke, E. Kuia. 



Mr. Gerald F. Scanlon, Assistant Coordinator 
of Student Activities 


R. Label, S. Albernaz, Clerk P. deMariano, Chief Justice T. Wardrop, J. Robinson, M. Estn 


M. Fennessey, B. Butler, S. Leach, C. Wotzcun, E. Salamnoff. 

Men's and Woman's Judiciary have original jurisdiction in all disciplinary nnatfers occurring on 
the campus and are the board of appeals to lower judicial bodies. The boards attempt to act in 
a constructive rather than a strictly punitive manner. Striving for the cohesion of the entire judi- 
cial netvi/ork and the developement of improved procedures, the role of the judiciaries be- 
comes increasingly more complex and demanding. 


Under the able leadership of President John 
Greenquist, Wednesday night Student Senate 
meetings provide a forum for debate on legislation 
designed to improve current policy as well as in- 
augurate nevv programs. 

The Senate's v^'ork with the Dining Commons will 
probably be remembered as its most significant ac- 
complishment in the minds, hearts, and stomachs of 
thousands of hungry students. For a relatively minor 
increase in the price of meal tickets, the U Mass 
students ore now enjoying seconds on meals that 
have improved in quality according to most informed 

But food is not all that is on the minds of your 
Student Senators. A new loon fund for books has 
been established, and grading policies ore currently 
being investigated. 

All of these actions are consistent with the 
Senate's philosophy of giving every student the 
maximum from his tax dollar. 


Editor-in-Chief Alex Dean and 
American Yearbook Company Rep- 
resentative Don Lendry 

Greek Editors Peggy Mosack and Sue Henry 

Manoging Editor Bob Gaudet 

Business Manager Marc Tesler 

Organizations Editor Cookie Inouye 

Index Contribution to the Ugly Man Contest 

Mike from Lincoln Studios and Senior Editor Carol Belonis 

Advisor Dr. Dario Politella Student Life Editor Claudia Willis 

Academic Editor Happy Hull 

Mike Dosho, Senior Photographer 

Photo Co-Editor John Kelly 

1967 ushers in a milestone in newspaper reporting at U 
Mass— now directly from the wires of the Associated Press 
comes state, national, and international news. This service 
will have a direct bearing on proposed plans for a daily pub- 
lication in the fall of 1967, the ultimate goal of this year's 

News is a $70,000 big-time business at U Mass, and the 
Collegian's press run of 10,000 guarantees its distinction as 
one of the largest university free presses in America. The 
Collegian has earned the Associated Collegiate Press Service 
rating of "First Class." 

Editor-in-Chief Chet Weinerman sets a fast pace in his goal 
for expansion and growth, and the Collegian continues to 
offer Big News at U Mass. 

Photo Co-Editor Paul Boliver 


Editor-in-Chief Chet Weinerman 


The Engineering Journal, a student published 
quarterly magazine, is dedicated to the promotion 
of a high standard of excellence in the field of 
technical communication. Over 1600 copies of 
each issue are distributed to Engineering, Mathe- 
matics, and Applied Science students,- in addition, 
over fifty copies are sent to other engineering 
college magazines on an exchange basis. Mem- 
bership on the Journal staff is open to all Univer- 
sity undergraduates interested in technical writing. 


ROW It P. Bryan, M. Anderson, Editor G. Couture, A. Larvey, ROW 2: J. GrifRn, C. 
Wyman, T. Simpson, J. Gnaidy, B. Thomas, W. Carter, D. Piyer, D. Lawrence, Missing; 
R. Vaccaro, B. Catino, L. Viens. 

ROW 1: Associate Editor T. Hughes, J. Whelan. ROW 2: L. Jakmouh, 
Prose Editor G. Kenseth, Business Manager N. Bloomenthal, L. Hathaway, 

Poetry Editor A. O'Keefe, Secretary H. Raphael, C. Fulton, M. Gushing 
Missing: Editor-in-chief J. Cortese, C. Brown, T. Buckley, J. Tabbot. 

Caesura, as the literary magazine of the University, at- 
tempts to bring to both students and faculty the best efforts of 
artistic and literary creativity on this campus. Manuscripts in 
the areas of prose, poetry and essay are solicited from the stu- 
dent population at large and judged with quality as the sole 
criterion. Membership on Caesura is open to all who are in- 

terested not only in literary criticism, but also in publicity, 
business, and make-up work. An attempt is made to have each 
issue possess an artistic unity, both in form and content, so 
that the whole magazine can speak for itself as the best rep- 
resentation of student artistic ability at the University. 


M. Gordon, J. Harvey, Editor-in-Chief A. Cohen. 

According to Yahoo: 

"Yahoo is the one and only, true and official humor maga- 
zine of the Massachusetts College of Agriculture. 

Yahoo iS: 

more humorous than the Collegian, more satirical than 
the bi-monthly President's Report, more egotistical than 
the Index, more topical than the Daily News, and more 
concerned with fetishizing its image than any other obituary 
column in the nation! 

Yahoo, the magazine of truth, lust, and beauty, is dedicated 
to exploring and understanding the basic problems and 
solutions of our time. 

Yahoo has published articles that attempt to define the 
meaning of such various and sundry concepts as Religion, 
Love, The New Morality, Administrations, Beer, and the 

In the future Yahoo hopes to carry the torch onward, to 
hiqher and higher levels, and to char anyone found sitting 
'Fiwn on the job." 

J. Kelly, B. Batease, B. Sherzer, P. Metaxas, B. Cohn, 
S. Smirlock, Marilyn Monroe, J. Femer, D. Gottlieb, P. 
Zurowski, B. Hirsch, D.' Stevens, Editor-in-Chief E. Kramer, 
S. Gaman, A. Gutterman, A. Cohn, R. Moron. 



Station Manager Norm Ryan 

Pete Word, Don Weir 

Bob Sawyer 

Glenn Spatola 


ROW 1: L. Files, N. Ableles, 
President F. Guzzetta, S. Low- 
ensfein. ROW 2: L. Rodin, E. 
Moron, R. Crosby, D. Johnson, 
M. Levine. 


ROW 1: S. Daggett, M. Fine, S. Zwilling, P. Smith, M. Goodman, 
President A. Davis. ROW 2: S. Ross, J. Taylor, J. Putnam, M. 
Roskind, M. Novak, J. Tripp, D. Brown. 

The Distinguished Visitors Program seeks to bring to the campus 
those persons whose experience in international and domestic affairs, 
the sciences, the humanities, and the arts qualify them to interpret, 
explain, and raise questions about life in all its dimensions. 

Highlights of the school year 1966-1967 consist of such noted 
leaders in their fields as Senator Wayne Morse from Oregon, Henry 
Kissinger, current Professor at Harvard University and past advisor 
on nuclear weapons and foreign policy to John F. Kennedy, Miriam 
Williams, jazz singer featured during Winter Carnival Week, and 
Norman Thomas, Socialist Party leader. 

Vance Packard 

ROW 1: J. Frieden, J. Bailey, K. Carlson. ROW 2: A. Toomey, 
A. Kosciuski, K. Hardy, E. Rogers, B. Nawrocki. ROW 3: J, 
Gniady, L. Ferreira, J. O'Connell, B. Singer, M. Franson, B. 
Sanford, N. Schechter, A. Davis, P. Connors, S. Krinsky. 


Bayard Rustin, Executive Di- 
rector of the A, Philip Ran- 
doph Institute 


ROW 1: P. Machia, J. Floyd, D. Vickery, D. Nelson, President S. Davidson, 
Advisor R. Taylor, C. Daggett, S. Levine, E. Michalak. ROW 2: E. Tarquinio, 
F. McCarthy, P. Miller, W. Bittner, A. Kline, J. Beniamin, R. Jette, R. 

Berzuon, K. Nelson. ROW 3: R. Pfersick, J. Thompson, J. Kates, D. Whit- 
worth, B. Cody, K. Gustafson, G. Ruberti, S. Corp, P. Karsson. 



ROW 1: R. Goodman, President R. Chase. ROW 2: J. Sachs, R. Govenor. 



ROW 1: H. Sullinger, M. Sayre, M. 
MacVicar. ROW 2: D. Roones, S. 
Smith, S. Nyberg, C. Guyotte. 


The University Chorale is a select, fifty-voice, a capella 
student ensemble directed by Dr. Richard du Bois. Since his 
appearance at the University in 1965, Dr. du Bois has de- 
veloped the Chorale into a v^'idely acclaimed University 
organization. In addition to performances on campus every 
Fall and Spring, the Chorale presents a tour of Massachusetts 
and surrounding states each Spring, conducts exchange con- 
certs with neighboring college choirs, and performs at special 
engagements. Its repertoire includes music sacred and secular, 
ancient and modern, from such composers as Scarlatti, Thomp- 
son, Bach, Monhardt, and Copland. 


^ -4 * '^ ♦ .w "*' * *'*' 

li • 

• X. 't 






W. Laidley, G. Mylyk, Manager P. Pfeiffer, J. Dempsey, 
J. Baillieul. 












ROW 1: J. Mulvihill, H. Clarke, D. Butler, R. Sylvester, A. 
Manfredi, K. Chopman, M. McKirley. ROW 2: F. Campbell, J. 
Elliott, P. Gollager, G. Byers, P. Laurent, J. Judge, J. Waldman, 
R. Brown. ROW 3: R. Whitman, J. Boyle, R. Rodgers, E. Tietze, 
R. D'Andrea, B. Cody, E, Richardson, J. Duty, A. Walter. 


ROW 1: B. Newingham, S. Alboni, M. Prey, S. Hardy, L. Belch, 
D. Nichols, S. Holm, Commander C. Higgins. ROW 2: C. Johnson, 
D. Musgrove, N. Maton, B. Anderson, L. Balch, J. Gregory, E. 
Breslaw, J. Jonkowski, S. Volosunas, R. Leith. ROW 3: Advisor 
Lt. Col. D. Wiseman, Advisor Mrs. J. Bohnok, D. Corleton, M. 
Goodwin, M. Murphy, S. Gallant, P. Avery, N. Pieslok, S. 
Redfleld, P. Munson, J. Moroney, K. Watkins. 


ROW 1: P. Jay, E. Eastman, J. Cummings, Commander S. Holsey, A. 
Maclntyre, M. J. Doyle, K. Kiser. ROW 2: C. Pellegrino, E. Doigos, 
C. Stefanik, C. Rourke, K. Liddy, E, Bungay. ROW 3: L, Bouley, M. 
Fronson, K. Gustafson, S. Hogon, S. Majndle. 



ROW 1: R. Joyce, L. Burnaby, N. Murphy, J. Ramaska, R. 
Hale, P. Dutram, K. Bronco, J. Shyovitz. ROW 2: R. Christen- 

sen, R. Grzendo, D. Nathanson, D. Curran, A. Bungard, N. 
Sweet, B. Wendell, A. Phillips, D. Constantine, W. Vannah. 


ROW 1: A. Mortindale, C. Eulion, K. Rogers, D. Kucefski, R. Griffen, J. 
Hagopian, A. Tierney, A. Talbot, H. Folkson. ROW 2: P. Houck, A. Moore, 
C. Zmuda, M. Taylor, J. Johnson, M. Gordon, S. Hartley, S, Mock, E. 

Hachey, L. Doggart, F. Hart. ROW 3: J. Gregory, C. Kettle, V, Whitten- 
more, D. Gaunt, C. Neilson, C. Eastmond, R. Shepard, J. Dunsford, J. 
McDonald, E. Balcius. 



ROW 1: T. Monette, S. Thorp. ROW 2: F. Anderson, 
P. St. Laurent, P. Dugre, P. Goront, A. Pace, J. Calla- 
han, S. Spiers, G. Lefort. ROW 2: J. Killeen, T. Herri- 
gon, B. Beaudet, R. Goldberg, C. Smardz, M. Gourley, 

T. Severen. ROW 3: R. Beoudreoult, J. Ryder, A. Bara- 
boni, R. Setkewich, A. Manter, R. Zajac. ROW 4: T. 
Keddy, E. Jewett, G. Vossos, S. Healy, M. McGrath, 
R. Gustatson. 





k* . '**W' 

.V *C?^* 

*%■*' ^;v 

















%' ■ ,'..4. V 

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^.■"■'t^, , 


Don Durkin scores the first Redman touchdown behind the 
blocking of Bob Ellis (81) and Bob Detore. 

The scoreboard tells the story as Bruce Cochrane's 25 yard 

field goal defeats Maine. 

Head Coach Vic Fusia's sixth season at Massachusetts be- 
gan with the traditionally tough opener against Maine, the 
defending Lambert Cup and Yankee Conference champions. 
The Redmen wasted little time in getting on the scoreboard as 
they made the first of their three fumble recoveries and 
promptly marched 29 yards for the score, with Don Durkin 
going over from the two yard line. 

It was to be Massachusetts' only touchdown of the day, 
however, as a stingy Black Bear defense and a conservative 
Redman attack kept most of the action between the twenty 
yard lines. Maine finally penetrated the Massachusetts' end 
zone in the third period to tie the score at 7—7. 

Late in the fourth period, the Redmen made their final scor- 
ing drive OS quarterback Greg Landry completed two key 
passes to Bob Ellis and Nick Warnock. With eighteen seconds 
remaining, sophomore Bruce Cochrane booted a 25 yard 
field goal to clinch a 10—7 victory. 

Dave Giarla (22) and Rod Brooks (61) 
combine to ground a Maine pass. 

The tough Redman defense stops UConn short of the goal. 

Greg Landry dives through a stacked Dartmouth line for the lone Redman 
score, as Bruce Gombar's block moves two Big Green defenders. 

Massachusetts faced its second champion in two weeks, as 
the Redmen visited the Lambert Trophy and Ivy League king, 

The injury list continued to grow, as linebacker Bob Gogick, 
injured in the Maine game, was unable to make the trip and 
joined co-captain Ed Toner, Dan Harrigan, and Bob Santucci 
of the disabled corps. 

Massachusetts' hopes of ending Dartmouth's eleven game 
winning streak were ended quickly. Two long distance scoring 
plays in the first period quickly put the Redmen in the hole, 
14—0, although they dominated the game for the last three 
quarters. The defense, led by tackle Dick Qualey, throttled 
Dartmouth's explosive offense, and the Redman offense, fea- 
turing Greg Landry's passing and Nick Warnock's receiving 
moved fairly well. Scoring did not come so easily, and Landry's 
one yard sneak in the fourth quarter was not enough, as the 
Big Green triumphed 17—7. 

^^^^^^^^^^T^'*' MViV ^j^^^^cm 


Massachusetts took a week off following tfie Dartmouth de- 
feat, as Coach Fusia prepared his men for a visit from the, 
Connecticut Huskies. More shifting of personnel was required, 
as a season-ending injury to Ed Cody necessitated the moving 
of versatile Bob Ellis to defensive cornerback. The Redmen 
ranks were rapidly thinning. 

A fired-up Connecticut team completely outplayed Massa- 
chusetts in the first half, as Roy Lawrence's two field goals 
gave them a 6—0 lead. With 1:28 remaining in the half, 
sophomore Mike McArdle intercepted a Connecticut pass and 
streaked down the sideline 52 yards for a touchdown, evening 
the score at 6—6. 

It wasn't until the final period that Massachusetts made 
another scoring bid. A 52 yard pass from Greg Landry to Ellis 
set up the score. Three plays later Landry rolled out from the 
seven yardline for the winning touchdown, as Massachusetts 
prevailed 12—6. 

The Redman defense was the story of the game as they 
turned In two goal-line stands and intercepted four Husky 
aerials, three by McArdle and one by Dave Giarla. 

Ernie Smith and Bob Ellis converge on o UConn 

Mike McArdle mokes the big ploy, as he steals a Connecticut pass 
and races 52 yards for a Massachusetts touchdown. 

«^ ■*- u- 

Four photo sequence shows the play that broke 
Vermont's bock. Dove Gloria returns a first 
period punt 74 yards for a score. 

Campbell, Brooks, Debiak and Smith 
apply the crusher to a Terrier ballcarrier. 

The crippled Redmen journeyed to Rhode Island for a con- 
ference clash with the Rams. They were greeted with a bar- 
rage of passes, forty-two in all, as the hosts took Massachusetts 
right down to the wire before bowing, 14—9. 

The Redman pass defense was superb, permitting only 18 
completions and intercepting four aerials. Sophomore Randy 
Robinson led the way with two, and Mike Keblin and Ernie 
Smith had one each. Smith's theft came with 30 seconds left 
in the contest, killing Rhode Island's hope for a last minute 

The winning touchdown was scored by Don Durkin, whose 
fourth period score come on a nine yard run. Bob Detore reg- 
istered the first Massachusetts talley on a third period two 
yard burst. 

Smith, Qualey and friend 

help themselves to some Terrier. 

Ed Toner (77) and Jim Mitchell (74) afford protection for Greg Landry, as he completes one to Bill Carty. 

Boston's Bob Mitchell is met at the goal line by McArdle. 

Mike McArdle takes aim on a B.U. ballcarrier. 

Dave Gloria (^2) runs back an interception 
as his teammates erase B.U. Tacklers. 

Homecoming 1966 sow the Redmen host an improved Boston 
University team. A record crowd of 18,700 witnessed a tre- 
mendous effort by the Massachusetts defense. Twice in the 
first half, B.U. penetrated to the home team's five yard line. 
On each occasion the Redman defense, led by Bruno Debiak, 
Dick Qualey and Rod Brooks, halted the Terrier drive, as the 
half ended in a scoreless tie. 

The second half saw the Redman offense jell, as they took 
the kickoff and marched 64 yards for the day's initial score, as 
little Bob Detore, who was the most consistent offensive per- 
former of the afternoon, went over from the four yardline. 
B.U. went ahead moments later, 7—6, as Reggie Rucker re- 
turned a punt 71 yards. Massachusetts responded in fine style 
however, as they twice drove into Terrier territory in the fourth 
quarter. The second drive produced the winning touchdown, 
with the key play being a 19 yard pass to tight end Bill Carty. 
The winner was scored by Don Durkin on a four yard burst ofT 

Boston University made three late game scoring bids, but 
the Redmen were equal to the task, as Dave Gloria made two 
killing interceptions, and the defensive line forced B.U. into 
repeated losses, as Massachusetts triumphed 12—7. 

Tim Driscoll, behind Bill Corty's block, gains yardage at Vermont. 

■© Tn~ja »aii!»M^i5^^b::^ ^^ t2^» #« 

» 74 f Rb/ 73 '':^' 76 ',81 '■ tt > 6> 

f-' ' f P"^ '■ 

8S 33 ^ 70 ' 3J 51 

1^ 4FJ 52^25 Us 


24 < -40. 43 

>s ; 614 


Ist Row: L-R: Bob Detore, Don Durkin, Bill Compton, Dick Quoley, Al 
Caruso, Co-captains Rod Brooks and Ed Toner, Mike Casey, George Tokar- 
czuk, John Boyle, John Clair, Bruce Gombar. Paul Campbell. 2nd ROW: 
Trainer Vic Keedy, Kent Stevens, Bruno Debiok, Bob Gogick, Dick Eenoit, 
Ed Cody, Joe Amico, Bill Connor, Dave Giaria, Joe DiVincenzo, Bruce Coch- 
rane, Elliot Klein, Noel Schoblik, Trainer Jim Laughnane. 3rd ROW; Bob 
Ellis, Don Glogowski, Tom Wales, Randy Robinson, Gary Rivell, Mike Keb- 

lin, Paul Mlinar, Nick Warnock, Don Porter, Ronn Coltin, Frank Tudryn, 
John Jerszyk, Mike McArdle, Tim Driscoll. 4th ROW: Greg Landry, Jim Mitch- 
ell, Mickey Bailey, Doug Faucette, Roger Prefontaine, Ed Sherman, Mike 
Nodler, Frank Tavolocci, Ernie Smith, Bill Carty, Joe Bonczek, Tony Bom- 
bardier!, Paul Vaccoro, George Crone. 5th Row: Jeff Levine (mgr). Coaches 
Burley Crowe, Ted Schmitt, Bob Graham, Fred Glotz, John Bamberry, Jack 
Delaney, Head Coach Vic Fusia, and George Albrecht (mgr). 

Following their Homecoming victory, the Redmen traveled 
to Vermont to meet the undefeated Catamounts, and turned 
in their most impressive performance of the year. 

The Massachusetts offense, which had been nearly non-exis- 
tant all season long, finally came to life. The Redmen stunned 
the fired-up Cats as they exploded for 20 points in the open- 
ing period. Don Durkin, who enjoyed his finest day of the 
season, scored first, as he plowed through two defenders and 
into the end zone from two yards out. Moments later, Massa- 
chusetts drove to the Vermont one yardline and Greg Landry 
sneaked over for the score. Then, with 1:16 remaining in the 
quarter, Dave Giaria turned in the most spectacular play of 
the season, as he fielded a Catamount punt and on a great 
individual effort raced 74 yards for a touchdown. 

Vermont, undaunted by the Redman explosion fought back 
gamely. Led by their heralded halfback Bob Mitchell, who 
proved to be every bit as good as his press clippings, the Cats 
narrowed the margin to 20—7 at the half and 20—14 going 
into the final period. But early in the fourth period, the Red- 
men took over in Vermont territory and marched to the 25 
yardline, where Durkin broke one tackle and eluded several 
others as he romped into the end zone. Vermont came back 
immediately, as Mitchell's powerful running produced the third 
Cot touchdown, bringing them to within six points, 27—21. 
But the Massachusetts defense held on, and Giaria ended the 
Vermont hopes with a late interception, his second of the 

Even in defeat, Vermont proved to be the best team the 
Redmen faced all year, and Bob Mitchell undoubtedly the 
most outstanding player. The star of the day for Massachusetts 
had to be Dave Giaria, with Don Durkin and Greg Landry 
also turning in stellar performances. 

Butch Caruso is given a victory ride by his jubilant teammates, after 
leading the Redman to a win over New Hampshire. 

Tremendous blocking by Mickey Bailey enables Detore to pick 
up long yardage through the New Hampshire defense. 

Don Durkin awaits a Greg Landry pass, as Boston College 
defenders Salmon and Lipson attempt to bat it away. 

If Massachusetts' performance at Vermont was its most im- 
pressive showing of the year, Holy Cross the following week 
was its worst. Throughout the game the Crusaders dominated 
play completely, as quarterback Jack Lentz and kicker Mike 
Kaminski, who booted three field goals, put Holy Cross ahead 
16—0. The Redman defense played its usual solid game, but 
the offense, after its momentary re-birth at Vermont the pre- 
vious week, again lapsed into ineffectiveness. 

With five minutes remaining and the contest seemingly out 
of reach, co-captain Rod Brooks broke through and blocked a 
Crusader punt, with Massachusetts taking over on the two 
yardline, from where Greg Landry scored. Landry then passed 
to Bill Carty for the two-point conversion, and the Redmen 
now trailed 16—8. Two minutes showed on the clock when 
Massachusetts next got the ball, and Landry, with professional 
poise, moved the team 88 yards, entirely through the air, 
for a touchdown. Several key completions to Mike Casey and 
one to Don Durkin put the ball on the three, from where 
Landry found Bob Detore in the end zone for the payoff, 
making the score 16—14. Landry again threw to Carty on the 
two-point conversion attempt, but the big end couldn't hang 
on to the pass, and the Redmen suffered their second defeat. 

umwLiij II 1 ui fl 

HOMi vwn • owuma 



-,. ' -.^^ 

1 fj 

^m 1^ 

— ::X!32Esak H W 


The Redmen returned home following the Holy Cross defeat 
to meet the resurgent New Hampshire Wildcats. Massachusetts 
was seeking its third Yankee Conference championship in six 

The Redmen clinched the Beanpot as they downed New 
Hampshire 14—7. After a scoreless first period, Massachusetts 
went ahead 7—0 early in the second quarter when Greg Lan- 
dry ran 14 yards for a touchdown. Late in the third quarter, 
after New Hampshire had evened the score, Landry, because 
of illness, was forced to leave the game. His replacement was 
senior Butch Caruso. The unsung substitute came through like 
a champion, as he guided the Redmen 60 yards for the winning 
touchdown, which was scored by Bob Detore, who bounced in- 
to the end zone from the two yardline. 

For a tough job well done, Caruso was awarded the game 
ball by his appreciative teammates. 

Tim Driscol! rips past a pair of B.C. tacklers. 

Gogick, Prefontaine and Debiok 
wrap up B.C.'s McCarthy. 

Mike McArdle nails B.C.'s Paul Delia Villa. 

Bill Carty struggles for yardage after catching a Landry aerial. 

Rod Brooks stops Brendan McCarthy for no gain. 

November 19 was a long awaited day in Amherst, as the 
Massachusetts Redmen hosted the Boston College Eagles. 

Boston College went ahead 2—0 early in the first period 
when Dave Gloria, fielding a punt, was caught for a safety. 
The Eagles then upped the margin to 5—0 on a field goal. The 
third quarter saw the B.C. lead extended to 11—0, as the 
Eagles capitalized on a wind-blown punt to score. Massachu- 
setts replied with its lone touchdown drive of the day, the 
payoff being a 23 yard deflected pass from Greg Landry to 
Bob Detore. But another B. C. field goal made it 14—7. 

As the fourth quarter progressed, Redman fans anticipated 
another last minute thriller. But, as at Holy Cross, it was 
a case of too little too late. Landry, completing passes to Mike 
Casey, Don Durkin and Bob Detore, moved the Redmen deep 
into Eagle territory. But an interception ended the final Mas- 
sachusetts drive of the season, as Boston College prevailed 



Conference, All New England (AP,UPI), Boston 
Alumni Award (outstanding senior back) 

BILL CONNOR, TACKLE: All Yankee Confer- 
ence, All New England 2nd team (AP) 

BOB DETORE, HALFBACK: All Yankee Confer- 
ence, Varsity M Award (outstanding offensive 

GREG LANDRY, QUARTERBACK: All Yankee Conference, All New England 2nd team (UPI) 


Conference, All New England (UPI), 2nd team Conference, All New England (AP,UPI), Varsity M 

(AP) Award (outstanding defensive player) 

captain, All Yankee, Conference, Bos- 
ton Alumni Award (outstanding senior 



FIRST ROW, left to right: Skip Rendin, Tim Adams, Craig Lovell, Paul 
Robichaud, George Andersen, Tom Brennan, Dicl< Donlin, Jim Keating, 
Dave Driscoii, John Maragonis, Jim Nangle. 2nd ROW: Tom Cinnamon, 
Chuck Faio, Pot Flaherty, John Burns, Larry Fortunoff, Ed Morrison, 
Ed Sarno, Mark Toner, Bob Markham, Andy Guarino, Dennis Wall, Art 
Leventhal. 3rd ROW: Dove Pikkarainen, John Decembrele, John Dubzinski, 

Tom York, Dennis Gray, Bob LoChance, Bob Hansen, John Sololmon, Bob 
Murphy, Deverton Cochrane, Jerry Grosso, Charlie Tumminelll. 4th ROW: 
Don Dotson, Marty Scherolis, Steve Minkwitz, Bruce Fulton, Tom Kelleher, 
Bob Goc, Mike Cooney, John Farrelly, Marty Parlon, John McGovern, Dan 
Callahan, Rich Chenek, 

George Andersen boots an extra point against UConn, as Jim Keating holds. 

The success of a college football team is contingent upon 
flow successful the coaching staff and alumni are in re- 
cruiting high quality talent. This year's freshman football 
team did much to encourage Head Coach Vic Fusia and his 
staff. While only compiling a 3—2 record, the Little Redmen 
exhibited much talent and potential. Under the leadership 
of Coach Burly Crowe, assisted by former Redman star 
Dave Kelley, a number of fine backs and linemen were 
groomed for varsity positions. 

After losing their opener to Army 13—8, the Little Redmen 
bounced back to defeat a good Boston University team 
12—6. This started a three-game winning streak, the next 
two victims being Connecticut, 21—0, and Rhode Island, 
14—13. In the season's finale. New Hampshire took an early 
lead and held on for a 9—7 win. 

There were a number of outstanding players on the 1966 
freshman team. Among the backs were Steve Parnell, Craig 
Lovell, Larry FortunoflF, Pat Flaherty, John Decembrele, and 
quarterback Tim Adams. The outstanding prospect for the 
varsity is a former high school All-Americon, Jerry Grasso, 
from Everett. Among the linemen worthy of mention are 
Bob Goc, Rich Chenek, Mike Cooney, Tom York, and Mark 
Toner. Two prime end prospects ore Jim Nangle and Steve 
Rogers. Rogers, who was hurt early in the season, is also an 
outstanding punter. Kicking specialists George Andersen and 
Marty Scherolis will be welcome additions to the varsity, 
as will the fine defensive backfield of Don Dotson, Dennis 
Gray, and Tom Brennan. 

Larry Fortunoff gives plenty of protection for punter Jerry Grasso during 
a 9-7 loss to UNH. 

SOCCER 1966 

Ist ROW L-R: Dave Tucker, Manny Leitao, Capt. Mike Russo, Lorin Terr, 
Al Alexander, Aba Ayanaba. 2nd ROW: Marty Smith, Dick Rosoff, Frank 
Howard, Pete Makhambera, Gary Gibbons, Dick Hole. 3rd ROW: Coach 
Larry Briggs, Dave Jekanowski, Gerry CelMNi, Carl Gustafson, Phil Bozen- 

hord. Bill Allen, Warren White, Tom Ward, Art Segaloff (mgr), Asst. 
Coach Gooding. 4th ROW: Pete Harvey, Bob Dubiel, Tom Kakley, Larry 
Donovan, Charles Stacy, Bruce Allen, Bob Moroney, Bert Pereira. 

It was another successful year for Larry Briggs' soccer team. 
The Redmen booters recorded their third successive winning 
season, posting a 6—3—1 overall record. Their 3—1 — 1 Yankee 
Conference mark was good for a second place finish. 

Highlights of the season included a victory over Connecti- 
cut, whom the Redmen had not beaten in twelve years, and a 
1-0 verdict over Worcester Tech, who had won 21 out of 22 
games before bowing to Massachusetts. 

The defense, led by fullback Manny Leitao, halfback Mike 
Russo, and goalie Larry Martin was outstanding, permitting 
only eleven goals in ten games. The offense was paced by 
wing Gerry Cellilli and insider Marty Smith. 

The Maurice Suher award, given to the team's most valu- 
able player, went to versatile Aba Ayanaba. Leitao, Cellilli, 
and Martin were named to the All Conference team. Russo 
and Ayanaba received honorable mention. 



































Under the leadership of veteran coach Bill Footrick, the 
Massachusetts cross-country team followed the example of 
Vic Fusic's footballers and won the Yankee Conference cham- 
pionship. It was Footrick's fourth such championship since 
1960, despite the team's finishing with a mediocre 6—4 rec- 
ord. The team's brightest moment came at Kingston, Rhode 
Island during the Yankee Conference Championship meet, 
OS the runners surprised their New England rivals and stormed 
to a first place finish and the championship. The team also 
showed well in the New England Intercollegiate championship 
meet at Boston, finishing a strong third. 

Among Footrick's outstanding runners were senior Co- 
Captains John Andersen and Steve St. Clair, senior Terry 
Carpenter, and a trio of excellent sophomores, Paul Hoss, 
Charlie Lang, and Marc Gelinas. 

FRONT ROW: Jeff McCormick, Greg Bowman, Terry Carpenter, Steve St. Clair, John Andersen, Paul Hoss. SECOND ROW: Coach 
Bill Footrick, Dick Stevens, Charlie Lang, Sam Berry, Marc Gelinas, Greg Tsoucalas, Ron Ryan, Bob Craigin, Bob Sawyer. 




< K 

BASKETBALL 1966-1967 

Powerful Boston College, eventual New England champion, 
was Massachusetts' first opponent under rookie head coach 
Jack Leaman. High hopes and expectation were dominant at 
the Cage as a pep bond, spirited crowd, and mysterious 
Phantom greeted the optimistic Redmen. At the game's con- 
clusion Jack Leaman was still looking for his first coaching 
victory, as B.C.'s Steve Adelmon and Jim Kissane combined 
for 38 points to lead the Eagles to an 86—63 win over the 
Redmen, despite fine games by Bob Murphy and Mike Gemei. 
Hopes were still high however, as three consecutive home 
Yankee Conference games awaited Massachusetts. 

The first visitor was the 1966 Conference champion Rhode 
Island. And it was at the expense of the Rams that the Red- 
men provided Leaman with his first victory. Fine all-around 
games by Joe DiSarcina, John Lisack, Billy Tindall, and Tim 
Edwards highlighted the win. Edwards in particular was out- 
standing, as he scored 17 points and held Rhode Island's Art 
Stephenson to five. 

Massachusetts followed this initial conference triumph with 
two more, Vermont and Maine being the victims. Then came 
the Beanpot Tournament at Boston Garden, with the Redmen 
facing Manhattan in the opening round. With John Lisack and 
Billy Tindall combining for 42 points, Manhattan fell 86—76. 
The final round saw Massachusetts in a return match with 
Boston College, but again the Eagles triumphed to win the 

Christmas vacation arrived and the Redman traveled 
v^est to Oklahoma City for the 31st All College Basket- 
ball Tournament. The opening round found the Redmen 
pitted against the host team and eventual champion, 
Oklahoma City College. Led by star Gory Gray, one of 
the nation's top guards, the home team won 89—82, 
despite a great 27 point performance by Billy Tindoll. 
The Redmen were more successful in the two consolation 
games, as they defeated DePaul and Texas, with Tindoll 
having his most spectacular games of the season, scor- 
ing 37 and 34 points respectively and being named to 
the all-tournament first team. 

Following the winter vocation, the Redmen traveled 
to Providence to meet the strong Providence College 
Friars, and Ail-American Jimmy Walker. Walker was out- 
standing, scoring 29 points, but a red-hot John Lisack, 
with some amazing outside shooting matched Walker's 
total, and with Tim Edwards and Billy Tindoll combining 
for 24 points, the Redmen fought the Friars right down 
to the wire before bowing in the closing seconds 62—59. 

Following the Providence loss, Massachusetts defeated 
a weak New Hampshire team and lost to Fairfield and 
Army in two of the season's more disappointing per- 
formances. The Redmen then traveled to Vermont and 
defeated the Catamounts 65—51, with Tim Edwards 
scoring 23 points. This win gave Massachusetts a 5—0 
Yankee Conference record as the frst semester drew 
to a close. 






































ARMY 68 









A.I.C. 81 



ST. JOHN'S 76 

Second semester began and Ron Nowakowski, ineligible 
first term, rejoined the team. Massachusetts' first opponent 
was arch-rival Connecticut, likewise undefeated in conference 
play. Before the usual packed house at Storrs, the Redmen 
bowed to the potent Huskies, as Tindall's 19 points and 
Edward's 14 were not enough to offset the shooting of 
UConn star Wes Bialasuknia. 

The Redmen returned home to face the Syracuse Orange- 
men and bockcourt star Vaughn Harper. Harper's 28 points 
were sufiRcient for Syracuse to upend Massachusetts 67—59, 
in spite of Tim Edward's 20 rebound performance. The Red- 
men mode it three losses in a row at Worcester, as they bowed 
to an improved Holy Cross team, 78—65, to set up on im- 
portant conference clash at Rhode Island. 

Here was the pivotal game of the Yankee Conference 
season for Jack Leaman's charges. A win here would set up 
a possible first place tie with UConn. But the revenge-minded 
Rams had other ideas, as they swamped the Redmen 96—72 
to virtually crush any hopes for a conference championship. 
The only bright spot was Billy Tindall's 21 points. 

After defeating New Hampshire and bowing again to 
Holy Cross, Massachusetts prepared for the big Winter Carni- 
val game with Connecticut. 

A sellout crowd at the Cage of 4500 fans greeted the 
Huskies as they attempted to officially annex the conference 
crown and NCAA Tournament berth at the expense of the 
Redmen. But the inspired Massachusetts team played its 
finest game of the season, as they jumped out to an early 
lead and controlled play throughout the first half to lead 
at halftime by eight points. The second half again was 
dominated by the home team, as Ron Nowakowski heated 
up for 10 points, and Tim Edwards, playing his greatest game 
of the year, controlled the backboards, as Massachusetts 
maintained the lead throughout, until the last two minutes 
of play. At this point, UConn, with Wes Bialasuknia leading 
the charge, took the lead for the first time in the game. The 
exciting last minute of the game had the capacity crowd 
cheering wildly, but John Lisack's last second shot was off 
the mark and the Redmen absorbed their most heartbreaking 
loss, 60-59. 

Small college power American International was the next 
Massachusetts opponent, and the fired up cagers from Spring- 
field were not at all impressed by the "major college" status 
of the Redmen, as they won 81—76. Edwards' 25 points and 
Tindall's 17 led the Massachusetts scoring. 

Massachusetts won their next two games, beating Maine 
and Boston University. The Maine win featured great per- 
formances by Tindall, Edwards, and Lisack, each of whom 
scored 23 points. 

The season's finale was the only game of the season in 
which the Redmen were guaranteed victory, as the Massa- 
chusetts Redmen traveled to New York to meet the St. John's 
Redmen. With Rudy Bogad and Ail-American Sonny Dove 
controlling the action, the NCAA-bound St. John's team 
triumphed 76—64. Tim Edwards, in his final collegiate game, 
led the Massachusetts scorers with 19 points, while Billy 
Tindall hit for 17. 

FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Girotti, John Dreyer, Tim Edwards, Pete 
Gayesko, Billy Tindall, Greg Rand, Gary Gosperack. 2nd ROW: Joe 
DiSorcinc, Mike Gemei, John Lisack, Mike Meolo, Co-Captains Frank 

Stewart and Bob Murphy, Rich Perkins, Ron Nowakowski, Coach Jack 

It was a disappointing season for rookie coach Jack 
Leaman, as his team finished with a record of 1 1 wins and 
14 losses, including a 7—3 Yankee Conference record. 
Highlights of the season included the first win against 
Rhode Island, the fine showing in the All College Tourna- 
ment at Oklahoma City, and the great efforts in the 
Providence and Connecticut gomes. 

The outstanding players were senior Tim Edwards and 
junior Billy Tindoll. Edwards came back after a year's 
layoff to set a season rebound record and turn in fine 
performances against such stars as Rhode Island's Art 
Stephenson, Syracuse's Vaughn Harper, and St. John's 
Sonny Dove. He was named to the Yankee Conference 
All Star team. 

Tindall led the Redmen in scoring, averaging 17.2 points 
per game and was named to the Saturday Evening Post's 
All East team, as well as various All New England teams 
and the Yankee Conference All stars. 

Outstanding also were senior John Lisack, the leading 
free throw shooter, and sophomore guard Joe DiSorcina 
who set a new season's assist record. 

Left to right: Coach Bill MocConneil, John Williams, Dave Kamillo, Collin Garstong, Mike Zonolli, Tom Ward, John Hurd. 

SKI 1966-1967 

The Massachusetts ski team enjoyed a fine season under 
Coach Bill MocConneil, despite a series of misfortunes and 
unforeseen complications which befell the racers. Glen Lang- 
ley, a nationally ranked skier last year was unable to ski 
because of a knee operation. Co-captain elect Tom Pitten- 
dreigh was ruled ineligible by the NCAA. Dick McHugh was 
laid low by mononucleosis, and Fred Foster was on academic 
casualty. Thus with four of the top six skiers out of action, 
MocConneil had to depend on Captain Collin Garstong and 
group of untested sophomores. 

But the sophomores did much better than expected. With 
juniors Garstong and John Hurd the only veterans, sophs 
Dave Kamillo, Mike Zanolli, Ned Kelley, and a recuperated 
Dick McHugh combined to help the Redmen to a second place 
finish in the A division of the New England Ski Conference, 
behind Amherst College. The outstanding performances of 
the season were those turned in at Stratton Mountain, Mad 
River Glen, and Mt. Whittier, where the Conference cham- 
pionships were held. It was there that the sophomores really 
shined. Garstong, in a tremendous effort to overtake the 
Amherst skiers, took a bad fall, but the four sophs all turned 
in good times to secure a second place finish for Massachu- 

With the entire team returning next season, prospects ore 
certainly bright for the Massachusetts Ski team. 

Above: Collin Garstong Below: Mike Zonoll 

WRESTLING 1966-1967 

Inexperience was the story behind the Massachusetts 
wrestling team's poor 2—8 record. With only Captain Art 
Keown returning from last year's squad, first year coach, 
Homer Borr, had to make do with green sophomores and 
untested newcomers. The result was that Boston College and 
Rhode Island were the only teams the Redman defeated. 
Keown, as was expected, was outstanding, wrestling con- 
sistently well in either the 145 or 152 lb. class. Sophomore 
Gene Paltrineri gave Coach Barr much hope for the future 
as the former state high school champion won nine of his 
ten matches and finished fourth in New England in the 137 
lb. class. Two other sophomores. Marc Ryerson and Wayne 
Duckworth also showed considerable potential. 

With these fine young wrestlers returning and a good 
crop of upcoming freshmen. Homer Barr, who is embarking 
upon an accelerated recruiting program, has high hopes for 
future Massachusetts wrestling teams. 

FRONT ROW: Wayne Duckworth, Gene Paltrineri, Marc Ryerson, Chet Lefebvre. SECOND ROW: Art Keown, Bob Yurkus, Coach 
Homer Barr, Chet Lubelczyk, Greg Thornton. 

FIRST ROW: Ted Severn, Captain Dick Lennon, Steve Levy, Norm Lovitch. 
SECOND ROW: Tony Cassis, Bob Asquith, Ken Nowak, Fred Anderson, 

Flip Morton, Dave Larson. THIRD ROW: Assistant coach Joe Yeskev/icz, 
Steve Thorp, Dave Breed, Tom Beck, Dick Donaghue, Coach Joe Rogers. 

~ ^~ *^ , -^ 

Joe Rogers and Captain Dick Lennon 

Ted Severn on the final lop of the 200 yard breoststroke. 









1 f 













Steve Levy. 

SWIMMING 1966-1967 

It was a season of frustration and disappointment for 
Coach Joe Rogers and tfie Massacfiusetts swimming team. 
The opening meet saw the Redmen impressively defeat Tufts 
65—38, as captain Dick Lennon set a new school record in 
the 200 yard individual medley, and it appeared that the 
Mermen were going on to a successful year. What lay in 
store instead was five consecutive losses. 

The first loss was to neighboring Amherst, 57—38, the only 
bright spot being Lennon's record breaking time in the 200 
yard breaststroke. Powerful Wesleyan followed with a 60—35 
drubbing of Massachusetts, as only Lennon and diver Dave 
Larson won their events. Connecticut handed Massachusetts 
its third loss, 55—40, although the Redmen did improve on 
their previous performance, especially sophomore Bob Asquith 
who broke Lennon's 200 yard backstroke mark. Bowdoin next 
hosted the Redmen, and won 58—37. In this meet Lennon 
and Asquith won their specialties and Ken Nowak took the 
50 yard freestyle. The fifth consecutive loss was to Vermont, 
52—43. Asquith was outstanding, as he again broke his 
backstroke record, and also Lennon's 200 yard medley record. 

The slump finally ended with a 58—32 triumph over Wor- 
cester Tech. The Redmen followed this with a 60—35 win over 
Holy Cross, as Lennon, Nowak, Asquith, and Steve Levy set 
a new school record in the 400 yard medley relay. Levy 
also set a new 200 yard butterfly record. The Redmen then 
recorded their fourth win, the third in succession, as they 
crushed Coast Guard 69—26, gaining revenge for a heart- 
breaking loss last year. Nowak, Lennon, Asquith, and Flip 
Morton combined to set another school record in the 400 
yard freestyle relay. In the season finale, a strong MIT team 
overpowered Massachusetts 61—34, and the Redmen finished 
with final record of four wins and six losses. 

HOCKEY 1966-1967 

L.- , "-, .>?at»- 

1 L 

Underclassmen dominated the Massachusetts hockey team 
for the 1966-1967 season. Sophomore Jeff Sanborn and 
senior Bill Skowyra tied for the team scoring lead with 20 
points. Sanborn netted 8 goals and 12 assists while Skowyra 
scored 6 times and had a team-leading 14 assists. Although 
he was injured and missed the last seven games, Skowyra 
still managed to set a new career assist record and finish 
6th in the all-time Massachusetts scoring totals. Captain Ed 
Polchlopek paced the team with 12 goals, but he too was 
injured and missed the last six games. Despite this, he man- 
aged to finish as the 4th best Massachusetts career scorer 
and second best goal scorer with a three-year total of 45. 
Outstanding also for Coach Steve Kosakowski's skaters were 
sophomores Fran Mulcahy, Charlie Hanifan, Don Robinson, 
and John Hartnett. Junior Jim O'Brien and seniors Ed Graney 
and Ed Quimby also enjoyed fine seasons. Goalie Ed Sanborn 
was outstanding all season, as he was forced to turn away 
as many as 40 to 45 shots per game, including an amazing 
59 in a 5-5 tie with A.I.C. 

The team finished with a record of 8—1 1 — 1, the best mark 
by a Massachusetts hockey team since 1962. If it wasn't for 
a rash of serious injuries at mid-season, the won-loss record 
may have been even better. It was after losing stellar seniors 
Polchlopek and Skowyra that the bucksters lost six of their 
last seven games, including the last five in a row. It was 
also the final season for Coach Kosakowski, whose 13-year 
record stands at 73—118—4. The eight wins represented the 
second highest season's total in the school's hockey history. 
At the conclusion of the season. Athletic Director Warren 
McGuirk announced the signing of former Boston College 
star John Cuniff as the new Redman hockey coach. 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Smith, Ed Quimby, Ed Kinsella, John 
Ledwick, Ed Polchlopek, Bill Skowyra, Frank Buckler, Charlie Hanifan, Ed 
Sanborn. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Dave Snyder, John Hartnett, 

Jeff Sanborn, Don Robinson, Dave Goldberg, Joe Decicco, Fran Mulcahy, 
Jim O'Brien, Dove Hanson, Coach Steve Kosakowski. 

GYMNASTICS 1966-1967 

One of the fastest growing sports at the University of Massa- 
chusetts is gymnastics, and under the leadership of Coach Erik 
Kjeldsen the Redmen gymnasts have improved steadily in the tough 
Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastic League. Massachusetts finished 
sixth in the E.I.G.L. behind the likes of national povverhouses Penn 
State and Springfield. 

After defeating Southern Connecticut in the opening meet 156— 
150, the Redmen lost a heartbreaker to Army 164—162 in one of 
the season's best performances. The gymnasts then traveled to 
Penn State and were beaten 183—158. They followed this with 
their initial league win, a 149—142 decision over host Pittsburgh. 
Massachusetts next faced a strong Temple squad and fell 176—159, 
after nearly a month of inactivity. This was followed by a visit from 
the powerful Springfield gymnasts, and although Massachusetts 
performed exceptionally well, scoring 166 points, the Maroons were 
much too strong and rolled up 182 points to disappoint a large 
crowd at the Boyden gymnasium. Massachusetts then traveled to 
Annapolis and were downed by Navy 173—162. Massachusetts 
ended its dual meet season with a fine 168—161 victory over visit- 
ing Syracuse, as the gymnasts set a new school record for total 
points in a meet. Highlights of the meet included great perform- 
ances by Dick Dauphinais, Fred Babakian, and Steve Brown. 

With Captain A! Carver, a consistent performer on the high bar, 
trampoline and long horse vault the only graduating senior, and 
some fine freshman prospects moving up to the varsity. Coach 
Kjeldsen sees continued improvement and success for the Massa- 
chusetts gymnasts. 

f^ ^ ^ f% 

FRONT ROW: Dick DelGallo, Dick Dauphinais, Dave Woods, Bill Estes, Cap- 
tain Al Carver, Tom Adams, Fred Babakian, Jim V/ebb, George Seibert. 
SECOND ROW: Assistant coach Ken Henderson, Mike Kosavana, Dave 

Sward, Bob LeClair, Steve Brown, Jack Bradbury, Clarence Eraser, Toby 
Kasavana, Bruce Vaughn, David March, Ed MacLeod, Coach Erik Kjeldsen. 

,' r '.'- •-! 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Phyllis Polchlopek, Julie Crotty, Linda McMahan, Linda-Lou Dempsey, Nancy Benjamin. 
SECOND ROW: Coach Mike Goodge, Al Medeiros, Pete Gallagher, Captain John Bergs, Jim Gallerani, Greg Terrio, 
Al Walter. 

RIFLE 1966-1967 

The Massachusetts rifle team had very high hopes and ex- 
pectations for the 1966-67 season, with a number of good 
performers from the previous year returning. However they 
lacked one essential, a coach. Because of this, they missed 
much valuable fall practice. Finally graduate student Mike 
Goodge assumed the coaching duties and the team was able 
to properly prepare for competition. The results of the early 
season organization problems were evident in the first two 
matches, as the Redmen shot very poorly in losing to Wor- 
cester Tech and Rhode Island. Final exams then took their 
toll, as the team was reduced to but six members. As ten 
shooters are allowed to shoot in a match, with the five best 
scores counting, the Redmen were at a decided disadvantage. 
But surprisingly enough they responded by downing Stock- 
bridge, New Hampshire, and Trinity, before losing to Ver- 
mont and Dartmouth. The season ended with a victory over 
Brown, as the team finished with a 4—4 record. 

At the Yankee Conference Championships at New Hamp- 
shire, Massachusetts, with fine shooting from Al Medeiros and 
Captain John Bergs, finished third behind Maine and Vermont 
with a total of 1225 points. Also outstanding was junior Pete 

Plans for next year include a women's team, with some 
good shooters from this year's team forming the nucleus. 

Co-captains Harvey Mednicov and Gerry Johnson, Andy Meaghe 
Steve Cohen, Coach Steve Kosokov/ski. 

SECOND ROW: Glen Sheppard, Carl Clen 

TENNIS 1967 

Steve Kosakowski's tennis team enjoyed another 
very successful season in 1967, as they finished with 
a 7—1 record. This included wins over Fairfield, New 
Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Tufts, Spring- 
field, and Holy Cross. The lone defeat came at the 
hands of MIT. In the Yankee Conference champ- 
ionship meet, held in Amherst, Massachusetts was in 
a commanding lead and headed toward the title, 
when heavy rains forced the cancellation of the 

Outstanding performers included Co-captains Har- 
vey Mednicov, the number one man, and Gerry 
Johnson, number three, who finished undefeated. 
Senior Andy Meagher, seeded number two, teamed 
with Mednicov to form the best doubles combination 
in the Yankee Conference. Sophomores Carl Clem 
and Glen Sheppard plus some other good prospects 
should be of considerable help to next year's squad. 

CREW 1967 

GOLF 1967 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Polchlopek, Dave Maclver, Captain Jim 
McDonald, John Pollack. SECOND ROW: Eric Lekberg, Eric Mushovic, Bob 
Nowak, Jim Reidy, Bob Lawrence. 

The Massachusetts golf team, coached by sports informa- 
tion director Dick Page finished the 1967 season with a 
good 8—3 record. Victories were recorded over Connecticut, 
Worcester Tech, St. Anselm's, New Hampshire, Amherst, 
AlC, Middlebury, and Springfield. The three losses were to 
Rhode Island, Holy Cross, and Dartmouth. The team finished 
second behind Rhode Island in the Yankee Conference and 
fourth overall in New England, the best showing in years. 

Captain Jim McDonald and senior Ed Polchlopek were the 
most consistent golfers, with Polchlopek's scores being the 
best in the Conference and in the New England Champion- 
ships. Seniors Dave Maclver and John Pollack, and junior 
Bob Nowak also posted some fine scores. 

The Massachusetts Crew is a newly formed and fast 
growing organization which hopes eventually to be recognized 
as an official varsity sport. Under the leadership of student 
coach Dave Clarke, the crew did well this year considering 
the lack of athletic department funds and support. High- 
lighting the season was a win over Amherst. 


*nmm iffia 




^ r 4 ." ; ": 5 ^ 


fe^ -^ « fe , *M-v. -i^^SltSWr HMk , a^ „8t. 


Two sophomore attackmen and a senior midfielder spariced the 
University of Massachusetts lacrosse team to an 8—4 record and a 
record-breaking goal-getting performance. Kevin O'Connor, v^ith 
25 goals and 10 assists for 35 points, and Gary Vassar, with 10 
goals and 17 assists for 27 points, became the highest scoring 
sophomores that Massachusetts has ever produced. Co-captain 
Kevin O'Brien finished off a fine career scoring 18 goals and 
adding three assists for 21 points. He finished fourth among all- 
time Redmen scorers with 40 career goals. Two other seniors, mid- 
fielder Don Rana and Co-captain Howie Goffman, finished fourth 
and fifth respectively for the season's scoring. Goffman ended his 
career with 36 goals to rank sixth in the Massachusetts record 
books. Also outstanding were sophomores Steve Connolly, Brad 
Herling, and goalie Mark Schlossberg. 

After a slow start, which included disappointing losses to Oberlin 
and Middlebury, Coach Dick Garber's stickmen won their next three 
games, including a 14—6 dumping of Dartmouth as Kevin O'Connor 
scored six goals. After losing to a strong Amherst team, the Red- 
men went on to defeat MIT, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, 
before bowing to Trinity in overtime. They concluded the season 
by soundly defeating Worcester Tech 13—3. Not included in the 
regular season record was an exhibition game with the Australian 
National Lacrosse Team, one of the best in the world. In on exciting 
and very interesting match played in Alumni Stadium, the Aussies 
defeated Massachusetts 12-10, despite a great comeback by the 

In scoring 107 goals, the Redmen set a new all-time Massachusetts 
season scoring mark, and with a number of excellent performers 
returning, hopes are high for 1968. 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Ira Yavner, Fred Molonder, Tri-captains Bob Murphy, Howie GofFman, and Kevin O'Brien, Fred Foley, 
Don Reno, Bob Astorino. SECOND ROW: Gory Vossor, Steve Connolly, Steve Anderson, Dick Mohoney, Marty Kalikow, Kevin 
O'Connor, Walt Alessi, Pool Muchovic, Mark Schlossberg, Bill Sinclair. THIRD ROW: Gerry Brown, Mike Brown, Tom Voisin, Don 
Agnoli, Don Murley, Jeff Gull, Steve Chambers, Don Legg. FOURTH ROW: Greg Norton, Bill DeRoso, Tom Tufts, Gerry Forgit, 
Sean Walker, Brad Herling, George Zebrowski, Kevin Collins. FIFTH ROW: Coach Dick Garber, Glenn Thiel, Jim Laughnane, 
Gordon Neylon. 


















































tS^^:S!t>-&L:i^'mBS^^m^"*AAh,,^<..j^SUiJf •*»>«3,WK^ffl:;^a«i.^L- 






-♦-'-' . - .'>*?■•"■ '^s*^^ 


isSSiftK / '^Sjit 


U 1 


The 1967 baseball season proved to be a great debut for 
first year coach Dick Bergquist. Tremendous record-setting 
pitching and timely hitting brought the Redmen the Yankee 
Conference championship and a berth in the New England 
Regional NCAA Playoffs, as they finished with a record of 
17—11, and 8—2 in the Conference. 

The season opened with the traditional southern trip, after 
which the Redmen returned home to begin their New England 
and Yankee Conference schedule. The Conference schedule 
began with a two-gome split with Maine and was followed 
by a two-game sweep of Vermont and a win over Rhode 
Island. In the 1-0 loss to Maine, junior John Canty set a 
school record by striking out 18 men in nine innings and 20 
in the 10 inning gome, which Maine won on an unearned run. 
Following a horrendous error-filled loss to Holy Cross, the 
Redmen defeated New Hampshire twice and Rhode Island 
again to move closer to the Conference championship. Closing 
out the regular season was a home showdown series with 
Connecticut. Massachusetts dropped the first game 3—2 as 
a last inning rally fell short. But in the season finale, the 
Redmen bats bombed the Huskies' pitching for 12 runs 
OS Massachusetts annexed the Yankee Conference champion- 
ship and headed for the NCAA tournament. Facing Holy 
Cross in the opening round, Carl Boteze and John Canty put 
together two great pitching performances to shut out the 
Crusaders and put Massachusetts into the district finals with 
third-seeded Boston College. 

^-*t ^.^ ^-.31 

FIRST ROW, left to right: Roy Lasky, Frank Stewart, Co<aptains Ted 
Moreno and Carl Boteze, Elliot Klein, Alex Vyce. SECOND ROW: Ed 
Lagoy, Joe DiSarcina, Rich Roppoli, Al Craig, Norm Elliott, Dove Katz, 

Don Ferron. THIRD ROW: Jim Chase (mgr), John Mitsokos, Charlie Dever, 
Dick Hale, John Canty, Tony Chinappi, Coach Dick Bergquist. 

After dropping the opening game to the Eagles, the Redmen 
rebounded to win the second game 6—5 in 1 1 innings. The rubber 
game saw Boston College score four runs in the eighth inning to 
send the game into extra innings. They pushed across a run in 
the 1 2th to end the season for Massachusetts. 

John Canty had a fantastic season, finishing with an 8—2 record 
and setting a new Massachusetts season strikeout record, fanning 
145. The junior lefthander received the Thompson MVP Award 
and was named to the All-New England first team. Co-captain 
Carl Boteze completed a great college career, posting a 20—1 1 
career record, losing only one home start in three years. He also 
batted .286 and played third base and outfield regularly. Sopho- 
more Joe DiSarcina was the leading hitter, batting .339, and played 
well at shortstop. Junior Don Ferron hit .317 and was consistent 
all year. He had a big hitting day in the win over Connecticut. 
Sophomore Norm Elliott was called upon 12 times for relief pitching 
and came through time and again with solid performances, notably 
in a 16 inning win over Rhode Island and the extra inning victory 
over Boston College. Junior Alex Vyce played well in centerfield 
and had a good series against Boston College, hitting .500. Seniors 
Roy Lasky, Frank Stewart, and co-captain Ted Moreno also hod 
solid seasons, Stewart leading the team in runs-batted-in and 
Moreno supplying much-needed batting power, besides playing 
well in leftfield. 

With only a handful of regulars graduating and with such stars 
as Canty, Elliott, and DiSarcina returning. Coach Dick Bergquist is 
planning on taking the team one step farther next year ... to 
the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. 

TRACK 1966-1967 

The homeless wonders of veteran coach Bill Footrick con- 
tinued to amaze the New England track scene in 1967 as 
they won their fifth consecutive Yankee Conference champion- 
ship, including winter and spring track in 1966 and cross 
country, winter and spring track this year. Without the benefit 
of a home track or practice area, Footrick's charges, working 
out where and whenever they could, still managed to have 
good seasons, win the Conference championship and show 
well in the large invitational meets. 

During the winter season, the Redmen runners finished 
with only a 1—2 dual meet record, but in the Conference 
championships at New Hampshire, they surprised everyone 
and took first place. Senior John Andersen was ranked 12th 
nationally in the indoor 500 yd. run. 

The outdoor spring season saw Massachusetts compile a 
mere 3—2 dual meet record, but once again, they surprised 
the Yankee Conference in the championship meet at Orono, 
Maine. In an exciting finish in the mile relay, which the Red- 
men had to win to take first place, junior Greg Bowman ran 
a great anchor leg to give Massachusetts the points needed 
to defeat runner-up Connecticut. 

Consistent performers during the spring included senior 
Art Larvey and junior Steve Burrell, who headed the sprinters. 
Bowman and John Andersen headed the middle-distance 
runners, with Andersen setting a school record in the 440 
at 48.8. Terry Carpenter, Paul Hoss, and Steve St. Clair 
were the leading distance men, with Dave Schlatka, Cort 
Bossett, and Tony Divver heading the weight event men. 
Basketballer Billy Tindall set school records in the high jump 
(6'6") and triple jump, the latter also being a Conference 
record. A Conference record was also set by Carpenter in the 
steeplechase. He also set a new mark for the mile (4:12.9). 

Besides continued success in the Yankee Conference, the 
main hope for the future is a track facility to accommodate 
the fine performers. 

FIRST ROW, left to right: Cort Bossett, Mike Sheeley, Bill Thorns, Steve St. 
Cloir, John Lisock, John Andersen, Jon Hall, Terry Carpenter, Art Larvey, 
Tony Divver. STANDING: Pete Moryll, Assistant Coach Ken O'Brien, Paul 
Hoss, Bill V\^ilen, Steve Burrell, Billy Tindall, Marc Gelinos, Steve Whelan, 

Bob Hasselbaum, Dove Schlotko, Ron Ryan, Trainer Bill Smith, Charlie 
Lang, Diego Gonzales, Doug Hiorth (mgr), Greg Bowman, Bob Sawyer 
(mgr). Coach Bill Footrick. 


One of the most popular and widely participated-in 
activities on the University of Massachusetts campus is 
intramural athletics. Virtually all of the basic competitive 
sports are included in the program; there is something 
for everyone. The present program was expanded sev- 
eral years ago and under the leadership of Chet Glad- 
chuk it has grown so that it now encompasses more than 
15 different sports. There are dormitory, fraternity and 
independent leagues in such activities as touch football, 
soccer, basketball, and softball, and tournaments set 
up for wrestling, tennis, handball, squash, and even 

With Gladchuk stepping up to the Assistant Athletic 
Director's position, the intramural program was taken 
over by former assistant football coach Ted Schmitt. 
Under his leadership the program has continued to 
flourish and provide athletic competition for the campus 
community as a whole. 

This year's champions were, for the dormitories, the 
Adams Original Flaming A's, with the Wheeler Trojans 
and Chadbourne Maroons following in that order. 
Kappa Sigma reigned as fraternity champion, with 
Beta Kappa Pi and Sigma Phi Epsilon finishing second 
and third respectively in the overall intramural com- 
petition. The Individual campus champions were the 
Adams Smashers in football, Tau Epsilon Phi in bas- 
ketball. Alpha Epsilon Pi in volleyball. Kappa Sigma 
in wrestling, Grayson Flaming A's in soccer, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon in swimming, James Comanches in ten-pin 
bowling, and Beta Kappa Phi in softball. 


Although it does not receive the attention and publicity 
that the men's program does, the women's athletic program 
is very much a part of Massachusetts life. In addition to 
their regular physical education activities classes, Massachu- 
setts coeds have the opportunity to participate in such varying 
intercollegiate sports as field hockey, gymnastics, skiing, 
lacrosse, tennis, basketball, and svvimming. 

One of the more successful teams this past year was the 
ski team, coached by Miss Gail Bigglestone. Competing in 
the newly formed Women's Intercollegiate Ski Conference 
with such schools as Boston University, Northeastern, Radcliffe, 
and Mt. Holyoke, the Massachusetts skiers finished in second 
place, behind RadclifFe. During the season, they won the 
Alden Trophy Race and the Simmons, Wheaton, Jackson 
Slalom. In no meet did they finish worse than fifth. Outstanding 
skiers were Misses Judy Fuller, Judy Beers, Barbara Bund, and 
Kim Garrison, all of whom finished in the top eleven of a 
field of 84. 

The Massachusetts women's tennis team was also successful, 
posting a 7—3 record. Coached by Miss Nancy Rupp, the 
team competed against such schools as Springfield, New 
Hampshire, Colby, and Jackson. Outstanding seniors this 
year included Misses Lynn Hughes, Karen Kane, Shirley Lord, 
and Nancy Smolen. 

The women's gymnastic team, under the leadership of 
Mrs. Kirsti Kjeldsen enjoyed on excellent 8—2 season, com- 
peting in the National Championships at Southern Illinois 
and bringing home a sixth place trophy. The team was co- 
captained by Misses Linda Binney and Marjorie Smith. Fea- 
tured performers included Misses Marianne Davis, who finished 
a brilliant career at Massachusetts, Sue Clancy, and Lesley 










Executive Board: P. Ponte, C, Corswell, R. Hillson, K. Berk. 

1st ROW: P. Cutting, A. Goren, R. McCluskey (Secretary), J. Saart (Chairman), W. Tennant, S. Edwards, J. Gosselin. 2nd ROW: G. 
Bornett, B. Boardman, G. Rivell, R. Tobin, J. Grath, H. Gan, C. Guss, D. Mulcahy, D. Kish. 



l$t ROW: M. Ruwet (Treasurer), M. Banner (President), Miss Ford (Advisor), B. 
Ellis (Vice-President), 2nd ROW; C. Dalrymple, S. Haesaert, N. Woide, B. Burnhom, 
M. Sterni. 3rd ROW; E. D'Amico, R. Marcinczyk, J. Shields, M. Dunn, M. Brown. 

Ist ROW: D. Barlow, C. Dilorati, Miss Ford (Advisor), M. Mackin. 2nd ROW; P. Howe, 
K. Heiser, T. Lipstein, P. Clement, G. Bilyeu. 3rd ROW: J. Spence, E. Donovan, N. 
Beaedetti, J. Hammond, E. Rice. 



Ist ROW: H. Webb, M. Greenbbit, S Cohen C Hamburg, F Franklin (Secretary), 
R. Cohen (President), T. Davidson (Vice President), R. Brow (Treasurer), R. Shmeb- 
bles, M. Dunay, S. Sussmon. 2nd ROW: S. Cohen, N. Bloomenthol, M. Russell, J. 

Shapiro, T. Oolgin, S. Karp, K. Rosendorf, P. Cohen, M. Moss, D. Cotton, S. Murra. 
3rd ROW: G. Lewis, R. Jacobs, R. Bloom, A. Mann, L Lehrer, S. Rispler, R. Wilson, 
N. Straus, R. Miller. 


Grace's cooking, Saturday night parties, and scholarship 
could be the three most important things in the life of the 
AElT on the U. Mass campus. Getting ready to move into the 
nevv' Fraternity Park occupies most of our thoughts now. The 
Fraternity Park is soon to be a reality. Once again, AETT has 
had an integral role in the betterment of the Greek world at 
U. Mass. And it's a good world, one of living, learning, hard 
knocks, and ultimately friendship. AEfT is our whole life right 
now, our transitional home betvi^een adolescence and man- 
hood. It's a place of trying political battles, Sunday afternoon 
football, and late night booking. A busy world? Yes, but it's 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 



Any day . . . Anytime . . . loyal friendships fused by flag 
. . . tag football games . . . parties and the sessions after- 
wards ... all nighters in the charter room ... a trailer full 
of pinned brothers in the pond . . . "Koalaburgers" at lunch 
. . . 13,909 in "Pete's" room for TV . . . midnight ride to Mont- 
real . . . "extra pops" ... a pitcher or two at Ma's . . . "Oh 
Sure!" . . . our cheer for Louis' Foods . . . late fluffernutters 
. . . dish crew . . . nightly pledge raids . . . grapefruit for two 
straight months . . . "Three cheers for ..." ... letters to our 
brother in Vietnam . . . Brotherhood . . . good times . . . pur- 
pose . . . Alpha Sigma Phi. 

1st ROW: E. Smith, I. Caird, D. Frey, A. Seraflni, Jr., K. Lamkin (Treasurer), J. 
Gallagher, (President), Rose A. Peters— Housemother, R. Philbrook (Vice President), 
R. Rheaut (Secretary), D. Agnoli, D. Schmidt, W. Brown, R. Babineau. 2nd ROW: 
J. DiDonoto, Jr., D. DeHart, Jr., L. Shagman, J. Powers, P. Donovan, R. Gittins, 

J. Bates, R. Allen, H. Dolon, A. Pineo, R. Porembia, S. Tishman, B. Schonhaut, D. 
Henderson. 3rd ROW: R. Garner, D. Kamilo, M. McLean, J. Mulligan, D. Keyes, B. 
Joyce, G. Senior, S. Ryder, P. Faulkner, P. Lamb, B. Landry, R. Delaney. 

Alpha Tau Gan 


"Hi, Ma!" . . . 

Twenty Brothers greet our housemother and Alphie . . . 
SEPTEMBER— another year has begun . . . painting rooms 
. . . "guess who I saw?" . . . "Would you believe six eight 
o'clocks?!!" . . . Football games . . . mixers . . . Homecoming 
1966; welcome Alumni . . . Hayride in the rain . . . U.N. 
Carni'— we lost o good carl . . . Thanksgiving ... a much 
needed break . . . Snow, caroling, season spirits . . . our 
Christmas party . . . someone special . . . vacation ... a 
New Year . . . Finals . . . intercession at Mt. Snow ... a 
new semester . . . good pledge class . . . Winter Carni with- 
out snow . . . Pledge Formal with snow . . . Spring vacation 
. . . Bermuda, anyone? . . . Greek week— togas and chariot 
races . . . finals . . . caps and gowns . . . graduation . . . 
JUNE: the year has ended . . . Friendship . . . togetherness 
. . . Brotherhood . . . Alpha Tau Gamma. 

". . . Bye, Ma!" 

J. Manna, K. Gilmore, J. Storey, R. Mooney (Vice President), R. Worthen (President), 
Lillian S. Whitsitt— Housemother, J. Romano (Secretary), F. Polumbo, S. Hammond, 
B. Morston, E. Phillips. 2nd ROW: J. Mathews, R. Laine, R. Moron, J. Ventre, C. 

Craft, M. Stacy, R. Child, M. Walsh, J. Maxwell, V^'. Webb, R. Cohn. 3rd ROW: 
S. Smith, K. Budzyoro, H. Ellison, B. Dousell, P. Smith, R. Moyer, G. Ashe, N. 
Lincoln, L. Carpenter, J. Mulhern, J. Burns. 

1st ROW; E. Blonchette, A. Yakavonis, K. Gavutis, A. Cygan (Secretary), N. Reid 
(2nd Vice President), M. Denman (1st Vice President), R. Dreiblatt (President), Mrs. 
Vera Sheppart— Housemother, B. John, S. Keefe, J. Krupsky, C. Blonder (Treas- 
urer), J. Rebecchi. 2nd ROV/: P. Bzdula, B. Campbell, S. Holiissy, D. Beer, C. Am- 
menwerth, N. Fisher, P. Blotcher, P. Cerami, E. Szymonik, B. Mroczowski, S. 

Ruckstuhl, B. Noel, K. Benson, M. Sterni, C. Hunt, J. Loughnane, K. O'Sullivan, S. 
Lillard, S. Pocius, P. Sweeney. 3rd ROW: C. Sullivan, B. Sanford, N. John, P. 
Hinton, C. Beemner, D. Nelson, M. Gripp, L. Carter, M. Kook, C. Race, B. Fultz, 
M. Taylor, N. Gadzuk, M. Dunston, M. Noble, C. Conovosio, C. Craig, L. Renzi, K. 


What a year ... a special year led by a special group of 
officers . . . Fall and football . . . cider and doughnuts after 
home games ... a faculty tea ... a visit from our province 
district president and an increased awareness of national . . . 
exchanges . . . catching the latest flick with Woofie's gang 
. . . hour exams ... a first place in scholarship among so- 
rorities . . . lively, interested seniors . . . the warmth of living 
together . . . Winter, snow and cold . . . those long nights on 
lock-up . . . giving a little of ourselves— a visit to Lead's 
Nursing Home, a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- 
dren, caroling for shut-ins . . . Christmas formal, an enchant- 
ed evening and an expression of love and appreciation to an 
outstanding housemother . . . cushions for the benches in the 
living room . . . fourth for bridge . . . "one bottle a pop, two 
bottle a pop" (lots more for Shay) . . . finals . . . open parties 
. . . formal rush . . . "oh there's a house on Nutting Ave." 
. . . pledges . . . gotta get a PFD . . . province district meet- 
ing and sisters from all over New England . . . more ex- 
changes . . . raids— who's composite is that? . . . Spring fever 
... house boys' dinner... H.E.R. weekend party ... sun 
bathing . . . it's almost over . . . Junior/Senior party, we'll 
miss them . . . Wonder what next year will bring? 

Alpha Chi Omega 

1st ROW: G. Silva, A. Reid, R. Kszyptyniak, D. Hodgwan (Treasurer), J. Brunette R. Antonelli, R. Hodgdon, J. Pollak. 3rd ROW: C. Carrpagna, J. King, R. Carignan, 

(Secretary), Marie Roberts— Housemother, C. Corswell (President), T. Turf, R. Killi- A. Maki, F. Armentrout, D. Hannon, H, Doucette, P. Johnson, B. Bird, K. Smith, D. 

lea, F. Kruse, M. Pressler. 2nd ROW: P. Feeney, J. Cassista, E. Saltus, D. Erickson, Gromelski, J. Rowland. 
W. King, M. Leitao, R. Healy, R. Perry, R. Booth, B. Knight, R, Marsh, W. Mills, 

B K $ 

Beta Kappa Phi 

It all begins with a handshake and an introduction . . . 
Then, before you know it, you're a pledge . . . There's the 
annual football gome against the brothers . . . The brothers 
win, the referee is paid off, and the pledges learn a little 
more about the fraternal bond ... At the end of the pledge 
period, you're close enough to beat anyone . . . And you're 
initiated brothers . . . Then, there are quiet moments alone 
with your date after a big weekend . . . Frantic final minutes 
before a Homecoming float is ready to roll . . . And, at house 
meetings, a chance to make decisions that shape the fra- 
ternity's future ... At the Interfraternity Sing, a big victory 
. . . On the intramural fleld, a discouraging loss . . . But, win 
or lose, you still seem to walk away a team . . . There's a lot 
of hard work to fraternity, too . . . Work spent fixing up the 
house for a parent's v^feekend . . . Work to constantly im- 
prove the values of the house . . . Even work to keep the 
brothers from bird-dogging an attractive date . . . Academic 
success . . . Maybe a house office ... Or a pinning . . . 
And then, graduation . . . Somehow when you leave you 
seem to understand what words like this can't express . . . The 
fraternity idea . . . It's something more than floats, parties, 
exchanges, house meetings, athletics, and academic achieve- 
ment . . . There are no words for this, just experience . . . 
And the fraternity experience ends as it began . . . With a 

April, 1966: seven individuals ... an idea, a decision, a 
plan, a goal . . . The idea— true fraternity life is worth the 
pains of creation . . . The decision— the fraternity experience 
involves brotherhood, scholastics, service, and social activities 
. . . LIFE . . . The plan— allow the brotherhood to expand 
naturally, protecting the original concept . . . securing a 
strong national . . . The goal— having a house, gaining in- 
fluence, becoming a well established fraternity . . . Delta 

April, 1967: thirty-four brothers. 

(Delta Chi-founded at Cornell, October 13, 1890 ... Sixty 
chapters and colonies internationally . . . ennphasizes local 
autonomy . . .) 



1st ROW; P. Przybyszewsl<i, M. Kennedy, E. Davis (Treasurer), E. Thornton (Sec- 
retary), G. Goodfellow (President), R. French (Vice President), E. Lel<berg, S. 
Hitov, J. Ormond. 2nd ROW: D. Regan, T. HofFman, J. Czekanski (Pledge Chair- 
man), D. Halpern, G. Child, S. Clegg, P. Dikan, D. Starczewski, J. Bernat, M. 

Loufas, A. Wallenstein, G. Greenberg, H. Lawler. 3rd ROW: R. Goff, R. Hutchin- 
son, R. Sawyer, H. Parsons, T. Simpson, H. Young, F. Harvey, S. Bergmann, R. 
Petitto, H. Kravitz, N. McGrath. 

Z N 

Saturday afternoon . . . forboding . . . mystic . . . callous 
winter. A beckoning sanctuary . . . Zeto Nu . . . apparently 
serene . . . veiled tranquility . . . today, swallowed from 
within. Informal conviviality. A glass door . . . translucent 
atmosphere . . . erect figures and prostrate bodies . . . light 
lunging from a single source . . . grasping eyes transfixed by 
Bogart, Flynn, and Brando. Ascend . . . brothers study the 
material on the board . . . concentration ... a diamond, a 
spade . . . collective fear— Wiggs threatens to purchase Ire- 
land. Another room, shadowed . . . somber . . . stagnant . . . 
minds seeded, fertilized with the future, but searching for the 
significance of the present. Four walls vibrate . . . pulverized 
by Stones . . . "Well it happens all the time, it sets the frame 
of mind." The academician . . . concerned . . . pressured . . . 
paying sacrifice to a 3.0 god. Alone in your room . . . Hyp- 
notic mist splatters against the window . . . inspiration . . . 
fraternalism . . . Zeta Nu: a microcosm . . . possessing three 
years of our lives but a millenium of our memories . . . three 
years of constant interaction . . . would I have ever known 
any of them otherwise? . . . Three years of self-taught re- 
spect, consideration, flexibility, humility, and discipline. 

1st ROW: p. Flaherty, R. Keough, T. W/ard, G. Shea, D. Huitin, M. West (Presi- 
dent), Loretta Stacl<— Housemother, J. Ledwick {Vice President), W. Carrigan (Sec- 
retary, W. Graff, R. Schultz, J. Gull, J. Gosselin. 2nd ROW: R. Spry, E. Mines, R. 
Carr, J. Grozio, G. Driscoii, M. Sadowsky, D. Barnot, N. Pope, J. Walsh, C. 

Larkin, J. Dexter, J. Fitzgerald, J. Levrone, D. Erb, E. Quinn, T. Vaisin, D. Meagher. 
3rd ROW: E. Dienstbach, W. Murphy, R. Vercollone, H. Gould, R. Butler, J. Bon- 
czek, B. Lajoie, J. Cowry, P. Sargent, J. Pyl, A. Adams, J. Wiggs, C. Donegan. 

€) X 

Theta Chi, since its inception at the University of Massachusetts in 
1911, has constantly been endeavoring to fulfill its motto, "Alma Mater 
First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater". Throughout the years it has 
produced many leaders in various campus organizations. Outstanding 
leadership also displays itself in the organization of the house and 
house activities. Practical application of individual talents tovi'ards a 
single goal has placed Theta Chi in a position of prominence. 

Most important, however, is the tradition of spirit and brotherhood 
which is everpresent in house life. Proud of its relations with sororities 
and other fraternities, Theta Chi will always strive to perpetuate the 
Greek System. 

F. Mulcahey, R. Peters, J. McCormick, W. Gammell, J. O'Reilly (Secretary), R. 
Hillson (President), P. Spears (Treasurer), C. Wilgus, R. Reider, T. Wales, K. Collins. 
2nd ROW: P. McDonough, R. Coltin, E. MacLeod, G. Norton, D. Kish, R. Aoquith, 

S. Albernaz, J. Harizigan, D. Mulcahy, C. Hanifan, J. Nahass, G. Rivell, D. Green 
3rd ROW: J. Bruen, D. Keating, J. Foley, L. Sullivan, J. Shockro, B. Sheehan, B 
MacLellan, H. Lombardelli, T. Byron, F. Zito, J. Kelleher. 

lit ROW: K. Stefanik, E. Lucas (Secretary), S. Albertuzzi (Vice-President), M. Davis 
(Ist Vice-President), Mrs. Helen Paul— Housemother, S. Whitehead (President), L. 
Brown (Treasurer), C. Arifo, White. 2nd ROW: P. Lanchansky, C. Lallas, R. Terbon, 
C. Cobb, J. Woodbury, P. Ponte, K. Condon, M. Melchiori, D. Kucelski, J. Desmond, 

B. Loesser, B. Krovetz, C. Dolrymple. 3rd ROW: S. Whitoker, P. Perkins, D. Dik, 
L. Boyles, J. Doyle, R. Fentin, S. Piatt, V. Coleman, J. Shields, C. Hammond, L. 

I r T 

lota Gamma Upsilon 

Back to school . . . exchanging summer stories . . . Home- 
coming ... an all-nighter for our float . . . the Alum's come 
home . . . "Big Guys at State U" . . . twenty-one at mid- 
night—Ma's, here we come! . . . "Loyally, lovingly, IGU" . . . 
placing second in the Dec . . . our Christmas party with 
AETr . . . low no— aces good . . . seventeen keys all present 
and accounted for ... a traffic jam in our driveway . . . 
"the composite's gone again??" . . . the Oldies but Goodies 
hour after dinner . . . water fights with the houseboys . . . 
serenading our pledges, paddle night, and the inevitable 
question, "Will initiation ever come??" daffodils from Draper 
and Hogwallow . . . lots of sun -worshipers, but no sun 
. . . candle ceremonies and summer weddings . . . "Like the 
links of a chain, one by one we shall again" . . . invaluable 
memories, incomparable friends . . r Iota Gam. 


Kappa Alpha Theta 

Another beginning . . . Homecoming honors: first place 
float and the queen . . . Nocturnal visits by the fire dept . . . 
"21" at the Jeff . . . O'Malley's Temperance Union . . . Sea 
of green . . . and music, always music . . . crazy skits . . . 
group therapy on the third floor— Ward 8 . . . box to Viet- 
nam . . . "the sign of the claw" . . . peanut night— a senior 
effort . . . spontaneous laughter . . . Juliana . . . Our Mrs. B., 
the jock of all trades . . . soft guitar at candlelight dinners 
. . . Sclada tea fortunes . . . songs around the piano- 
Bailey and her soft shoe . . . Christmas parties . . . excite- 
ment of giving . . . snow sculptures . . . gracious living . . . 
the elegance of Pledge Formal . . . Feverish spring . . . wild 
water fights . . . the sun goddess— KAT on a hot tin roof . . . 
End of a year . . . thoughtful . . . rambunctious . . . sometimes 
weeping, always warm . . . strength of trusting friends 
. . . "Try to Remember" . . . four years . . . love in a good 
home, Theta . . . Another beginning. 

Isf ROW: H. Cassoli, R. Flaschner, R. Rothenburg, S. Catto, E. Perriello (2nd Vice 
President), C. Morechek, B. Butler (President), E. Dadoly (1st Vice President), B. 
Costa, B. Bello, E. Bello, C. O'Malley (Treasurer), M. Blal<e, A. Toomey, C. Milburn, 
M. Lauer, S. Stelle, D. Tilden, L. Donnelly, B. Burnhom, P. Capone, K. Smith, R. 

Aronson, S. Reid, K, Sacuto, H. Lissberger, D. Mohan, P. Tailby, C. Steele, D. 
Oliveira. 3rd ROW: G. Chick, B, Mills, B. Gollenstein, K. Schmidt, M. Poseltiner, J. 
Cormell, M. Hanson, S. Grover, C. Hoyden, J. Tierney, B. Sullivan, N. Bush, I. 
Freedmon, I. Ruthel, K. Dadoly, W. Hamilton, K. Kane, P. Kopp, E. Burke. 

K K r 

Psych, Psych, Psych Kappa Gamma . . Kunichiwa Chicako 
... an English taxicab parked outside . . . Allnight talk-a- 
thon . . . "Miss University" . . . West Point men . . . first place 
in the Dec . . New housepet Pumpkin . . . another candle 
ceremony and roses . . . The Dating Game . . . Jucie Brucies 
. . . rush and new pledges . . . stolen composites and stolen 
sisters . . . the thing is . . . T.S. is coming! What do you 
mean we can't wear slacks? ... an experience in gracious 
living . . . our three p's— peanutbutter, popcorn, and pounds 
. . . Victory trophy from a fall football gome with Alpha 
Sig— injuries too . . . excitement of Pledge Formal night . . . 
warmth of a burning fire . . . sounds of a gentle guitar . . . 
our "key" to sisterly love . . . Giving . . . Kappa. 

1st ROW: C. Suginome, D. Kleinerman, C. Willard, M. Leach (Corresponding 
Secretory), C. Willis, K. Morrison (President), "Mom" Repucci— Housemother, 
C. Marcus (Vice-President), S. Bascom, P. Taylor (Treasurer), S. Forbess, J. 
Mize, J. V/einfleld. 2nd ROW: J. Brady, D. Boptiste, J. Harrison, G. Therrien, 
R. St. Hill, A. Craven, J. Sarat, J. Urban, K. Sullivan, E. Tumma, C. Johnson, L. 

Sanderson, M. Schmoyer, D. Ryan, M. Delia Paolero, P. Sullivan, M. Angler, N. 

Woide. 3rd ROW: B. Rappaport, M. Frey, P. Meadows, G. Berry, J. Spence, 

M. Dougherty, J. Bieniek, M. Murphy, N. Simonds, S. Albani, D. Miller, J. 
Lakness, L. McDonough. 

Koppa Sigma 


Hi "B" . . . back again ... 70 strong and rarin' to go . . . 
autumn brings golden leaves, apple cider and (what else?) 
football! . . . twenty-six house stalwarts donned the varsity 
maroon to return the beanpot to its rightful niche . . . Kappa 
Sig co-captains Rod Brooks and Ed Toner turned their well- 
done leadership duties over to fellow brothers Greg Landry 
and Jim Mitchell . . . parties blare, cold breezes frisk, books 
and lectures demand . . . paint and repair— adopt an orphan- 
elect new officers— December's here! . . . pinnings and roses, 
Christmas party— "We love you Pi Phi, oh yes we do" . . . 
New Year booms, finals charge, heads throb, pencils whirl, 
computers whine . . . intercession- 
Second half "B", you're looking younger . . . who's missing? 
. . . basketballs fly. Bob Murphy, Pete Gayeska, and Joe 
DiSarcina guide them through the hoop for varsity 5 . . . 
intramural kingpins . . . pretty girls smile, soft music plays, 
floppy favors bashfully given. House formal . . . education 
first. Herb Lach and Bob Sylvester win national Kappa Sigma 
scholarships . . . blizzards and back yard football, concerts 
and dances, (hold it! here come the pledges for a raid!). 
Winter Carni . . . muscles ache, bed at 9:00, down at the 
field all afternoon, girls complain— what? spring ball already? 
. . . warm days, hard to study, parties beckon— is this spring 
fever?— good time for Mass-Grass . . . crack of the bat and 
captain Ted Moreno leads Redmen to another victory, finishing 
off a good season in baseball . . . bore shoulders, bare legs, 
mini skirts?— is this a sorority?— No! The Kappa Sig's are 
donning their togas for Greek week ... no more stalling, 
have to study, good finals schedule?— wish us luck "B", see 
you in a couple of months. 

Ist ROW: L. Buckman, D. Rivet, J. Campbell, A. Andrade, B. Snyder, K. Cohen 
(1st Vice President), Mrs. Mary Kirby— Housemother, D. Garenfla (President), R. 
Bacon (2nd Vice President), J. Graziano (Treasurer), S. Kramer, J. Durno, E. 
Boxer. 2nd ROW: S. Topulas, C. David, M. Taylor, D. Wills, N. Shields, M. Britha, 

K. Goloshesky, L. Nelson, C, Newton, J. Wills, J. Task, M. Maynard, S. Reich, D. 
Pimentol, E. Buchmon, M. Rooney, C. Goldford. 3rd ROW: J. Garselin, P. Foulds, 
C. Sterbakov, J. Keough, C. Neilson, C. Gizienski, J. Doyle, L. Jackson, E. Marx, 
J. Meagher, D. Susco, E. Baicuis, D. Robinson. 

Lambda Delta Phi is— 

a sisterhood ... a big white house, a place to get away 
from the huge, sometimes overwhelming campus . . . work 
and fun, house jobs, responsibilities, meetings, rush parties 
. . . always someone to listen, to give advice, to share our 
joys ... a darkened room, flickering candles, and a circle of 
friendship . . . being alone, to think private thoughts, yet 
have someone always near . . . work, fun, smiles, frowns, 
laughter, tears, hope, despair, and love ... a shining ex- 
perience to remember as the happiest and most rewarding 
part of college life. 




Lambda Delta Phi 




Lambda Chi Alpha 

Another year at the "Big Chi" . . . Welcome back chapter 
brothers . . . Good to see the house again with all those mem- 
ories of past years ... A closer brotherhood improving the 
old house while working for a new . . . The new floor— "Hey 
date! Don't tred just gaze." The Big Chi . . . Classes, football 
and hockey games, parties, exchanges, girls, finals and Chi 
smiles . . . Beautiful, Juuust Beautiful! 

Upper class and freshman rush . . . the smokers, bull 
sessions, bids, and finally Pledge chapel . . . Congratulations 
initiates and welcome ... A lot of hard work and even more 
fun . . . House elections ... Big issues . . . filibusters always. 

On campus . . . Strong representation in I.F.C., Adelphio, 
Arcon and Maroon Keys . . . Striving for better relations 
with all ... Meaningful. The Big Chi always at or near the 
top in Intramurals. Studies and no curfews, sopranos in the 
shower and serious sleepers, hunters and scholars . . . Brother- 

1st ROW: R. Vasil, G. Buteau (Treasurer), L. Shaw, S. Steel (Secretary), R. Repeta— 
Head of Residence, D. Woodcock (Vice-President), J. Larson, R. Lorrey, C. Fenton. 
2nd ROW: A. Palatine, E. Sheehan, P. Ponte, L. Coffin, A. Seibert, S. Smith, S. 

Morzelli, J. Donohue, L. Snook. 3rd ROW: P. Mushovic, G. Vossor, J. Forgit, R. 
Sutherland, D. Sampson, J. Aldach, R, McNeil, A. Johnson, F. Stick. 



The language of friendship is not words, but meanings . . . 
like stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree at one of the 
Freshman teas . . . like the Memo's and Papa's playing in the 
background . . . like cooking Sunday dinner and discovering 
there isn't enough salad . . . like getting in at 3 a.m. and 
discovering your key is inside the house . . . making posters 
for the Judiciary elections . . . having dinner at the Log 
Cabin or a sundae at the Creamery . . . constantly meeting 
your sisters at the Nevi/man Center . . . such as Mrs. Cheyne 
and her Halloween spirit and costume . . . pledges combing 
the lawn, literally! . . . leaving Beta Phi with no pots or 
pans . . . like teaching Mrs. Stoab to ploy cribbage . . . like 
desserts with a "special added attraction", thanks to our 
houseboys . . . the wonderful feeling of having a Beta 
Buddy . . . always starting a diet tomorrow, never today 
. . . lots of wonderful times but always somebody to listen . . . 
friendship, understanding and love with Pi Phi. 

1st ROW: P. Fiske, J. Rausea, S. Bartlett, H. Braunfeld, C. Dagget (Secretary) 
V. Perocchi (Vice-President), Mrs. Hugh Cheyne— Housemother, J. Stumpf (Presi 
dent), D. Yuko (Treasurer), L Gayne, H. Fall<son, J. Harrmersley, S. Forley 
2nd ROW: E. Hatch, C. Smith, E. Souza, J. Congdon, K. Merritt, L. Saloio, M 
Fennessey, J. Quincy, C. Ziemak, N. Stumpf, F. Newton, C. Bogie, P. Rim 

S. Tammaro, B. Bodgiey, A. Maclntyre, J. Swardlick, P. Hartmann, 3rd ROW: 
G. Austin, A. Palubeckas, F. Hallett, E. Joyce, J. Nagle, M. Taylor, M. Greoritch, 
J. Auen, J. Scofati, L. Jones, J. Kelley, E. Dorgas, C. Wojtkun, J. Leach, L. 
Lefebvre, J. Dow, M. Gaclowski, J. Jarvinen, S. Kiernan, N. Schmuk, G. Mirick. 

1st ROW: J. Kelly (Treasurer), S. Moore, T. Lyiis (Secretary), R. McGaughey Fitzgerald, J. Brian, R, Doughty, H. Heston, J. Klekotkc, P. McNamara, G. Pelleg- 
(President), B. Beaudoin, F. Tarontino, V. Colonna. 2nd ROW: D. Dearborn, J. rini, L. Pereira. 

The making of a new fraternity, PI Lambda Phi, can all 
be expressed by the following: 

. . . brotherhood . . . SHAZAM ... Phi Kappa Nu . . . 
SHAZAM ... Pi Lambda Phi ... some of the names and 
faces have changed, but the feeling is still the some ... Phi 
Kappa Nu— coming together will bring success . . . the pledges 
are pledges, yet the brothers are pledges . . . What the 
hell is a Rex? . . . From Hatch to house . . . the melting pot 
of U-Mass . . . "we ore jolly laddies" . . . the float that sank 
. . . not four years, but a lifetime . . . Gyro's generator . . . 
Lightning strikes Vermont . . . snap . . . snap . . . snap . . . 

n A $ 

1st ROW: P. Gwynn, B. Moron, P. Fuiiyonio, D. Bog, R. Vanasse, Mrs. Miller- 
Housemother, N. Sherman (President), P. Drogone, J. Medeiros, J. Williams, R. 
Mullen, J. Gumsey, L. Lode. 2nd ROW; D. Tayon, J. Hannulo, J. Gorstong, A. 
Loof, J. Cowley, J. Wilferl, G. Khon, D. Barry, J. Dube, J. McCoughey, J. Sopel, 

A. Goren, R. Misci, C. Quimby, T. Monoushagion, D. Kennedy. 3rd ROW: J. Sonton, 
G. Morlongoil, P. Dube, B. Barefoot, B. Scott, L. Bonier, C. Gorstong, V. Defelice, 
T. Corindio, G. Thonet, R. Niederjohn, H. Stevenson, N. Horn, E. Clouss, T. 


QTV is the oldest Latin local fraternity in the country, 
founded on this campus on May 12, 1869, just two years 
after Massachusetts Agricultural College opened its doors. 
QTV is also the first fraternity to be established on this 
campus. A plaque on South College commemorates its 

QTV is represented in almost every phase of campus life. 
We have four class presidents, members of Adelphia, Maroon 
Keys, Revelers, Arcon, Student Senate, SUG Board, YaHoo, 
Collegian, Roister Doisters and Mortar Board. Athletically, 
we are represented by captains of varsity football, baseball, 
hockey and rifle squad. We also have members of the varsity 
lacrosse, swimming, skiing, horseshoe, gymnastics, jai-lai, and 
bocci teams. 

The most outstanding characteristic of the fraternity is 
the diversity of personalities among members while still main- 
taining close brotherhood. This is exemplified by the list 
of distinguished QTV alumni. They include such people as 
General George Irzyck, Satchel Paige, for whom Paige Lab- 
oratory is named, George Mannen, God the Father, Marion 
Motley, and Albert de Salvo. 

1st ROW: J. Friedman, E. Brilliant, S. Adams, P. Hoffmann, N. Waldman (Secre- 
tary), Mrs. Nellie B. Moreau— Housemother, K. Berk (President), A. Belsky (Treas- 
urer), S. Medeiros, H. Covin, A. Bronstein. 2nd ROW: M. Kadetsky, R. Robitoille, 
L. Erianger, B. Wexler, J. Slock, G. Sweet, E. Damon, M. Cherniock, J. Snow, 

L Ostroff, R. Governor, B. Abrams, R. Grinnell, R. Freed. 3rd ROW: R, Zletz,, M. 
Heyda, L. Goldberg, T. Winstanley, M. Goldstein, R. Geikie, S. Brown, R. Lehr- 
berg, H. Nelles, N. Akermon, N. Ephraim, D. Waltzman, R. Jacobs, E. Eisler. 

"SAM-Beta Epsilon" reads the sign— lights the path for 
returning brothers . . . old faces with new smiles . . . IBM 
cards-books-classes— all in a hurry flurry— The call of the wild, 
blaring bands . . . weekend parties . . . the aftermath . . . 
Homecoming float . . . alumni . . . parties . . . buffet. For 
some— the age of 21— a 4 tier cake . . . pinning and roses 
mark the coming of winter? ... a Christmas party for the 
orphans . . . there really is a Santa . . . January— a new year 
begins with finals . . . February— winter is here but Sammy's 
tree of brotherhood grows— new brothers— new pledges . . . 
another semester for some, the last for many . . . Winter CarnI 
snowballs into fun ... oh no, March and only 3 more months 
. . . Spring Fling . . . Robins Farm and a dip in the pond. At 
last . . . Greek Week— would you believe, . . . Sammy grad- 
uates 13 ... see you at Homecoming . . . alumni. 

Sigma Alpha Mu 




Sigma Delta Tau 

rush . . . skits 
banquet . . . 
sculpture? . . . 

P. Losco, M. Zich, M. Landry, L. Prouty, S. Kramer, A. Rose, Mrs. Moncharp— 
Housemother, N. Smolen (President), J. Fialkow, N. Dorock, B. Barnett, S 
Bleistein, D. Brand. 2nd ROW: R. Lee, A. Swanson, D. Fink, J. Flynn, L. Woocher, 
B. Zukroff, E. Salamaff, C. Alekel, L. Kelberman, J. Greenfield, S. Wasserman, 
J. Quarrington, L. Ingaciola, M. Brown, J. Papile, L. Weiner, M. Molin, S, 

Sigma Delta Tau . . . Old house ... no house . . . new 
house ... no curtains . . . (Gordon Linen towels) ... no 
rugs ... no furniture . . . our new Housemother, Mrs. M. 
... as always, Mrs. J. and her Ritz cracker pie . . . cute new 
house boys and Goose, the Pancake King . . . sorority 
declamation . . . Homecoming float . . . Christmas party 
in new house . . . early morning ski trips to Vermont . . . 
. . our new pledges . . . Mother-Daughter 
initiation . . would you believe a snow 
house picnic . . . junior-senior party . . . 
dancing in the dining room . . . slo gin fiz, bugaloo, 
shingaling . . . pins and rings . . . SDT flag and composite? 
Sig Ep pledges . . . fourth for bridge? . . . leaping, screaming 
Friday night dinners ... a quick trip to Mike's . . . guitars 
and singing . . . cafe au lait and blue . . . tears and laughter 
. . . lasting friendships ... All through the years we will 
remember . . . Sigma Delta Tau. 

Riff, S. Pierce, J. Leete, P. Peorce, J. Anonion. 3rd ROW: C. Fishman, M. Rubin, 
R. Jamner, M. O'Neill, J. Novak, S. Mandell, L. Mostek, S. Beck, B. Levondov, P. 
Fuller, N. Lupo, E. Goldberg, T. Pomeroy, L. Gberlander, L. Schneider, L. Shuman, 
B. Kelleher, C. Rudge, B. Rothman, S. Penziner, M. Goldman. 







1st ROW; S. Dietch, H Byrne, C Cronm, G Testa (Vice-President), D Kinch 
(Corresponding Secretary), E Rosenblatt (President), C Belonis (Treasurer), K 
Mitchell, C. Leavitt, L. Gustafson, M. Pawley. 2nd ROW: S. Fairfield, D. Blonchette, 
G. Brown, E. Eckstorm, J. Plankey, J. Palermo, G. Stevens, S. Parkhurst, J. Paul, 

P Perrell, S Nordstrom, S. Elliot, D. Parent, S. Hawkins, B. Berg, G. Yegian. 3rd 
ROW A Jones, N. Broderick, L. Martin, J. Walsh, P. Maxwell, L Moland, R. 
Olsen, D. DeLeeuw, S. Hettrick, D. Kaiman, J. Maroney, S. Turner, E. Reynolds, R. 
Ellis, J, Tiberii. 

"We're back" . . . trunks and suitcases to the (groan) third 
floor . . . violets in the fall greet upperclass pledges . . . 
"oops, composite gone again" ... a redecorated house 
bursting with "mums and alums" at Homecoming . . . Sunday 
afternoon open houses greet Frosh ... "a fourth for whist" 
. . . "Anyone for a quickie" . . . housemother, substitute 
cook— Mrs. Mellin— she's ours! . . . "Pinning ceremony after 
dinner" . . . "Mardi Gras" . . . costumes and Canal Street 
. . . "And now introducing the Extremes!" . . . "mattress in the 
bathtub, pillows in the snow— pledge raid" . , . "Will you 
sign my paddle?" . . . Sigmos splurge— gargantuan smorgas- 
bord at Betty's . . . "Any more Diet Pepsi?" . . . "We've got 
that Sigma spirit!" . . . Sandals, bermudas, and sunbathing— 
Spring at last! . . . Inspiration week . . . Junior-Senior picnic 
. . . "Thanks for the memories" . . . Graduation for nineteen 
. . . 'bye to the big white house! 


Sigma Kappa 

1st ROW: M. Miller, K. Rogers, J. Charles, J. Gamble, D. Arsenault, E. Eulian, 
L. Stevens, G. Weygand, J. Cremarosa. 2nd ROW: C. Contilli, J. Copithorne, L. 
Engebretson, C. Bialy, K. Roseen, A. Shevock, N. Richardson, R. Russetti, M. Dugan, 

L L L 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

G. Silva, C. Sheldon. 3rd ROW: C. Metrick, S. Renoud, S. Bernstein, J. Smoot, J. 
Samuels, A. Tirrell, D. Gwozdz, E. Kleinman, P. Stoddard. 

Please forward to 510 N. Pleasant St. . . . we really have 
a home . . . they said it couldn't be done . . . gang 
showers!? . . . are you kidding me? . . . The Walkers, our 
enthusiastic houseparents, adopt 68 daughters . . . the 
delegation from the Towers ... "I love it" . . . orange 
leaves, vibrant air, old friends, the warmth of a fire— Home- 
coming . . . who's going up the hill? . . . the case of the 
missing flags . . . Chapter Inspection . . . Round Robins, 
" 5 foot 2, eyes of blue" . . . it's raining in the dining room 
. . . Pledge Breakfast . . . Merry Christmas, Henry . . . 
second semester, living in, a new beginning . . . new faces, 
new hearts . . . Winter Carni— snow?! . . . the 1:10 people 
watchers . . . pledges presented at their formal, roses . . . this 
is my 3.0 semester . . . would you believe grad school? . . . 
the start of a new home . . . spring, finals— on ending and a 
beginning . . . sisterhood . . . Faithful Unto Death , . . keep 
in touch ... in care of Tri Sigma. 


■i mmw" 

Sigma Phi Epsilo 

Sig Ep has grown tremendously since its founding in 1902, 
becoming the second largest notional fraternity (164 chapters) 
and one of the largest on this campus. Size, however, proves 
nothing. It is the nature of the brotherhood that is the fra- 

Like everyone else, we have our campus leaders, our Honor 
students, and our athletes, but again this is not the true meas- 
ure of a house. Sig Ep is a place where ideas and individuals 
are respected, where mature men live and ploy, and where 
those who will not be stifled by a system belong. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon often takes the lead in promoting new 
concepts for the improvement of the house and the fraternity 
system at Massachusetts. Our "housemother" is a graduate 
student and his family. The traditional concept of the house- 
mother simply does not meet the social and intellectual needs 
of the brothers. With this new concept, a much more meaning- 
ful relationship between the house and the resident director 
has developed. 

This is a little of what Sig Ep stands for. 


Ist ROW: R. Green, R. Dambrov, W. Hartig, D. Koitz, D. Newey, D. Claxton, B 
Taylor, J. Copelass (President), Susan Strong— Housemother, Christopher— House' 
baby, Charles Strong— Housefather, J. Snal<e, A. J. Aggie, Dog, S. Schwartz {Ti 
urer), R. McDowwell, R. Manuisi, R. McKeever, 2nd ROW: W. Whittam, P. Boro- 
wiec, R. Moorhouse, W. McColl, J. Alexander, R. Howe, R. Peterson, R. Rosen, 

R. Belforth, J. Goilerani, R. Porthum, B. Nugent, G. Plontinga, W. McCarty, Jr., J. 
Petkewich, B. MacKenzie, R. Salo, T. Wojcikowski. 3rd ROW: M. Jocobson, R. Scog- 
land, D. Doyer, J. Mendonea, J. Conconnon, K. Carroll, M. Weinboum, VV. Nieder- 
john, J. Bohnak, H. Sullivan, R. Perkins, M. Dailey, J. Sherman, J. Kelliher, R. John- 
son, B. Spence, M. Chenoweth, D. Breed, V^. Tennant. 

T E $ 

September— New housemother— No Monsein— Italian presi- 
dent? Return of Milgroom . . . Rise to the top . . . TEP 2nc! 
in football league . . . Homecoming . . . Welcome back 
alumni . . . One to remember— a clean house . . . Yea 
Leo! ... A social semester? Exchanges, parties, absence of 
happy hours . . . The Q Club . . . Thanksgiving ... A 
needed break . . . January . . . FINALS . . . New semester 
. . . Old faces return . . . Others fade away . . . How was 
your intersession . . . How's your schedule . . . Rushing . . . 
Break a jinx . . . Great class . . . Win some lose some . . . 
Pledge class will make good . . . TEP . . . CAMPUS BAS- 
KETBALL CHAMPS . . . TEAM EFFORT . . . League bowling 
champs . . . Winter Carni . . . Snow . . . The Dragon . . . 
A great weekend . . . Spring vacation . . . Florida or bust 
. . . Back to the books . . . Greek Weekend . . . IFC Sing 
... A good showing, as always . . . TEPS score again in 
Olympics . . . Spring Formal . . . Mt. Snow . . . Pinnings 
. . . TEP sweethearts . . . End of a great Senior Class . . . 
Back next year? 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

*nf / 

Ist ROW: L. Rosen, R. Sokolove, D. Tattlebaum, I 
Brush-Housemother, S. Glassman (Vice-President), R. 
J. Mulhn, R. Bernstein. 2nd ROW: B. Isaac, D. Feinbe 

Aron (President), Mrs. 
Egbert (House Advisor), 
3, B. Herling, D. Togneri, 

R. Ossen, J. Moskell, R. Spekman, H. Shone, G. Kaplan, R. Snyder, A. Cohen 
3rd ROW: S. DePrimo, D. Lubarsky, B. Korosick, H. Can, P. Trivers, M. Shear 
W. Morrison, R. Robinson, M. Molliver, E. Freedman, G. Barnett. 





1st ROW: L. Raymond, D. Faucette, B. Connor (Vice-President), B. Corrodi, R. Pappas, A. Donovan, J. Morkot, B. Covill. 3rd ROW: I. Gorbutt, T. Vehr 

Quoley (President), D. Steorley (Treasurer), A. Raymond, D. Glogowski, G. White. rowsky, B. Stead, E. Sherman, W. Dexter, V. Pina, F. Foley, R. Badgley. 

2nd ROW: B. Burgett, R. Lefaive, M. Sullivan, D. Millette, R. Merrill, B. Beal, N. 

The Hell's Angels of T.K.E. have been relatively good boys 
throughout the past academic year. We busted only two 
windows and have neither instigated nor partook in a rock 
fight via snowballs nor a water fight with the young damsels 
next door. 

We were psyched up enough to win first place in this year's 
Homecoming float and feel that many more Teke firsts are in 

There is an occasional cry from the gallery to bring bock 
the good old days. But wait— the good days are yet to come. 
As soon as the grey palace falls apart, and it won't be long, 
we plan a new Teke house in Fraternity Park. So— the good 
old days— just wait! 



Tau Kappa Epsilon 

1st ROW: E. Vigneau, J. Hatherley, P. Richardson, R. Foley (Secretary), P. Carney, o. Barton, R. Gavioli, D. Larson. 3rd ROW: C. Erdmann, J. Sherman, M. Chrobak, 

(Vice-President), J. Mine (President), B. Stirling (Treasurer), D. Vannah, V. Greenan, r Show, R. Christensen, G. McNeill, D. Moistreliis, D. Whitworth, L. Burnoiy, D. 

W. Sanborn, M. Panchuck. 2nd ROW: D. Jancsy, J. Cutting, R. Gorey, R. Nelson, Moegelin, J. Slack, M. Nadler, D. McLean. 
R. Joyce, R. Kershaw, B. Boardmon, F. McWilliams, W. Davis, J. Soort, R. Rigney, 


Phi Sigma Delta 




Purple, orange, red . . . murals ... a half-painted room 
and we're back . . . everybody's got to be an amateur drum- 
mer . . . contributions received for our Greek foster child . . . 
late whist games and wake me at 9 ... homecoming and 
chicken' wire . . . alumni, the joy of a pinning and roses . . . 
intramurals and the old ball player ... a Christmas party 
with orphans and one with Bud . . . vacations, this semester 
I've got to study . . . duhhh . . . Pledge Chapel with a cere- 
mony ... a chariot appears and makes it through the race 
. . . guitars and drums blare as we near the end . . . Pledge 
Formal with honors bestowed . . . more goodbyes to Fernie? 
. . . our gowns are purple and white ... Phi Sigma Delta, an 
experience, a real fraternity. 

1st ROW: R. Astorino, D. Graves, J. Campbell, K. O'Reilly (Vice-President), S. 
Whitkin (President), R. Goldforb (Treasurer), B. Jacksou (Corresponding Secretary), 
R. Band, S. Garanin. 2nd ROW: S. Koroul, P. Benson, T. Nastasio, R. DeTerra, L. 

Nyer, D. Fisher, G. Rechnitz, V. Ryszewski, T. More, V. Scalese, C. Smith, R. Bevil- 
ocquo. 3rd ROW: J. Shagowy, P. Alizzeo, W. Haloalow, M. DelSesto, J. Earle, 
R. Molavich, R. Rogers, W. Troupe, G. Creem, J. Rybak, R. Grzenda. 

$ L K 

March 15, 1873 . . . Massachusetts Agricultural College. 
... six young men . . . three cardinal principles . . . Brother- 
hood—Scholarship—Character . . . spreading to other compi 
. . . Alpha birthplace ot Phi Sigma Kappa , . . bright as the 
jewels of her emblem . . . laughter and joy . . . sorrow and 
heartache ... a brotherhood that shares both . . . Alpha . . . 
rooted in tradition . . . growing with the future. 

Ut ROW: D. Graves, J. Foresto, G. Wood (Treasurer), T. Crouch (Secretary), C. 
Melesky (President), A. Boyajian (Vice President), J. Morocco, D. Borge (Pledge 
Inductor), A. Zipeto. 2nd ROW: J. Mannes, S. Kostka, L. Liptak, A. Segoloff, E. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Levy, J. Haycock, R. Perkins, L. Cove, W Lupien. 3rd ROW: R. Ovanes, R. Joly, D. 
R'Toole, F. Chen, P. Liley, K. Bourdeau, J. Arsenault (President), G. Astrachan, P. 
Allaire, S. Hills, S. Cannavo. 



V # 

lUWM )|lll i;|;l<! liMI:l!il{ .ill 111 Dii;' S^f^ ll|l ff tS^SHlH 

' 1 - ' : .' I 

1s» ROW: D. Alvarez, K. Furness, P. Hodley, M. Feldman, S. Smith, P. Mosack 
(Treasurer), S. Henry {1st Vice-President), Kathryn Young— Housemother, S. Olson 
(Vice-President), G. Monprade (Secretary), B. Kelley, S. Alien, B. Capriole, V. Lippner, 
L. Yukno, L. Sweeney. 2nd ROW: P. Aspinwall, B. Sampson, C. Zorlengo, N. 
Turner, F. Alagai, C. Megrsky, L. D'Elia, S. Holm, G. Joyce, S. Pelczarski, S. Brady, 

Day breaks . . . the stillness of summer flushed by an early 
autumn wind . . . cars buzzing on Lincoln Ave. . . . suitcases 
carried about . . . cheers of "Hi" and voices raised in the 
warmth of renewed togetherness . . . old friendships re- 
established . . . the beginning of a New Year . . . classes 
begin ... a schedule card, stacks of new books, and high 
hopes . . . falling leaves and piles of burning autumn . . . 
inside a fire that shines and flickers on your face . . . cries 
of "four for bridge" . . . laughter mingled with music from 
a muted stereo . . . Homecoming— alumnae return . . . old 
members with new additions . . . chicken wire, wooden frames, 
a float parade and a prize . . . snow falls on barren branches 
. . . Christmas excitement tamed by flnals . . . disappointments 
healed by the start of a new semester . . . Rush descends 
and anxious footsteps on the walk . . . make way, seniors, 
for new pledges! . . . Winter Carnival and "Think Snow" 
... it arrives . . . the quiet of untouched whiteness shattered 
by united efforts of sisters and pledges in a not "too" suc- 
cessful attempt to create Metawompe II ... "A Winter 
Happening" . . . installation and new officers . . . juniors 
gain power in silent cheer . . . winter melts into spring— 
Chi O's roof-top bathers appear once more . . . but, spring 
comes bringing both a beginning and an end . . . hints of 
graduation . . . fears, hopes, anxieties . . . yet a determina- 
tion to meet a new unknown ... a pleasure in thinking of the 
ever-welcome return . . . night descends but Chi O awaits 
to face tomorrow. 

J. Fish, D. Mackey, J. Burnside, L. Austin, R. Neiner, J. Manning, M. VanDerHeyden, 
C. Shepard, C. Mandracio. 3rd ROW: L. Cornevale, E. Kiyo, S. Tantum, A. Gould, 
K. <ane, D. Cowan, P. Biel, P. Munson, M. Ryan, S. Swnson, S. Yourgo, E. Murphy, 
N. Donovan, S. Leach, L. Contuzzi, S. Bunting, C. Kettle, J. Leahy, E. Valkevich, S. 
Harrington, L. Seidmon, C. Eeles, S. Zailen. 



Chi Omega 


}mf^^^^%^\f u^^^^^ - 

1 f^oB 

^ri^Jft^i^': ^"^^f^'-^k 

1 ^ii 

mf^^ - 


I^Bl^J^ite^^^ ' "^'■^j3 


pvc ^^ligawBS^ ' ^^" "^'"^^ ^^* ^T j^H 

1 *« 

V&Hi^ m 


J ^r ^^^Mm^^^fs i ■*■ ^Bj 

r, '^~^^^Pal 

5* ^^^B»' f L ■ 


%c7 _ 'Br / .i^mJ 



^ Jis^KNi t^pi!!!^^ 







1 ^pf^^T^^^ 




t! iiMi 




4 < Jl <*""''■ H 














■^^^»»J.i:v,S«<..,>;,^ ,«, ^ ,.^2M 

1 .3;A M:.- ^- ^^ 



imi I:* I |_| 



m \.-4 

















^ m iP' 



i ^ 



i 1 





Helen Cassoli, John Greenquist, Susan Dietch, Marjorie Zick, Tim Cunningham, Eileen White. 

John Mullen, Joyce Harvey, Robert Fleischner, Helen Cassoli, Bette 
Butler, Jerry Benezro, Gwendelyn Homill, James Wilkey, Joel Hartstone, 
Daniel Grieco, Richard Wimberly, Elizabeth Johnson, Alex Dean, Carol 

Higgins, Robert Lebel, Tim Cunningham, John Greenquist, Melbourne 
Fisher, Richard Schinoff, Fred Pilon, Anne Yokavonis, John Lisock, Claire 

Each year from the senior class, members of Who's Who in American Colleges 
and Universities are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, general 
citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. 

Selections are made by a committee composed of the Student Senate 
President and representatives from social groups, academic honor societies, 
student government, and the program office. Through on open letter in the 
Collegian and letters to the faculty and administrators, any member of the 
campus community was able to recommend qualified students. With these 
recommendations, a list of extracurricular activities, cumulative averages, and 
personal contact, a group of 37 of the most qualified was chosen. 


▼ "^:^ \- 




)0R MOUTH/2 



A i:-A. i 


ABBOTT, APRIL; 56 Maltbie Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey; Art; 
Adelphi University; Education Club. 

ABRAMS, NANCY ANN; 101 June Street, Worcester; Sociology: 
University Theater; Collegian; Northern Educational Service Tutor; 
Dean's List. 

ADAMS, DAVID LAWRENCE; 121 Emerson Street, Rockland; 

ADAMS, PAMELA M.; Old Engield Road, Belchertown; Psychology: 
Astronomy Club, Secretary, Executive Council; Science Fiction Club. 

ADDELSON, WILLIAM STEPHEN; 36 Irving Street, Newton 
Centre; Psychology: Dean's List; Tau Epsilon Phi, Executive Board; 

AIKEN, PETER MICHAEL: 62 Rawson Road, Arlington; English: 
Lacrosse; Ski Club; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

ALBANO, STEPHEN ALAN; 14 Shute Street, Everett; Accounting: 
Baseball; Track; Newman Club; Accounting Association; Intramural 

ALBERT, THOMAS WILLIAM; 47 Butman Street, Beverly; Psy- 
chology: Zeta Nu, Secretary; Senior Honors; Spring Frolic Club. 

ALDERMAN, DOROTHY ELLEN; 19 East Street, South Hadley; 
Government: Dean's List; Chorale; Operetta Guild; Exchange Stu- 
dent; Dorm Counselor; Collegian. 

ton; Elementary Education: Newman Club, Dorm Captain; Italian 
Club, Secretary; Education Club; Dorm Secretary. 

ALEXANDER, ALAN RAY; 50 Billings Avenue, Medford; Pre- 
Medical: Varsity Soccer, Manager; Academic Advisory Council; Pre- 
Med Club. 

Canton; Landscape Architecture: Intramural Sports; Alpha Zeta; 
Landscape Architecture Club. 

ALLEN, BARRY LEWIS; 157 Springvale Avenue, Everett; Electrical 
Engineering: Amateur Radio Association, President, Senior Adviser; 
Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

ALLEN, NANCY ANN; 16 Capitol Road, Springfield; Sociology: 
Boston University; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Registrar; Newman Club; 
Sociology Club. 

ALLEN, ROBERT EDWARD; 293 West Squantum Street, North 
Quincy; General Business: Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Pledge 
Trainer; Interfraternity Council; Dorm Counselor, Social Chairman; 
Newman Club. 

ALLEN, SUSAN LYNNE; 43 Harris Avenue, Needham; Education: 
Chi Omega, Historian; Scrolls; Panhellenic Council; Dorm Counselor; 
Special Events Committee; Dean's List. 

ALLESSIO, LAWRENCE PAUL; Longview Terrace Extension, 
Pittsfield; Agriculture and Food Economics: Berkshire Community 

ALPERT, MARTHA ANNA; 62 Alexander Road, Newton; English: 
Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List; Young Independents, Historian; University 
Reform Committee; Senior Honors. 

ALSING CARL J.; 77 Belchertown Road, Amherst; Electrical Engi- 
neering; WMUA; Amateur Radio Club; Scuba Club; IEEE; Associa- 
tion for Computing Machinery. 

ALVAREZ DIANA MARIA; 45 Swains Pond Avenue, Melrose; 
Spanish: Chi Omega, Assistant Treasurer; Class Executive Council; 
Cheerleader; Dean's List; Special Events Committee, Co-Chairman; 
S.U. Program Council. 

AMIOT CLAIRE PAULINE; 369 Bullock Street, Fall River; Pre- 
Medical: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer, 1st Vice President Presi- 
dent; Mortar Board; Newman Club; Newman Choir; Who s Who in 
American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Lambda Delta. 

AMUNDSEN, PAUL ALFRED; 22 Carey Avenue, Burlington; Music: 
Symphony Band, Assistant Conductor; Symphony Orchestra; Marching 
Band; Air Force Glee Club; Outing Club. 

ANDERSON, MARK C; 41 Grasmere Road, Needham; Chemical 
Engineering; Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Tau Beta Pi, Vice 
President; Engineering Journal, Managing Editor; AIChE; Honors 
CoUoquia; Outing Club. 

ANDERSON, STEPHEN C; 70 Berry Avenue, West Yarmouth; 
Accounting; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer; Accounting Association; 
Sophomore Class Banquet; Intramural Sports. 


ANDERSON, SUSAN MERRILL; 52 Maynard Road, Northampton; 
Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer; Dean's List. 

ANDRADE, ANITA CHARLOTTE; 103 Raymond Street, Cam- 
bridge; Medical Technology: Lambda Delta Phi, Recording Secretary; 
Medical Technology Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Newman Club. 

ANDRE, SHERYL A.; 80 Freedom Street, Fall River; Mathematics: 
Association for Computing Machinery; Dean's List. 

ANDRE, THOMAS; 80 Freedom Street, Fall River; Psychology; Phi 
Sigma Delta, House Manager, Corresponding Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Honors Work; Dean's List; Association for Computing Machinery; 
Northampton Volunteers. 

ANDREASSIAN, EUGENIE HELEN; 20 Chauncey Street, Water- 
town; French; Newton Junior College; Deanls List; French Corridor, 
Corresponding Secretary; Education Club; Choir. 

Government: Newman Club. 

JR.; 80 Broz Terrace, Feeding Hills; 

ANGELINI, EDWARD JOSEPH; 27 Pembroke Avenue, Pittsfield; 
Mechanical Engineering: ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; 
Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

ANGELORO, PATRICIA MARIE; 10 Furber Avenue, North Ando- 
ver; Russian; Newman Club; Russian Club, President; Newman Choir; 
Gamma Sigma Sigma, Historian. 

ANGIER, MARJEAN P.; 12 Westgate, Wellesley; English; Baylor 
University; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

ANTONUCCI, FRANK EDWARD; 12 Weldon Avenue, Worcester; 
Government; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Dorm Athletic Chairman, Vice 

ANTOSIEWICZ, JOSEPH DANIEL; 25 High Street, South Hadley 
Falls; Business Administration. 

APRIL, DAVID A.; 5 Whitfield Road, Danvers; Government; Pre-Law 
Association; Astronomy Club; Forensic Society; Student Senate Finance 
Committee; Newman Club. 

ARCENIAN, CAROL ANN; 16 Commonwealth Road, Watertown; 
Medical Technology; Medical Technology Club; Class Executive 
Council; Student Senate Public Relations. 

ARONSON, BARBARA ILENE; 11 1/2 Whitman Street, Dorchester; 
History; Dean's List; Hillel; Young Democrats. 

ARSENAULT, DONNA KAY; 40 Hamlin Street, Acushnet; Nursing; 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, Scholarship Chairman; Scrolls; Nursing Club; 
Panhellenic Council. 

ARSENAULT, JOHN MIHRAN; 96 Bellingham Street, Chelsea; 
Marketing; Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President, President; Marketing 
Club; Sports Car Club; Varsity Rifle Team. 

ARSENAULT, PETER CARNEY; 70 East Street, Lexington; Ameri- 
can History; Cambridge Junior College; House Council; Intramural 
Football, Softball. 

ASTALDI, MARY-ALICE; 81 Lincoln Park, Longmeadow; Physical 
Education; Springfield College; Dean's List; Modern Dance Club. 

ASTORINO, ROBERT LAWRENCE; 111 Hospital Avenue, North 
Adams; History; LaCrosse; Phi Sigma Delta; Intramural Football; House 

ATKINSON, HOWARD L.; 106 Middle Street, Hadley; Accounting; 
Dean's List; Varsity Golf; Accounting Association; Intramural Sports. 

AUCLAIR, JEROME A.; 10 Grandview Street, South Hadley Falls; 
Mathematics: Commuters Club; Dean's List. 

AUGER, JOHN JOSEPH; 21 Blakelin Street, Lawrence; History: 
Arnold Air Society, Information Officer; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

AUSTIN, GAIL MARGARET; 19 Weston Road, Reading; Ele- 
mentary Education: Pi Beta Phi, Stewardess; Dorm Counselor; Edu- 
cation Club. 

AVAKIAN, CHARLES MICHAEL; 36 Brook Street, Whitmsville; 
Business Administration: LaCrosse, Co-Captain; Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Pistol Team. 

AVERY, ROBIN JEANNE; 621 Gayle Drive, Linthicum, Maryland; 
Sociology: Dean's List; Dorm Standard's Committee. 

AXELROD, STEPHEN ALAN; 27 Wesley Street, Newton; Econom- 
ics: Dean's List; Honors Colloquia. 

AYANABA, ABATENI; P.O. Box 81, Wunyson Villa, Bawku, Ghana; 
Plant and Soil Sciences: Alpha Zeta, Chancellor; African Students 
Association, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Soccer, Tri Captain; Track; 
International Club. 

AYRES, DORENDA CHARLENE; 1-B Collins, Westover Air Force 
Base; English: Baylor University. 

BABCOCK, GEORGE W.; 18 Villa Avenue, Everett; Restaurant and 
Hotel Management: QTV; Intramural Sports; Crew; Innkeepers Club; 
Sports Car Club; Judo Club. 

BABIN, NANCY JANE; 10 Knowlton Avenue, Shrewsbury; Zoology: 
Dean's List; Newman Club; University Theater; Dorm Social Chair- 

BAILEY, BARBARA L.; 79 Larchley Avenue, Westfield; Mathe- 
matics: Dorm Counselor; Northern Educational Service Tutor; Niaids; 
Education Club. 

BAILEY, JANET PERRY; 1107 Humphrey Street, Swampscott; 
History: Distinguished Visitors Program; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan- 
hellenic Council; Winter Carnival Committee. 

BAILEY, SUSAN RAWLINGS; 12 Creek Road, Absecon, New Jer- 
sey; Home Economics Education: Home Economics Club, Program 
Chairman, Secretary; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marshall; Dean's List; 
International Club; Northampton Volunteers. 

BAILEY, SUZANNE FRANCES; 620 North Street, Weymouth; 
French: House Council. 

BAILLARGEON, DENIS ROLAND; 50 West Street, Holyoke; 
Microbiology: Pre-Med Club; Newman Club; Young Republicans; 
Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

BAKAL, ELAINE R.; 27 Nahant Place, Lynn; English: Hillel; Stu- 
dent Senate; Academic Affairs Committee; Education Club; Dean's List. 

BAKES, JOSEPH MICHAEL; 42 High Street, South Hadley; Eco- 
nomifs: Economics Association; Intramural Sports; Ski Club. 

BALDASSARRE. RALPH PAUL, JR.; 163 Bradford Street, Everett; 
English: Newman Club; Track; House Council, President, Vice Presi- 
dent; Intramural Sports; Pre-Med Club. 

BANAS, EDWARD JOHN; 14 Pepin Avenue, Easthampton; Pre 
Medical: Intramural Sports; Dorm Athletic Chairman; Newman Club- 
Polish Club; Chess Club. 

BANKS, PATRICIA DREBERT; 14 Barbara Road, Danvers; Child 
Development: Dean's List; Home Economics Club; WAA; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma. 

BARAN, JOSEPH J.; 55 North Summer Street, Adams; Industrial 
Engineering: AIIE, Secretary; Newman Club; Phi Kappa Nu, Mod- 

BARBER, KATHRYN W.; 189A Highland Street, Holden; Psychol- 

BARKER, HOPE IVINS; 389 Washington Street, Winchester; Nurs- 
ing: Nursmg Club; Critique; Honors Colloquia; Dean's List; House 

BARNETT, BEVERLY; 3 James Street, Beverly; Government: Sigma 
Delta Tau, House Manager, Assistant House Manager; Hillel; Political 
Science Association; Collegian. 

BARRETT, SUSAN LOUISE; Upland Avenue, Lunenburg; Elemen- 
tary Education: Dorm Counselor; Operetta Guild; Chorale. 

BARSALOU, DONALD LEO; 4 Burnett Avenue, South Hadley; 
Agriculture and Food Economics: Stockbridge School of Agriculture. 

BARTLETT, DIANE ELAINE; Brandy Brook Road, North Scitu- 
ate, Rhode Island; Botany: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Secretary; Dorm 
Counselor; Dean's List; Gymnastic; Canterbury Club. 

BARTLETT, JAN MARIE; 36 Westmont Road, Shrewsbury; English: 
Class Executive Council; Equestrian Club; Dorm Counselor; Gymnas- 
tics, Manager. 

BASARAB, BERNADETTE; 60 Correja Avenue, Iselin, New Jersey; 
Spanish: Spanish Club; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

BASCOM, SUSAN ELAINE; 10 Prairie Street, West Concord; 
English: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chairman. 

BASHISTA, RAYMOND E.; Pleasant Street, Southampton; English: 
Northampton Volunteers; Belchertown Volunteers. 

BASSIGNANI, PETER MICHAEL; 670 King Street, Franklin; Pre- 
Veterinarian: Dean Junior College. 

BATTISTONI, ROBERT BRUCE; 79 East Housatonic Street, Pitts- 
field; Economics: Berkshire Community College; Golf Team; Ski Club; 

BAXTER, GARRETT JOHN; 555 Blackstone Street, Blackstone; 
Art: Northern Educational Service Tutor; Alpha Theta. 

BEAL, ROBERT M.; 40 Grand Street, Canton; Accounting: Tau Kappa 
Epsilon; Swimming; Accounting Association. 

BEARS, NORMA JEANNE; 26 Topliff Street, Pinehurst; Ele- 
mentary Education: Dorm Social Committee; Sophomore Banquet 
Committee; United Christian Foundation; Dean's List. 

BEATRICE, CYNTHIA MARY; 6 Glendale Street, Dorchester; 
English: Massachusetts Bay Community College; Ski Club; Young 

BEAULIEU, PATRICIA ANN; 60 Byam Road, Chelmsford; Nursing: 
Nursing Club; Revisions Committee Chairman; Christian Association. 

BEEKMAN, CANDACE; 135 Hillside Avenue, Holyoke; Mathematics: 
Honors Colloquia; Student Faculty Advisory Committee. 

BEHN, BARBARA ELLEN; 27 Broadmeadow Road, Needham; 
Personnel Management: University Reform Committee; Class Executive 
Council; Dorm Social Committee, Chairman; Management Club, 
Secretary; S.U. Movie Committee. 

BELL, GEOFFREY B.; 8 Twin Oaks Road, Reading; Marketing: 
Baseball; Arnold Air Society; Beta Kappa Phi. 

BELLO, BARBARA ANN; 12 Concord Avenue, Milton; English: 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain. 

BELLO, ELAINE; 12 Concord Avenue, Milton; Elementary Education: 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Historian; Education Club; Gymnastics; Dean's 

BELONIS, CAROL RUTH; 14 Elm Street, Framingham; Mathe- 
matics: Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; Class Executive Council; Index, 
Senior Section Editor; Winter Carnival Committee, Ball Chairman; 
Dean's List; Angel Flight, Comptroller. 

BENEDICT, LARRY G.; 189 High Street, Thorndike; History: Dean's 
List; Honors Colloquia; University Theater; Operetta Guild; Roister 
Doisters; Alpha Phi Omega. 

BENANATI, FRANCIS E.; 100 Circuit Road, Medford; Pre Dent: 
Lowell Technical Institute; House Judiciary, Assistant Justice, Chief 
Justice; Zoology Club. 

BENEZRA, JERRY EDWARD; 8 Whittier Place, Boston; Govern- 
ment: Tau Epsilon Phi; Class Executive Council; Student Senate; S.U. 
Governing Board; SWAP, Executive Committee; Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities. 

BENJAMIN, JOHN PETER; Main Street, Sunderland; Accounting. 

BENJAMIN, NANCY JEAN; 46 Allen Street, Greenfield; Elementary 

BENNETT, DOUGLAS M.; 7 Jenks Street, Amherst; Mathematics: 
Northeastern University; Association for Computer Machinery, 
Assistant Publicity Coordinator; Mathematics Club. 

BENSON, PETER WILLIAM; 212 MillStreet, Newtonville; Man- 
agement: Phi Sigma Delta, Pledgemaster; Concert Band; Intramural 

BERGER, BARBARA J.; 1970 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New 
York; Government: Queens College; Kappa Alpha Theta; Revelers; 
Dean's List. 

BERGERON, RUSS NORMAND; Aldrich Road, Belchertown; Ac- 
counting: Accounting Association, Program Committee; Dean's List. 

BERGS, JOHN; 22 Christine Terrace, Weymouth; Marketing: Varsity 
Rifle Team, Captain; AFROTC Rifle Team; Marketing Club; Dean's 

BERGSTROM, STEVE; 77 Belchertown Road, Amherst; Marketing: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman; Revelers; SWAP. 

BERK, KENNETH A.; 58 Greenlawn Avenue, Newton Centre; Man- 
agement: Sigma Alpha Mu, Founder, President; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil, Publicity, Treasurer; Collegian; Fraternity Aff"airs Committee. 

BERKOWITZ, ROBERT MARK; 26 Sumner Street, Hull; Marketing: 
Syracuse University; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dorm President; Intramurals. 

BERMAN, RICHARD; 31 Mill Hollow Apartments, North Amherst; 
Landscape Architecture: LaCrosse; Landscape Architecture Club; 
Intramural Sports. 

BERSTEIN, JANIS SHORY; 27 Carol Lane, Holyoke; English; Dorm 
Counselor; Class Executive Council; Women's Affairs Committee; 
Literary Society; Education Club. 

BESSOM, SUSAN JANE; Tar Kiln Road, South Orleans; Home 
Economics: Home Economics Club; Newman Club; Operetta Guild. 

BESWICK, BARRY £.; 25 Coronation Drive, Dedham; Government: 
Crew Team; Arnold Air Society; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

BETTERIDGE, RUSSELL EARL, JR.; 99 Crawford Street, North- 
boro; Economics: Dean's List; Senior Honors; Rifle Team. 

BIGELOW, ELAINE LOUISE; 63 Hood Street, Lynn; Zoology: 
Newman Club; Young Democrats; Dean's List. 

BILLER, LEWIS; 28 Vine Avenue, Quincy; Accounting: Intramural 
Sports; Accounting Association. 

BILLIEUX, ARMAND J., JR.; 7 Water Lane, Easthampton; Business 
Administration: Newman Club; Pre- Law Association; House Council. 

BIR, RICHARD EDWARD; 26 Glen Avenue, Chelmsford; Plant and 
Soil Science: Bridge Club; University Theater; Horticulture Society; 
Dorm Secretary; Dorm Counselor; Intramural Sports. 

BIRD, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN; 950 North Pleasant Street, Am- 
herst; Economics: House Council, President; Economics Association; 
Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

BISH, PATRICIA MARY; 97 High Street, Thorndike; Nursing: 
Iota Gamma Upsilon, Jewelry Representative; Nursing Club, Class 
Secretary; Newman Club. 

Agawam; English: Holyoke Community College; Dorm Standards Chair- 

BITTNER, WILLIAM HAROLD; 153 School Street, Greenfield; 
Accounting: Accounting Association; Dean's List. 

BLANCHETTE, EILEEN MARIE; Country Club Avenue, Adams; 
English: Student Senate, Chairman of Public Relations, President's 
Council; RSO Committee, Secretary; Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chair- 
man; Literary Society; Dean's List. 

BLANK, NOREEN ALLYN; 155 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre; 
English: Hillel, Recording Secretary, Social Chairman; French Corri- 
dor; Dean's List; Equestrian Club; Education Club. 

BLASSBERG, JANE CAROL; 221 Davis Street, Greenfield; Fashion 
Merchandising: Women's Interdorm Council; Dean's List; Home Eco- 
nomics Club. 

BLEAU, DIANE C: 4000 Hazelwood Road, Hampton, Virginia; 
English: Newman Club. 

BLEILER, LAURENCE CHARLES; 6 Hart Road, Lynnfield; Public 
Relations Management: Class Executive Council; Golf Team; Newman 
Club; Management Club; Ski Club; Baseball. 

BLISS, FRANK M.; Sylvan Road, Whitinsville; Zoo/og>'. 

BLISS, MARION M.; Central Street, Montague Center; English: 
Greenfield Community College; Mortar Board, Editor; Northern Edu- 
cational Service Tutor; Dean's List; Education Club; Dorm Standards 

BLITTERSDORF, BONNIE LOIS; Main Street, Pittsford, Vermont; 
Plant and Soil Science; Angel Flight; Floriculture Club; Lambda Delta 
Phi; Horticultural Society, Reporter, Secretary. 

BLOCK, BARBARA ELLEN; 111 Edward Avenue, Pittsfield; Child 
Development: Hillel, Social Committee Co-Chairman; Belchertown 
Volunteers; Home Economics Club; Dorm Program Committee, Chair- 

BLOCK, JOHN WILLIAM; 36 Chestnut Street, Fitchburg; General 
Business and Quantitative Afethods: Hillel; Student Zionist Organi- 

BLODGETT, ALDEN JAY; 88 Lakeside Street, Springfield; Mechani- 
cal Engineering: Scuba Club, Executive Board; Phi Mu Delta; 
ASME; Student Senate; University Theater; Military Ball Committee. 

BLOEM, NORMA ANN; 5 Cross Street, Uxbridge; Mathematics: 
Iota Gamma Upsilon, Treasurer; Mathematics Club. 

BLOOMENTHAL, NOWELL ZANE; 55 Woodchester Road, Walt- 
ham; History: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Caesura, Business Manager, Assistant 
Business Manager; Index; Intramural Sports; Sports Car Club; Ski 

BODWELL, SANDRA L.; 211 East Street, Sharon; Zoology: Alpha 
Chi Omega, Recommendations Chairman; Naiads; Nursing Club. 

BOLAND, ROBERT PAUL; 14 Ferraro Street, Worcester; Geology: 
Newman Club; Outing Club; Intramural Sports. 

BONI, PETER JOSEPH; 60 High Street, Wareham; Psychology: 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian; Class Executive Council; Psychology 
Club; Italian Club. 

BONTEMPO, ARLENE R.; 1115 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton 
Centre; Speech Education: Dean's List; Class Executive Council; 

BORG, KAREN LOUISE; 63 Bellevue Avenue, Melrose; Sociology: 
Newman Club; Sociology Club. 

BOSCKETTI, MARY F.; 378 Ames Street, Lawrence; Management: 
Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Newman Club; Management Club. 

BOUCHER, GERARD G.; 76A Rivers Avenue, Willimansett; Eco- 
nomics: St. Thomas College; Dean's List; Scuba Club, Publicity Chair- 
man; Newman Club. 

BOVIO, HARRY F. C; 36 Stone Street, Beverly; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Dean's List; Bowling, Captain; Newman Club. 

BOYLE, JAMES HORTON; 18 Fenwick Street, Springfield; City 
Planning: Student Senate; Scabbard and Blade, Operations Officer; 
Free Press Committee; Dean's List; Scuba Club. 

BOYLE, JOHN A.; 49 Sargent Avenue, Leominster; English: Varsity 
Football; Kappa Sigma, President; Interfraternity Council; Press Club. 

BOZA, ROBERT CRAIG; 94 Brookline Street, Worcester; Speech: 
Worcester Junior College; Newman Club; Ski Club; Index. 

BRAUNEIS, NORMALEE; 25 East Street, Sharon; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Education Club. 

BRAUNFELD, HARRIET JULIA; 12 East Central Avenue, Pearl 
River, New York; English: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; 
Dorm Counselor; Collegian; Campus Chest; Ski Club. 

BRAZEAU, ROBERT W.; 177 Bridge Street, Northampton; Eco- 

BRECHER, STEPHEN M.; 47 Crosby Road, Newton; Micro- 
biology: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Assistant House Manager, Treasurer; 
Winter Carnival Committee; Class Executive Council. 

BREEN, FRANCIS L.; 43 Lexington Street, Everett; Management: 
Management Club; AIIE; Newman Club. 

BREEN, WILLIAM PATRICK; 289 Chandler Street, Tewksbury; 
Electrical Engineering: Baseball; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; New- 
man Club; Intramural Sports. 

BRENT, FRANCINE MARILYN; 69 Ashley Road, Holyoke; French: 
Education Club; Newman Club. 

BRESNAHAN, NOREEN BARBARA; 85 Overlook Drive, West 
Springfield; English: Boston University; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

History: Cape Cod Community College. 

BRIDGES, JOHN D.; 64 Donna Avenue, Pittsfield; Food Science and 
Technology: Intramural Sports. 

BROCKMAN, LAWRENCE ARTHUR; 83 Norton Road, Quincy; 
Pre-Medical: Honors Colloquia; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President; Dean's 
List; Symphony Band; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BROGAN, JESSE W.; 10 Dana Street, Amherst; Industrial Engi- 
neering: AIIE; Wrestling Team, Captain; Judo Club; Commuters Club. 

BRONSTEIN, ARTHUR HARVEY; 266 Lake Avenue, Newton; 
Chemical Engineering: Sigma Alpha Mu, Athletic Chairman, Rush 
Chairman, Auditor; AIChE. 

BROOKS, JEANNE LORRAINE; 10 Summer Street, Bedford; 
English: Merrimack College; Alpha Phi Gamma; Collegian; Critique; 
Engineering Journal. 

BROOKS, PHYLLIS B.; 5 Howard Street, Wenham; Psychology: Pi 
Beta Phi, Social Chairman; Psychology Club; Northampton Volun- 

BROOKS, RODERICK M., JR.; 49 Pearl Street; Ayer; Hotel and 
Restaurant Management: Kappa Sigma, Vice President; Football, 
Captain; LaCrosse; Newman Club. 

BROPHY, SHIRLEY MAE; 124 Lyman Street, South Hadley Falls; 
French: Newman Club; Dean's List. 

BROWN, PAUL RICHARD, II; 55 Otis Place, Scituate; Marketing: 
Marketing Club. 

BROWN, RICHARD FRANCIS; 10 Lancaster Street, Cambridge; 
Psychology: Swimming Team; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club; 
Dean's List; Military Ball Committee. 

BRYAN, PETER LLOYD; 54 Ocean Avenue, North Weymouth; 
Chemical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Journal, Business 
Manager; Dean's List; AIChE. 

BRYDON, LESLIE, VICTORIA; 35 Spruce Hill Avenue, Florence; 
American History: Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival Commit- 
tee, Local Publicity Chairman; Dean's List; Collegian; WMUA. 

BRYNES, RUSSELL KERMIT; 21 Hemenway Road, Salem; Pre- 
Medical: Swim Team; Outing Club; Pre-Med Club; Northern Edu- 
cational Service Tutor; Critique; Interdorm Health Council. 

BUCKMAN, LINDA ELLEN; 45 Harold Street, Sharon; Elemen- 
tary Education: Dean's List; Lambda Delta Phi, Panhellenic Repre- 
sentative, 2nd Vice President, Social Chairman; Dorm Social Chair- 
man; Education Club; Hillel; Exchange Student. 

BURDICK, CAROL MARIE; 2 Dian Street, Granby; English: Dean's 
List; Operetta Guild; Lutheran Club; Nursing Club. 

BURKE, ANN L.; 1142 Bedford Street, North Abington; Nursing: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, Standards Chairman; Nursing Club; Newman 
Club; House Council. 

BURKE, EILEEN ANN; 15 Adare Place, Northampton; Nursing: 
Nursing Club, President; Newman Club; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

BURKE, MARYALICE; 52 Cottage Street, Stoneham; Sociology: 
Newman Club; Education Club; Sociology Club. 


BURNETT, CHERYL A.; Ashfield Road, Conway; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Dean's List; Education Club; Chorale. 

BUSWICK, EDWARD H.; 5 Lincoln Avenue, West Boylston; English; 
Roister Doisters; University Theater; Operetta Guild; Intramural 

herst; Botany. 

BUTLER, BETTE JANE; 32 Highland Street, Holden; Speech; Dean's 
List; Scrolls; Kappa Alpha Theta, President; Mortar Board; Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities; Women's Judiciary, Clerk. 

BUTLER, DOUGLAS JOHN; 427 Soule Road, Wilbraham; Civil 
Engineering; ASCE; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade, Executive 
Officer; Dean's List; Pistol Team. 

BYRNE, HELEN, M.; 95 Boston Street, Salem; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Sigma Kappa, Historian; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Panhel- 
lenic Council; Newman Club; Education Club. 

BYRNE, MARY; 84 Hayward Street, Braintree; History; House 
Counselor; Judo Club; Gymnastics. 

CADIGAN, RICHARD C; 38 Lincoln Street, Milton; Physical Edu- 
cation; Intramural Sports; Physical Education Club; Hockey; La- 
Crosse; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

CADIGAN, THOMAS F., JR.; 38 Lincoln Street, Milton; Econom- 
ics; Dean's List; Economics Association; Mathematics Club; International 


CAHAN, PHILIP ROBERT; 48 Strathmore Road, Brookline; Pre- 
Denlal; Marching Band; Orchestra. 

CAIRD, IAN DAVID; 236 Summer Street, Lanesborough; Public 
Relations; Alpha Sigma Phi, Associate Editor; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Soccer; Operetta Guild; Ski Club; Sports Car Club. 

CAMPBELL, DARBY; 1054 Sea Street, Quincy; English; Theta Chi; 
Intramural Sports. 

CAMPBELL, DONNA MARION; 44 Yale Street, North Adams; 
Elementary Education; Education Club. 

CAMPBELL, JANET ELIZABETH; 103 Sheridan Boulevard, 
Mineola, New York; Mathematics; Dean's List; Lambda Delta Phi, 
ParUamentarian, Standard's Committee; Square Dance Club. 

CAMPBELL, JON C; Torrington Road, Litchfield, Connecticut; 
Government; Phi Sigma Delta, President, Vice President; Interfra- 
ternity Council; Arnold Air Society; Newman Club. 

CAMPBELL, JUDITH S.; 532 Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; 
Medical Technology: Precisionettes; Dean's List. 

CAMPBELL, PAMELA GRAY; 83 Gray Street, Amherst; English; 
Dean's List. 

CAMPBELL. PAUL CHARLES; 26 Summit Avenue, Everett; Busi- 
ness Adminislration; Football; Kappa Sigma, Executive Committee, 
Social Chairman; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM K.; 25 Clark Street, Easthampton; History: 
University of Pennsylvania; Dean's List. 

CANALI, FRANCIS A.; 197 Purchase Street, Milford; Physics: 
Massachusetts Bay Community College; Senior Honors. 

CANFIELD, MARILYN CHACE; 263 West Elm Street, Brockton; 
Education: Education Club, Dorm Representative. 

CAPELESS, JOHN EDWARD; 67 Athol Street, Springfield; Govern- 
ment: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Activities Chairman, Secretary, President; 
Interfraternity Council; Dean's List; Revelers; Pre-Law Association; 
Freshman Ball, Chairman. 

CAPRIOLE, BARBARA ANN; 147 Bennington Street, Lawrence; 
English: Chi Omega, Alumni Chairman; Class Executive Council; 
SWAP, Sorority Chairman; Junior Panhellenic Council; Winter Carni- 
val Committee; Dean's List. 

CARDILLO, CHARLES, JR.; 104 Pleasant Street, Wakefield; Govern- 
ment: Newman Club. 

CARLSON, BARBARA ELIZABETH; 38 Silver Street, Auburn; 
English: Newman Club; Young Democrats. 

CARLSON, BRITT ELSIE; 91 Oak Hollow Road, Springfield; Math- 
ematics: Dorm Social Committee; Dorm Counselor; Northern Education- 
al Service Tutor. 

CARLSON, JEANNE CAROLYN; 7 Autumn Lane, Wayland; 
Fashion Merchandising: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Panhellenic Representa- 
tive, Executive Board, Alumni Chairman; Protestant Christian Council, 
Secretary, Treasurer; Home Economics Club; Dean's List; Dorm Social 
Chairman; Fall Fashion Show. 

CARNEY, PHILIP MARTIN; 12 Ward Street, Lynn; Government: 
Phi Mu Delta, Vice President; Young Democrats, Treasurer; Political 
Science Association; Interfraternity Council; Newman Club. 

CARP, STEPHEN; 11 Redman Road, Canton; Accounting: Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman; Accounting Association, Advertising Chair- 
man; Hillel. 

CARROLL, CATHERINE J.; 11 Hamilton Street, Braintree; Market- 
ing and Business Administration: Chi Omega; Newman Club; Market- 
ing Club. 

CARROLL, DENISE ELAINE; 35 Waverly Street, Brookline; Medi- 
cal Technology: Dorm Counselor; Modern Dance Club, President; Am- 
herst Tutorial Program, Coordinator; Newman Club; Critique, 

CARROLL, LEO THOMAS, III; 41 Coleman Street, Maiden; History: 
Dean's List; ASCE; Newman Club. 

CARROLL, PAUL RAYMOND; 9 Gould Street, Wakefield; Hotel 
and Restaurant Management: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer, Activities 
Chairman; Hotel Sales Management Association, President; Innkeepers 
Club; Dean's List; Class Executive Council; Intramural Sports. 

CARSWELL, CHARLES CAMPBELL; 96 Longhill Street, Spring- 
field; Mechanical Engineering: Beta Kappa Phi, President, Vice Presi- 
dent, Rush Chairman; Interfraternity Council, Executive Vice President; 
Intramural Wrestling. 

CARTER, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR.; 1389 West Housatonic Street, 
Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering: IEEE, Publicity Chairman; Engineer- 
ing Journal, Photographer; Dean's List. 

CARUSO, ALFRED, JR.; 1586 East 28th Street, Brooklyn, New 
York; Management: Kappa Sigma; Varsity Football; Dean's List; 
Intramural Sports. 

CARUSO, ANGELA MARIE; 50 Snowhill Street, Boston; Jour- 
nalism and English: Roister Doisters; Collegian; Dean's List. 

DARVALHO, JAMES; 539 South Main Street, Raynham; Elec- 
trical Engineering: Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu, Recording Secretary; 
Tau Beta Pi; IEEE; Science Fiction Club. 

CARVER, J. ALLEN; 5 Atwood Avenue, Norwood; Mathematics: 
Varsity Gymnastics, Captain; Dean's List; Gymnastics Club, Presi- 

CASSIDY, WILLIAM E.; 85 College Street, Fairview; Production 
Management: Phi Sigma Kappa. 

CASSOLI, HELEN-MARIE; 86 Twitchell Street, Wellesley; American 
History: Class Secretary; SWAP; Who's Who in American Colleges 
and Universities; Class Executive Council; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rec- 
ommendation Chairman, Assistant Rush Chairman; Commencement 
Task Force. 

CATTO, SUSAN M.; Summer Street, Yarmouthport; Elementary 
Education: Kappa Alpha Theta; Education Club. 

CHACE, ALAN L.; Twiss Road, East Orleans; Plant Science: Eques- 
trian Club; Intramural Sports; Horticulture Society, Vice President; 
Dorm Counselor. 

CHAISTY, CYNTHIA T.; 187 Middleboro Avenue, East Taunton; 
Nursing; Nursing Club; Newman Club; Kappa Alpha Theta; Scrolls; 
Dorm Counselor. 

CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH ANN; 12 Towie Road, Walpole; Edu- 
cation: Student Senate, Chairman of Services Committee, Chairman of 
Women's Aff"airs Committee; Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities; Precisionettes; Mortar Board; Dorm Counselor; Kappa 
Delta Pi. 

CHAMPION, MARGARET MARIE; 68 Adams Avenue, West New- 
ton; Elementary Education: Newman Club; Education Club; Women's 
Inter-dorm Council; Winter Carnival Committee. 

CHANDLER, RICHARD D,; 36 Coles Meadow Road, Northampton; 
Mechanical Engineering: Class Executive Council; ASME; Society of 
Automotive Engineers; Intramural Sports. 

CHAPLES, JUDITH MARCIA; Crest Road, Monson; History: Dean's 
List; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club. 

CHARLES, JANET MARY; 24 Front Street, Braintree; English: Sig- 
ma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Counselor; Campus Chest, Chairman; Collegian; 
Dean's List; Student Senate. 

CHARLOFF, RICHARD HOWARD; 28 Levbert Road, Newton; 
Marketing: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Assistant Treasurer; Interfraternity 
Council Sports; Marketing Club; Index, Assistant Business Manager. 

CHASE, REGINA; 29 Lowther Road, Framingham; Art: Hillel, 
President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary; Student Zionist 
Organization, Vice President, Publicity Chairman; WMUA; Art Club. 

CHENEY, DONALD PAUL; West Street, Amherst; Botany: Alpha 
Sigma Phi; Sports Car Club; Scuba Club, Vice President; Outdoor 
Track; Cross-Country. 

CHENEY, GAIL BARBARA; 51 Long Avenue, Framingham; Sociol- 
ogy: Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

CHERESKI, ELAINE HELENE; 18 Perkins Avenue, Northampton; 
English: University Theater; Oxford Summer Seminar; Newman Club. 

CHEVALIER, CYNTHIA GAIL; North Main Street, Belchertown; 
English: Emmanuel College; French Corridor; Literary Society; Modern 

CHIASSON, ROSE MARIE; 80 Church Street, Waltham; English: 
Washburn University; Chorale; Dorm Program Committee; Chess 
Club; Folk Club. 

CHICOINE, ELOISE A.; 116 Oliver Street, Easthampton; French: 
French Corridor; Honors Colloquia; Belchertown Volunteers; Chorus; 
Campus 4-H Club. 

CHOOLJIAN, LOIS ANN; 97 Courtland Street, Worcester; Fashion 
Merchandising: Dean's List; Home Economics Club. 

CISEK, FRANCES MARIE; 488 West Rodney French Boulevard, 
New Bedford; Elementary Education: Education Club; Dorm Counse- 
lor; Iota Gamma Upsilon, Assistant Treasurer; Precisionettes; New- 
man Club. 

CLAIR, JOHN J.; 100 MacArthur Drive, Millbury; Physical Education; 
Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Varsity LaCrosse; Intramural 
Sports; Dean's List. 


CLANCY, EDWARD JOHN; 156 Linden Street, Holyoke; History: 
Holyoke Community College; Dean's List. 

CLARKE, HAMER DAVENPORT; Little Alum Road, Brimfield; 
Civil Engineering: Ski Club, President; Scabbard and Blade, First 
Sergeant; ASCE. 

CLAYTON, DAVID MICHAEL; 350 West Fifth Street, Oswego, 
New York; Zoology: Senior Honors; Dorm Counselor; Zoology Club; 
Newman Club; Dean's List; Scuba Club. 


CLEAVES, PHILLIP BICKFORD; 74 Abigail Adams Circle, North 
Weymouth; Economics: Dartmouth College; Dorm Counselor; SWAP; 
Beta Gamma Nu. 

CLEGG, STEPHEN ROBERT; 90 George Street, Seekonk; Plant 
and Soil Science: Wrestling; Horticultural Society, Reporter; Scuba 
Club; Delta Chi; Dean's List. 

COATES, ROBERT E.; 28 Glen Road, Wellesley Hills; American 
History: Dean's List; Barbell Club. 

COCIVERA, RICHARD LUCIO; 30 Harvard Street, Waltham; 
European History: Winter Carnival Committee; History Club; Newman 
Club; Dean's List; Intramural Sports. 

COHEN, JANET FAYE; 22 Edward Road, West Newton; English: 
International Club; Honors Colloquia. 

COHEN, KAREN LYNN; 23 Hampshire Avenue, Sharon; Elemen- 
tary Education: Lambda Delta Phi, 1st Vice President, Historian; 
Education Club; Dorm Counselor; SWAP; Dean's List; Hillel. 

COPEN, STEVEN NEAL; 2 Meadowbank Avenue, Mattapan; Pre- 
Dental: Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

COIT, RICHARD LEWIS; 65 Washington Street, Ayer; Zoology: 
Hope College; Zoology Club, Vice President. 

COLBY, BRUCE N.; 313 Amity Street, Amherst; CAem«//->'. 

COLEMAN, NANCY L.; 12 Wyoma Drive, Auburn; Elementary 
Education: Dean's List; Honors; Honors Colloquia; Dorm Social Chair- 
man; Literary Society; YaHoo; University Theater. 

COLLINS, ROBERT EVAN; 3 Newacre Road, Boston; Theater: 
Massachusetts Bay Community College; University Theater. 

COLLIS, ELIZABETH ANN; 7 Dexter Avenue, Waltham; Elemen- 
tary Education: Education Club, Vice President; Newman Club, 
Dorm Captain; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

COLLYER, DIANE A.; Hawthorn Street, South Dennis; Elementary 
Education: Cape Cod Commercial College; Dorm Counselor; Ski Club; 
Education Club. 

COLTON, CHARLES IRA; 84 Winthrop Road, Brookline; Produc- 
tion Management: Dean's List; Tau Epsilon Phi; Flying Redmen; Hillel; 
Management Club; Chemistry Club. 

COMPTON, WILLIAM GENE; 270 Riverbend Street, Athol; Physical 
Education: Greenfield Community College; Football; Theta Chi. 

COMRAS, MARC ALAN; 20 Royal Street, Wollaston; Psychology: 
Dorm Counselor; Hillel; Pre-Law Association; Pre-Med Club. 

CONFORTI, DIANE MARIE; 10 Columbia Street, South Hadley 
Falls; Elementary Education: Precisionettes; Education Club; New- 
man Club. 

CONNOR, RICHARD GRANT; 106 North Maple Street, Florence; 
Accounting: Accounting Association; Management Club; Intramural 
Softball; Sailing Club. 

CONNOR, WILLIAM HERBERT; 231 Myrtle Street, Rockland; 
Business Administration: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President; Football. 

CONNORS, DONALD STEPHEN; 44 High Street, Whitinsville; 
Government: Dean's List; University Library Committee; House 
Council; Interdorm Forum; Political Science Association; Intramural 

CONNORS, ROBERT EDWARD; 45 Gilbert Street, Watertown; 
Chemistry: Alpha Sigma Phi; Newman Club; American Chemical 

CONSOLI, GRACE ANN; 263 Farnham, Lawrence; Education: 
Education Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

CONSOLINI, JOSEPH A.; 77 Belchertown Road, Amherst; Civil 
Engineering: ASCE. 

ford; Government: Newman Club. 

CONTE, RICHARD J.; 22 Hamlet Street, Lawrence; Accounting: 
Accounting Association; House Council, Secretary, Treasurer; Intra- 
mural Bowling. 

COOK, JOHN MICHAEL; 87 Overlook Road, Arlington; Restaurant 
and Hotel Management. 

COOK, WILLIAM TAYLOR; 4556 Ridgebury Drive, Kettering, Ohio; 
Veterinary and Animal Science: Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Poultry Science 
Club; Senior Honors. 

COON, NANCY CLAIRE; 13 Highland Place, Needham; English: 
University of Bridgeport: Winter Carnival Committee. 

COPITHORNE, ALAN C; 9 Myrna Road, Lexington; American 
History: Wesley Foundation, President; Wesleyaires, Director; Uni- 
versity Chorale; United Christian Foundation; Dorm Counselor. 

COREA, ELIZABETH MARIE; 14 Mann Street, Hingham; Speech: 
Chestnut Hill College; Roister Doisters, Publicity and Public Relations 
Head; Newman Club. 

CORSETTI, JOHN VINCENT; Lower County Road, Dennisport; 
General Business: Massachusetts Bay Community College; Phi Sigma 

CORTESE, JAMES; 22 Byron Street, Haverhill; English: Caesura, 

COSTA, BETTY; 14 William Street, Medford; French: Modern Dance 
Club; Kappa Alpha Theta; Operetta Guild; Class Executive Council. 

COTTON, DANIEL IRWIN; 5 North Woodford Street, Worcester; 
Government: Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Vice President, Secretary; 
Winter Carnival Committee; Interfraternity Council. 

COUCH, LORRAINE CAROL; 39 Bowbell Road, White Plains, New 
York; Home Economics: Omicron Nu, Secretary, Editor; Dean's List; 
Home Economics Club; Newman Club. 

COULOURIS, DALE C; 197 Hamilton Avenue, Lynn; English: Mas- 
sachusetts . Bay Community College; Student Senate, Public Relations 

COURTNEY, DONALD RICHARD; 66 Colonial Avenue, Dorchester; 
History: Honors Colloquia; Newman Club; Rowing Club; PoHtical 
Science Association; Distinguished Military Student; Sport Parachute 

COUTURE, GERALD LOUIS, JR.; 18 Dell Street, Turners Falls; 
Chemical Engineering: Engineering Journal, Executive Editor, Man- 
aging Editor; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Phi Gamma, AIChE; Social Chair- 
man, Secretary. 

COVIN, HOWARD H.; 66A Chatham Road, Everett; Accounting: 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel. 

COX, DAVID CHARLES; 195 East Street, North Attleboro; Mathe- 

CRAWFORD, MARY; 3417 Calle Del Sol N.E., Alburquerque, New 
Mexico; Education: University of New Mexico; Exchange Student; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Senate; Women's Affairs Committee. 

CREEM, GERALD STANLEY; 41 AlderWood Road, Newton; Eco- 
nomics: Phi Sigma Delta, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Marching Band; 
Dean's List; Economics Association; Hillel; Phi Beta Kappa. 

CREVELLING, JAMES O.; Rural Route 1, Penn Yan, New York; 
Forest Managemenl: Paul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences; 
Forestry Club, Executive Council; Alpha Zeta. 

CRISPEN, JENNIFER LEIGH; Heatherstone Farm, Bolton; Physi- 
cal Education: Student Senate; Field Hockey; LaCrosse, Manager; 
Dean's List; Gymnastics, Manager; WAA Representative. 

CROCKER, RICHARD D.; 5 Union Street, Foxboro; Government. 

CRONIN, BARBARA ANNE; 20 Leyton Street, Norwood; Nursing: 
Chi Omega, President; SWAP; Nursing Club. 

CRONIN, CORNELIA JOY; 60 Old Sturbridge Road, Southbridge; 
Psychology: Sigma Kappa, Entertainment Chairman; Newman Club; 
Psychology Club; Dean's List. 

CRONIN, FRANCES MARIE; 8 Amherst Road, Watertown; Ele- 
mentary Education: Education Club; Dorm Counselor, House Chairman; 
Newman Club. 

CROOK, JAMES; 10 Clara Street, New Bedford; C;v;7 Engineering: 
QTV; ASCE; Newman Club; Soccer; Track; Baseball; Dean's List. 

CROTTY, PATRICK ADRIAN; 4 Sheridan Avenue, Maynard; Civil 
Engineering: ASCE, Treasurer; Alpha Sigma Phi; Tennis; Flying 
Redmen; Dean's List; Religious Organization. 

CUMMINGS, JUDITH ANN; 15 Arnold Avenue, Northampton; 
Speech: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Chairmanships, Recording Secretary; 
Angel Flight, Assistant to the Commander, Executive Officer. 

CUNNINGHAM, TIMOTHY W.; 13 Stowell Road, North Grafton; 
Forestry: Student Senate, Vice President. 

CURRAN, JOANNE; Sunnyside Road, Southwick; English: Dean's 


CURRAN, RAYMOND PATRICK, JR.; 741 Dwight Street, Holyoke; 
C(Vi/ Engineering: ASCE; Commuters Club. 


CUSCIANNA, LEONARD GEORGE; 619 Morrissey Boulevard, 
Quincy; Pre-Dental and Zoology: House Council, Representative; 
Pre-Med Club; Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

GUSHING, BARBARA EVELYN; 66 Marsh Avenue, Haverhill; Art; 
Dean's List; History Club, Secretary. 

CUTTING, PATRICIA ELLEN; Main Street, Charlemont; English: 
Dean's List. 

CYGAN, ANN LOUISE; 4 Indian Park, Chicopee; Elementary 
Education: Alpha Chi Omega, Recording Secretary; Dean's List; Angel 
Flight; Exchange Student; Education Club; Exchange Student Club. 

DADOLY, ELIZABETH JEAN; 189 Woodland Avenue, Gardner; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Activities Chairman, Vice 
President; Revelers; Class Executive Council; Newman Club; Greek 
Week Committee; Education Club. 

DAGGETT, CHERYL ANN; 2 Puritan Road, North Reading; Ac- 
counting: Pi Beta Phi; Accounting Association; Naiads; Ski Club. 

DAHL, ALBERT, JR.; 47 Sycamore Street, Fairhaven; Management. 

DALY, MARY GRACE; 720 Hampden Street, Holyoke; Home Eco- 
nomics: International Club, Secretary; Home Economics Club; New- 
man Club; Northampton Volunteers. 

DANIELS, GILBERT BRUCE; 71 Bow Road, Newton Centre; Mathe- 
matics: Alpha Phi Omega, Alumni Secretary; Chess Team; Hillel; 
Chemistry Club; Mathematics Club; Intramural Bowling. 

DANOFF, CAROL J.; 292 Graystone Avenue, West Springfield; 
Economics; Dean's List; Economics Association; Pre-Law Associa- 
tion; Phi Kappa Phi; Honors Colloquia. 

DARLING, FREDERICK WILLIAM, JR.; 8 Donnellan Circle, Wey- 
mouth; Zoology: Newman Club; Hockey. 

DAVID, CHRISTINE ANNE; 130 Kimball Road, Dedham; Sociol- 
ogy; Lambda Delta Phi, House Manager; Precisionettes; Student 
Senate, Services Committee. 

DAVIDSON, GORDON ASHER; 300 Sandwich Street, Plymouth; 
English-Journalism; Northeastern University; Collegian, News Editor, 
Editor-in-Chief; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; 
Outing Club. 

DAVIDSON, SAM; 4 Aspen Street, Mansfield; Accounting: Accounting 
Association, President; College Business Symposium; QTV, House 
Manager, Greek Week Chairman; Dean's List; Interfraternity Council 

DAVIS, ALAN STEPHEN; 95 Centre Street, Brookline; History: 
Forensic Society, President; Pre-Law Club; Phi Eta Sigma, Historian; 
Honors Colloquia; Dean's List. 

DAVIS, BETTY ANNE; 175 Columbian Street, South Weymouth; 
History: Dean's List; Pre-Med Club. 

DAVIS, JOHN ROBERT, JR.; 24 Windemere Road, Wellesley Hills;' 
Anthropology; Maroon Keys; Dean's List. 

DAVIS, MARIANNE; 24 Windemere Road; Wellesley Hills; Physical 
Education; Iota Gamma Upsilon, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice Presi- 
dent; Gymnastics. 

DAY, DEBORAH OWENS; 59 Walker Street, North Dighton; 
Sociology: Education Club; Christian Association. 

DEAN, ALEXANDER ELLIS; 141 Lexington Avenue, Needham; 
Economics: Index, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor; Zeta Nu, Pledge 
Trainer; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Class 
Executive Council, Winter Carnival Chairman; Publication Board; 
Student Leader Action Committee. Sports Car Club. 

DEANE, ANNA FRANCES; 5 Pearl Lane, Wilbraham; Medical 

DEFELICE, MARCIA ANN; 335 Lancaster Street, Leominster; 
Mathematics: Newman Club; Young Democrats; Dean's List. 

DEGNAN, LINDA ANN; 63 Loumar Drive; Pittsfield; Child Develop- 
ment: Operetta Guild; Chorale; Dorm Counselor; Spanish Club. 

DEHEY, MARTHA JOAN; 19 Cliff Avenue, Pittsfield; Elementary 
Education and Art: Newman Club; Education Club; Sigma Sigma 
Sigma; Ski Club; Dean's List; Art Club. 

DELANEY, LEO PATRICK; 24 Arch Street, Pittsfield; Marketing: 
Our Lady of Hope Seminary; Varsity Football; Newman Club; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, Housemanager, Secretary, Rush Committee; Interfraternity 


DEMERS, ARMAND H., JR.; Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; French: 
Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

DENMAN, MARGARET LOUISE; Flagg Road, Southboro; History: 
Alpha Chi Omega, 1st Vice President; Symphony Orchestra; Dean's 
List; Scrolls; Concert Band. 

DENNIS, JAMES ROBERT; 10 Nobader Way, Nantucket; Physical 
Education: Track; Gymnastics; Basketball; WMUA. 

DERICK, DONNA CLIFFORD; 272 Chestnut Street, West Newton; 
Education: Education Club; Modern Dance Club; Dean's List; Winter 
Carnival Committee; Belchertown Volunteers. 

DESJADON, SANDRA L.; 29 Huntington Street, Lowell; English: 
Northern Essex Community College. 

DESMARAIS, PAUL CHARLES; 119 Prospect Street, Willimansett; 
Mathematics: Dean's List; Newman Club; Mathematics Club; Com- 
muters Club. 

DESMOND, JANICE MARIE; 19 Westview Drive, Norwood; Speech 
Therapy: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Assistant Activities Chairman; Newman 
Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Sophomore Banquet Committee. 

DESTEFANO, JEAN M.; 14 Wheeler Avenue, Worcester; Elementary 
Education: Kappa Alpha Theta; Education Club; Newman Club. 

D'EUGENIO, JOSEPH MICHAEL; 230 Walnut Street, Newtonville; 
Economics: Syracuse University; Area Judiciary, Associate Justice; 
Dorm Counselor; Pre-Med Club. 

DEVENS, BARBARA ANN; 62 Laurel Drive, New Hyde Park, Long 
Island, New York; French; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President, 
Junior Adviser; Women's Interdorm Council, Parliamentarian; Newman 
Club; Critique; University Reform Committee; Dean's List. 

DEWOLFE, LESLIE KATHLEEN; 81 Lyman Street, South Hadley; 
Elementary Education; Holyoke Community College; Sigma Rho. 

DEXTER, GEORGE THOMAS, JR.; 17 Craven Circle, Waltham; 
Marketing, Business Administration; Marketing Club; Newman Club; 
Intramural Sports. 

DICARLO, JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR.; 9 Woodbridge Street, 
Holyoke; Landscape Architecture; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Landscape 
Architecture Club. 

DICICCO, CAROL ANN; 120 Winslow Avenue, Norwood; So- 
ciology; Newman Club; Naiads; Sophomore Banquet Committee; Win- 
ter Carnival Committee; Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

DICKHAUT, FAITH IDA; 296 Farm Lane, Westwood; Art; Lutheran 
Club; Chorus; Art Club; Northern Educational Service Tutor; Dean's 
List; Honors Colloquia. 

DIETCH, ADELE SUSAN; 58 Florence Avenue, Revere; English; 
Sigma Kappa, Assistant Treasurer, Registrar; S.U. Arts and Music 
Committee, Secretary, Chairman; S.U. Program Council; Dean's List; 
Winter Carnival Committee; Index. 

DINAPOLI, MARILYN JOAN; 240 Plymouth Road, Newton High- 
lands; English; Green Mountain Junior College; Sport Parachute 

DIRAFFAELE, RICHARD JOHN; 3 Forrester Road, Wakefield; 
History; Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

DIXON, JUDITH ELLEN; 65 Anthony Street, Seekonk; Child De- 
velopment; Iota Gamma Upsilon, House Manager; Home Economics 
Club; Equestrian Club. 

DOANE, SUSAN KAE; Box 98-SR 162, Great Barrington; Child 
Development; Springfield College; Gymnastics; Exchange Student; 
Home Economics Club. 

DOBRYDNIO, STEFAN M.; 344 Colrain Road, Greenfield; General 
Management; Management Club, Treasurer; Young Democrats. 

DOGGETT, SALLY BOYER; 2 Columbia Avenue, Natick; Home 
Economics Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Chairman, Panhellenic 
Representative; Panhellenic Council; Home Economics Club; University 
Health Council. 

DOLGIN, RICHARD T.; 245 Roosevelt Avenue, Springfield; Govern- 
ment; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Law Association; Hillel; Interfraternity 
Council Sports. 

4 1 r' '"i I 


DONNELLY, DENISE ANNE; 19 Grantland Road, Wellesley; Ele- 
mentary Education: Education Club; Dorm Counselor; Class Executive 
Council; WAA; Newman Club. 

DONOHUE, DONALD JAMES; 8 Bay Edge Lane, Worcester; 
Government; Lambda Chi Alpha; Newman Club; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil; Young Democrats; Greek Week Committee. 

DONOVAN, ROBERT EDWARD; 120 Park Avenue West, South 
Weymouth; Public Health: Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; Intramural 

DORRIS, ELLEN MARJORIE; 27 Ardmore Road, West Newton; 
Elementary Education: Vermont College for Women; S.U. Arts & 
Music Committee, Secretary; Collegian; Education Club; Class Exec- 
utive Council; Winter Carnival Committee. 

DOUGHTY, GERTRUDE E.; 58 New Lenox Road, Lenox; History: 
Berkshire Community College; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

DOWD, PATRICIA; 41 Goshen Road, Chicopee; History. 

DOWNES, JOSEPH KEVIN; 316 Huron Avenue, Cambridge; Govern- 
ment: Student Senate; Collegian; Pre-Law Association; Class Execu- 
tive Council; Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate; Pre- 
Med Club. 

DOYER, DENNIS M.; 3 Josephine Drive, Hampton, New Hampshire; 
Management: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Management Club. 

DOYLE, EDITH HELEN; 8 Bromfield Court, Newburyport; Ameri- 
can History: Sigma Kappa, Recording Secretary; Student Senate; 
Senate Public Relations Committee; Education Club; Dean's List; 
Traditions Council. 

DOYLE, JERILYN TERESE; 494 Park Street, New Bedford; 
English: Newman Club; Iota Gamma Upsilon, Alumni Chairman; 
Dean's List. 

DRAKE, PRISCILLA ANNE; 192 School Street, Marshfield; So- 
ciology: University Theater, Dorm Government. 

DREIBLATT, RITA; 8 Wooley Lane, Great Neck, New York; 
Speech: Alpha Chi Omega, President; Scrolls; Mortar Board; Senior 
Honors; Panhellenic Council. 

DRISCOLL, ELIZABETH ANN; 19 Fairhaven Road, Concord; 
Elementary Education: Field Hockey; Equestrian Club; Newman Club; 
Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

DROZEK, JANET LOUISE; 484 Laurel Street, Manchester, New 
Hampshire; Education: Medical Technology Club; Education Club; 
Newman Club; Dorm Treasurer. 

DRUCKER, SHELDON MAURICE; 56 Cypress Street, Newton 
Center; General Business and Finance: Phi Sigma Delta, Social Chair- 
man; Young Democrats; Intramural Sports; Pre-Law Association. 

DUBE, DIANE L.; 46 Shawmut Street, Fall River; English; Kappa 
Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman; Colonel's Cadre. 

DUBIS, NANCY CAROL; 4 Dubis Street, Adams; History: Covenant 

DUBOIS, DENNIS JOHN; 123 Conant Street, Danvers; History: Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Vice President, President; Interfraternity Council; 
Collegian; Pre-Law Association; SWAP. 

DUGAN, PAUL G.; 34 St. Mary's Road, Milton; Recreation. 

DUGGAN, MICHAEL PATRICK; 17 Oak Avenue, Worcester; Phi- 
losophy: Cross Country. 

DUNLOP, CRAIG EMERSON; Gould Farm, Great Barrington; 
Public Health: Warren Wilson College; Varsity Soccer. 

DUNSTON, MARGARET M.; 1920 Verona Avenue, Linden, New 
Jersey; Nursing: Alpha Chi Omega, Altruistic Chairman; Nursing Club; 
Winter Carnival Committee. 

DUPONT, DONALD ALAN; 23 Leslie Street, Willimansett; Art: 
Art Club; Scuba Club. 

DURBIN, ROBERT NICHOLAS; 24 Highland Avenue, Haverhill; 
Psychology: Northern Essex Community College. 

DURFEE, ALAN R.; 5 Possum Hollow, Natick; Production Manage- 
ment: Beta Kappa Phi, Activities Coordinator; Management Club; 
Scuba Club. 

DURFEE, SUSAN LOUISE; 15 Leemond Street, Wilbraham; English: 
Dean's List; Sophomore Banquet Committee; Pi Beta Phi. 

DUROCHER, RAYMOND JUDE; 76 Ranney Street, Springfield; 
Business Administration: Zeta Nu; Newman Club; Soccer. 

DWYER, RICHARD BERNARD; 90 Church Street, Weymouth 
Heights; Chemical Engineering: Tau Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman, 
Historian, Pledge Warden; Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival 

DYER, FRANCIS H.; 227 Codman Road, Norwood; Marketing: 
Marketing Club, Vice President; Intramural Sports; Newman Club; 
House Council. 

DYER, RAYMOND GORDON; 20 Bates • Street, Northampton; Art 
and English: An Club, Treasurer; Commuters Club. 

EASTMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE; 108 Hope Street, Seekonk; Food 
in Business: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Standards Chairman; Angel Flight, 
Comptroller; WMUA; Campus 4-H Club; Home Economics Club. 

EATON, JENNIFER EMILY; 47 Sherburn Circle, Weston; Medical 
Technology: Iota Gamma Upsilon; Dean's List. 

EGOODKIN, SANDRA LEE; 414 Lovell Street, Worcester; Sociol- 
ogy: Dorm Social Chairman; Hillel; Exchange Student; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Athletic and Games Committee. 

EISLER, LESLIE R.; 39 Beals Street, Brookline; Psychology: Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Secretary, Vice President, Ritual; Intramural Sports. 

EKLUND, NANCY JANE; 17 Hampden Street, Gloucester; Ele- 
mentary Education and An: Education Club; Protestant Christian 
Council, Secretary; Dean's List; Student Christian Movement; Art Club. 

ELLIOTT, JAMES BAILEY; 1 Chestnut Street, North Reading; 
Financial Management: Kentucky Wesleyan College; Scabbard and 
Blade; Intramural Sports. 

ELLIS, GLENN EDWIN; 11 Pleasant Street, West Newton; Psy- 
chology: Belchertown Volunteers; Intramural Cross Country; Dean's 

ELLIS, SUSAN ELISABETH; 20 Bilodeau Drive, Haverhill; Ele- 
menlary Education: Northern Essex Community College; Education 

EMERSON, ROBERT B.; 13 Spring Street, Northampton; English: 
University Theater; Operetta Guild; Golf. 

ENGLISH, WILLIAM J.; 16 Morningdale Avenue, Boylston; Market- 
ing: Phi Sigma Delta, President, Pledgemaster, Interfraternity Coun- 
cil Representative. 

ENNIS, BARBARA ANN; 95 Harlow Drive, Amherst; Elementary 
Education: Dean's List; Sigma Kappa; Scrolls; Kappa Delta Pi; Educa- 
tion Club; Angel Flight. 

ENOS, BARBARA ANN; 467 Warren Avenue, Swansea; Elementary 
Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Education Club; Newman Club, Exec- 
utive Council; Winter Carnival Committee. 

ENOS, DAVID W.; Silver Street, West Harwich; Personnel Manage- 
ment: Arnold Air Society. 

EPHRAIM, NORMAN ABBOTT; 7 St. Elmo Road, Worcester; 
Sociology: Sigma Alpha Mu, Social Chairman, Song Chairman, Vice 
President; Hillel; Chorus; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

EPSTEIN, BEATRICE LAURA; 150 Sheffield Road, Waltham; 
Education: Northampton Volunteers; Education Club; Hillel; Inter- 
national Club. 

EPSTEIN, ROBERT LEWIS; 30 Belcher Avenue, Brockton; Market- 
ing: Tau Epsilon Phi, Historian, Treasurer; Dean's List; Intramural 

ESCOLAS, EILEEN C; HI Washington Street, Fairhaven; Mathe- 
matics: Dean's List; Education Club. 

PAGAN, BRIAN HENRY; 21 Fifth Avenue, Northampton; Electrical 
Engineering: Golf. 

FAIRBANKS, RICHARD B.; 6 Wessex Road, Newton; Mechanical 
Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; ASME, Treasurer; Society for Automotive 
Engineers; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

FALARDEAU, LEON E.; 117 Essex Street, Holyoke; Chemistry: 
Holyoke Community College. 

FALER, JAMES HENRY; 321 Massasoit Road, Worcester; Me- 
chanical Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Tau Beta 
Pi; Dean's List. 

FARIA, SANDRA ANN; 53 Center Street, South Dartmouth; English: 
Newman Club; Education Club. 

FARLEY, SUSAN; 91 Pleasant Street, Stoughton; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Pi Beta Phi; Education Club; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; 

FASK, LARRY ARNOLD; 74 Brownell Street, Worcester; Sociology: 
Senior Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledge Trainer, Schol- 
arship Chairman; Tennis; Intramural Sports. 

FEELEY, EDWARD W.; 26 Williams Road, Ashland; Economics: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Interfraternity Council; Intermural 
Football, Basketball; Varsity Lacrosse; Varsity Wrestling. 

FEIFER, BARBARA JANE; 33B Richland Court, Clifton, New 
Jersey; Dietetics and Institutional Administration: Dean's List; Dorm 
Counselor, House Chairman; Hillel; Home Economics Club. 

FEINBERG, KENNETH ROY; 71 Highland Terrace, Brockton; 
History: Student Senate; Distinguished Visitors Program; Maroon 
Keys; Collegian, Editorial Board; University Theater; Pre-Law As- 

FELDMAN, MICHELE JOAN; 76 Everett Street, Natick; English: 
Chi Omega, Historian, Standards Chairman; Revelers, Secretary; S.U. 
Program Council; S.U. Special Events Committee, Co-Chairman; Class 
Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee. 

FEMINO, MARIA R.; 74 Essex Street, Salem; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Gamma Sigma Sigma; Newman Choir; Nursing Club; Dean's 

FENNO, VALERIE JEAN; 13 Whitney Street, Westboro; Zoology: 
Russian Club; Russian Chess Club. 

FERENBAUGH, MARIA ARA; 950 North Pleasant Street, Am- 
herst; French: William Smith College; Dean's List. 

FERREIRA, LINDA ANN; 139 Pearce Street, Fall River; Psychology: 
Sigma Delta Tau, Standards Chairman, Activities Chairman; Dorm 
Counselor; Scrolls; Revelers, Publicity Co-Chairman; Distinguished 
Visitors Program, Publicity Chairman; Traditions Council, Secretary. 

FINK, BRIAN FREDERICK; 12 West Street, Easthampton; History: 
Education Club; Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

FINLAY, JACQUELINE EILEEN; Pulaski Drive, Manchester; 
Journalism and Art: Dean's List; Dorm Scholarship Committee, Chair- 
man; Collegian; Newman Club; Dorm Social Committee. 

FISHER, DAVID H.; 35 Walter Street, Newton Centre; American 
History: Phi Sigma Delta, Recording Secretary, Steward; Hillel; In- 
tramural Sports. 

FISKE, PATRICIA JANINE; 55 Church Street, Wilmington; Child 
Development: Pi Beta Phi; Angel Flight; Dean's List; Dorm Social 


FLASCHNER, RACHAEL F.; 71 Newton Street, Weston; Elemen- 
tary Education: Kappa Alpha Theta; Interdorm Council; Education Club; 

FLAVIN, FRANCIS EDWARD; 49 Kensington Avenue, Northamp- 
ton; Electrical Engineering: Engineering Journal, Photographer; Index, 
Photographer; IEEE; Newman Club. 

FLEISCHNER, ROBERT D., JR.; 39 Morningside Park, Springfield; 
English: Adelphia, President; Arcon; Dean's List; Class Executive 
Council; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Vice President. 

FLETCHER, ELBURT PRESTON, JR.; 131 Otis Street, Milton; 
Personnel Management: House Judiciary, Associate Justice; Dorm 
Social Committee, Chairman. 

FLOYD, JANET MARILYN; 40 Main Street, Saugus; Accounting: 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Accounting Association, Secretary; Dean's List. 

FOLEY, FREDERICK C, III; 2 Opal Avenue, Beverly; Economics: 
Tau Kappa Epsilon; LaCrosse; Interfraternity Council. 

FOLEY, ROBERT H., JR.; 780 Main Street, Winchester; Pre-Vet; 
Pre-Med Club; Animal Science Club, Secretary; Phi Mu Delta; Dean's 
List; Political Science Association; Newman Club. 

FONTAINE, HANNO J.; 157 Alta Avenue, Yonkers, New York; 
Business Administration: Varsity Skiing. 

FORD, ROBERT CLAYTON; 73 Duxbury Lane, Longmeadow; 
Liberal Arts and Government: Crew Team; House Council; Dorm 
Counselor; Dean's List; Intramural Sports. 

FORD, WARREN DAVIS, JR.; 481 Summer Street, Weymouth; 
History: Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

FORMAN, JEFFREY STUART; 86 Cypress Street, Brookline; 
Government: Adelphia, Treasurer; Revelers; S.U. Governing Board; 
Tau Epsilon Phi; Homecoming Committee, Treasurer; Class Executive 

FORMISANI, DAVID CHARLES; 15 Clyde Street, Fitchburg; 
Mechanical Engineering: Varsity Rifle Team; ASME; Intramural 

FORTIER, PETER FRANCIS; Southern Avenue, South Essex; 
Mechanical Engineering: Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. 

FOX, ROBERT W., JR.; 73 Connecticut Avenue, Chicopee Falls; 
American History. 

FOX, STEPHEN J.; 1112 Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; Fisheries 
Biology: Scuba Club; Dean's List. 

FRANCIS, EDWARD GEORGE, JR.; 26 Foucher Avenue, North 
Adams; Mathematics: Arnold Air Society; Intramural Sports. 

FRATICELLI, THOMAS MICHAEL; 25 Simpson Street, Newton; 
Marketing: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sophomore Banquet Committee; Greek 
Week Publicity Committee; Crew Team, Coxswain; Newman Club; 
Dean's List. 

FREEDMAN, EDWIN E.; 6 Holland Street, Newton; Government: 
Tau Epsilon Phi, Baseball; Dean's List; Intramural Sports; Dis- 
tinguished Visitors Program, Chairman. 

FREEDMAN, PAUL DAVID; 389 May Street, Worcester; English: 
Track; Hillel; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Young Democrats; Pre-Law Associa- 

FREY, DENNIS ANTHONY; 15 Paon Boulevard, Wakefield; Chemi- 
cal Engineering: Alpha Sigma Phi; Freshman and Varsity Hockey; 
AIChE; Newman Club; Varsity LaCrosse. 

FRIEDEN, JEANNE ELIZABETH; 359 Wilson Avenue, Kent, Ohio; 
Pre-Medical: Distinguished Visitors Program, Vice Chairman; Student 
Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate; University Reform Com- 
mittee; Scrolls; President. 

FRIEDMAN, JAY ALLEN; 41 Itendale Street, Springfield; Eco- 
nomics: Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledge President, Steward, Assistant Social 
Chairman; Marching Band; Concert Band. 

FRISBIE, SUSAN E.; Route 8, Becket; Physical Education: Dean's 
List; Gymnastics Club, Manager; WAA Representative. 

FROST, RICHARD EDGAR; 54 Saint James Avenue, Holyoke; 
Wood Technology: Holyoke Community College; Alpha Zeta; Forestry 
Club; Marching Band. 

FULLAM, SARA; 75 Walnut Street, North Brookfield; Economics: 
Quinsigamond Community College; Economics Club. 

FU1,LER, MARY VIRGINIA; 135 Belmont Avenue, Springfield; 
Psychology: Angel Flight, Information Ofiicer; Interdormitory Council, 
Vice President; Dorm Cultural Committee, Chairman; Dorm Charter 

FULTZ, BARBARA LYNN; 37 Oak Knoll Road, Natick; Elementary 
Education: Alpha Chi Omega; Exchange Student; Newman Club; 
Education Club; Young Democrats Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 

FURMAN, STANLEY FRANK; 73 St. James Avenue, Chicopee 
Falls; Chemistry: Collegian, Photography Staff; Newman Club. 

FURNESS, KATHLEEN P.; 28 Willow Street, New Bedford; Micro- 
biology: Chi Omega; Newman Club; WAA. 

FUSCO, JAMES A.; 47 Exchange Street, Leominster; Industrial En- 
gineering: AIIE, Secretary; Dean's List; Phi Mu Delta, Rushing Chair- 
man; Intramural Football; Flying Club. 

GABALIS, ALBERT FRANCIS, JR.; 10 Pond Street, Billerica; 
Political Science: House Council, Athletic Chairman, Student Senate 
Representative; Intramural Sports; Football; Young Republicans Club; 
Sigma Alpha Mu. 

GAFFNEY, DAMIAN PETER; 71 Gladeside Avenue, Mattapan; 
German: Track; Cross Country. 

GAGNON, ROBERT WILLIAM; 368 Briggs Road, North Westport; 
History: Dorm Counselor; Intramural Sports. 

GAGNON, THOMAS EARL; 220 Elm Street, East Longmeadow; 
Speech: Arnold Air Society, Administration Officer; WMUA, Publicity 
Director; Critique, Advertising Manager; Collegian. 

GALE, BRUCE ROBERT; 54 Bomford Drive, Red Stone Arsenal, 
Alabama; Government: Phi Mu Delta; SWAP; WMUA. 

GALLAGHER, JOHN CULLINANE, JR.; 91 Sias Lane, Milton; 
Accounting: Quincy Junior College; Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Rush 
Chairman, Social Chairman; Wrestling Team; Scabbard and Blade; 
Interfraternity Council; Fraternity President's Association; Intramural 

GALLOP, LAUREL MERRIDITH; 119 Laurel Street, Fairhaven; 
Elementary Education: Education Club; Bowling Team. 

GAMACHE, MAUREEN LOUISE; 351 South Main Street, Rayn- 
ham; Retailing: Newman Club; Marketing Club. 

GARBUTT, IRA JOHN; 110 Clarendon Drive, Valley Stream, New 
York; General Business and Finance: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary; 
Dean's List; Interfraternity Council; Interfraternity Sports. 

GARDNER, ALAN FREDERICK; 18 Edgerly Road, Boston; Psychol- 
ogy: Homecoming Committee; Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

GARNER, STEVEN CRAIG; 173 Hampden Road, East Long- 
meadow; Chemistry; Pre-Med Club. 

GARRETT, SUSAN ELIZABETH; 576 Dickinson Street, Springfield; 
Psychology: Northern Educational Service Tutor; Psychology Club. 

GARRISON, ELIZABETH ANNE; 15 Arcadia Road, Andover; 
Government: Honors Colloquia; Young Republicans, Treasurer; Dean's 

GARRITY, JOANNE M.; 69 Greeley Street, Clinton; English: Class 
Executive Council; Newman Club; Dean's List; Oxford Summer Sem- 
inar; Education Club. 

GARVEY, MAURICE GEORGE; 260 Northampton Road, Am- 
herst; Liberal Arts: Greenfield Community College; Landscape Archi- 
tects Association. 

GAUGER, STEPHEN E.; 141 Bromfield Street, Quincy; General 
Business and Economics: Tennis Team; Ski Club; Newman Club; 
Dean's List. 

GAVUTIS, KAREN GAY; 10 Albion Street, Lawrence; English: 
Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor, Corresponding Secretary; Newman 
Club; Dean's List; Angel Flight; Equestrian Club; Winter Carnival 


Hawley Road, Melrose; Geology: 

GEORGE, PATRICIA LYNN; 3 West Street, Oxford; English: Dean's 
List; Newman Club; French Corridor; Dorm Counselor; University 

GEORGIAN, JAMES, JR.; 14 Heather Road, Watertown; Mathe- 
matics: Boston University; Dean's List; Intramural Sports; Mathe- 
matics Club. 

GERROL, DAVID MICHAEL; 3 Bellvista Road, Worcester; English: 
Oxford Summer Seminar; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Honors Colloquia. 

GERRY, NANCY ELEANOR; 10 North Atkinson Street, Newbury- 
port; Elementary Education: Education Club; Marching Band; Square 
Dance Club; Dorm Cultural Chairman; Dorm Social Committee. 

GETCHELL, EUGENE MAXWELL; 21 South Pleasant Street, Mer- 
rimac; History: Chorale; Operetta Guild; Chorus; Roister Doisters; 
International Weekend Committee, Treasurer. 

GIARGIARI, PHILIP N.; 20 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Mathematics: 
Tape Recorder Club, President. 

GIARLA, DAVID J.; 19 Ocean Street, Nahant; Reslauranl and Hotel 
Management: Football; Innkeepers Club; Intramural Sports. 

GIERAS, DOMINIC F.; 394 Summer Street, Lynn; Government; 
University of Maryland; Dorm Counselor; Russian Club; Sport Para- 
chute Club, President. 

GILBERT, JOHN WINSOR; 44 Martin Road, Reading; Marketing: 
Beta Kappa Phi, Arcons; Maroon Keys; RSO Committee; Statesmen, 
Director; Operetta Guild. 

GILLAM, ARTHUR JOSEPH, JR.; 121 Hayden Rowe Street, 
Hopkinton; Psychology: Critique, Editorial Editor; Newman Club; 
Intramural Sports; Winter Carnival Committee. 


GIRARD, RICHARD NORMAN; 100 Park Drive, Westfield; Physical 
Education: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramural Official; Football; Intra- 
mural Sports; Dean's List. 

Northampton: English: Dean's List; Scrolls; University Chorus; New- 
man Club. 

GITTINS, RONALD CLIFFORD: 16 Alaska Avenue, Bedford; Hotel 
and Restaurant Management: Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding 
Secretary; Interfraternity Baseball and Football. 

GIZA, LOUISE MARY; 65 Calkins Street, Palmer; Child Develop- 
ment: Newman Club; Dean's List. 



GLASIER, DAVID A.; 15 Stearns Court, Northampton; Electrical 
Engineering: Football; IEEE; Dorm Counselor. 

GLASS, HENRY WILLIAM, JR.; 36 Hillcrest Avenue, Beverly; 
Accounting: Kappa Sigma; Varsity Golf; Accounting Association; New- 
man Club; Intramural Sports; Interfraternity Council. 

GLASSER, MARC DAVID; 143 Walnut Avenue, Revere; English: 
Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Dean's List; Tennis, 
Manager: House Judiciary. 

GLASSMAN, STEPHEN R.; 30 Brownell Street, New Bedford; 
Restaurant and Hotel Management: Tau Epsilon Phi, Chaplain: States- 
men; Innkeepers Club. 

GLAVIN, JUDITH ANN; 16 Lindor Road, North Reading; Fashion 
Merchandising: Dorm Social Chairman; Math Club; Homp Economics 
Club: Dean's List; Winter Carnival Committee. 

GLESMANN, SUSAN; 90 Dartmouth Street, Holyoke; Nursing: 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Scrolls; Nursing Club. 

GNIADY, JOHN ANDREW; 16 Marguerite Street, Chicopee; 
Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, President; Tau Beta Pi; 
Amateur Radio Association, President; IEEE, Secretary; Engineering 
Journal, Editorial Editor; Distinguished Visitors Program. 

GODDARD, SHARON LYNNE; Main Street, Hardwick; Economics: 
Dean's List; Math Club; Economics Club; Ski Club; Winter Carnival 

GODEK, EDWARD JOHN; 2 Manners Avenue, Adams; Business 
Management: Kappa Sigma, Interfraternity Council Representative; 
Flying Club; Newman Club. 

GOFFMAN, HOWARD ROBERT; 5002 Old Court Road, Randalls- 
town, Maryland; Business Administration: Maroon Keys; Revelers; 
Varsity Lacrosse, Captain; Tau Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman, Execu- 
tive Board Member At-Large; Dorm President; Campus Chest 

GOGICK, ROBERT JOSEPH; 49 Sargeant Avenue, CUfton, New 
Jersey; Business Administration: Kappa Sigma, Secretary; Football; 

GOLDBERG, BARBARA; 48 Portland Street, Holyoke; Speech 
Therapy: Hillel; Dean's List; Sigma Delta Tau; University Theater. 

GOLDBERG, LEONARD MARTIN; 11 Atlantis Street, West Rox- 
bury; German: Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer, Pledgemaster, Social 
Chairman, Steward, Rush Committee; Hillel. 

GOLDBERG, NANCY A.; 720 Downing Street, Teaneck, New 
Jersey; Fashion Merchandising: Omicron Nu, President; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Home Economics Club; Hillel. 

GOLDMAN, JOEL; 51 County Street, Peabody; English; Col- 
legian; Hillel, Treasurer; Pre-Law Association. 

GOLDMAN, MARSHA ELLEN; 22 Woodhaven Road, Waban; 
English: Women's Interdorm Council; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean's List; 
Equestrian Club. 

GOLUB, JOAN REBECCA; 477 South Main Street, Sharon; Pre- 
Medical; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Pi Beta Phi, Assistant 
Treasurer; Mortar Board, Secretary; Class Executive Council; Dean's 

GOODELL, MARY DIANE; Greenfield Road, Colrain; Psychology: 
Gamma Sigma Sigma; WAA Bowling. 

GOODMAN, IRIS ELLEN; 228 Acrebrook Road, Springfield; 
Elementary Education: Dean's List; Education Club; Northern Educa- 
tional Service Tutor. 

GOODMAN, LAWRENCE VOGEL; 34 Forest Street, Arlington; So- 
ciology: Northeastern University; House Council; Hillel. 

GORDEN, NORMA WIENER; Gould Road, Ware; Elementary 
Education: Clark University; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club. 

GORDON, BRUCE STEPHEN; 121 Salisbury Road, Brookline- 
Government: Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean's List; Barbell 
Club; Young Democrats. 

GORDON, MANUEL FREDERICK; 62 West View Road, Lowell; 
History: Critique, Managing Editor; Alpha Phi Gamma, President' 

GORDON, MARTIN E.; 555 Weld Street, West Roxbury; Electrical 
Engineering: Hillel; Dean's List; IEEE; Young Democrats. 

GORDON, STEPHEN FRANKLIN; 174 Auburn Street, Newton; 
Economics: Collegian, News Day Editor, Advertising Manager; Class 
Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee, Business Manager; Dis- 
tinguished Visitors Program, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer; 
Spectrum, Business Manager. 

GORENFLO, DOROTHY AMELIA; 83 Locust Street, Holliston; 
Government: Sophomore Banquet Committee; Physics Club; Women's 
Interdorm Council, President; Lambda Delta Phi, Corresponding Sec- 
retary, 2nd Vice President, President; WAA Representative. 

GORMAN, NOEL JOSEPH; II North Main Street, Williamsburg; 
Journalistic Science and English: Farmingdale State University; Intra- 
mural Basketball; Collegian. 

GOSSELIN, JEANNE LOUISE; 11 Mechanics Row, Amesbury; 
Nursing: Lambda Delta Phi, Chaplain, Steward; Nursing Club, 
Nominating Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Class Executive 
Council; Newman Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 

GOSSMAN, EDWARD EARL, JR.; 70 Belvidere Avenue, Feeding 
Hills; Management: Management Club, Crew Team; Newman Club. 

GOULD, MICHAEL; 133 Wolcott Road, Brookline; Mathematics; 
Collegian, Sports Editor; Alpha Phi Gamma, Vice President; North- 
ern Educational Service Tutor; Dorm Athletic Chairman; Intramural 

GOURLEY, DONALD FLETCHER, JR.; 9 Wyman Road, Marble- 
head; Government: QTV; Intramural Sports. 

GRAFF, WARREN ELLIOTT; 90 17th Avenue, Paterson, New 
Jersey; History: Zeta Nu, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman. 

GRAFTON, ANN F.; 83 Elm Street, Wakefield; Marketing: Market- 
ing Club, Secretary; Pi Beta Phi. 

GRANEY, EDWARD; 8 Rock Court, Norwood; Government: Theta 
Chi; Hockey. 

GRANGER, PERSIS R.; 25 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield; 
English: College of Wooster. 

GRANGER, RICHARD D.; Roll-Away Hill, North Egremont; 
Civ/7 Engineering: Alfred State Technical Institute; ASCE. 

GRASSO, PATRICIA ANN; 69 Bigelow Street, Lawrence; Elemen- 
tary Education: Dorm Treasurer; SWAP; Class Executive Council; 
Education Club, Treasurer; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

GRAY, HERBERT W.; 49 Fern Street, Lexington; Government; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

GRAZIANO, JANE M.; 7 Suosso Lane, Plymouth; General Business 
and Finance; Lambda Delta Phi, Treasurer; Newman Club; Winter 
Carnival Committee; Sophomore Banquet Committee; Dorm Treasurer. 

GREEN, DONNA LEE; 24 Union Street, Taunton; Psychology: 
WMUA; Psychology Club. 

GREENFIELD, JANE LESLIE; 54 Virginia Avenue, Rockville 
Centre, New York; Education: Sigma Delta Tau, Song Chairman, 
Historian; Dean's List; Musigals, Spokesman; Hillel; Education Club; 
Young Democrats. 

GREENMAN, NANCY PAULA; 25 Ellison Road, Newton Centre; 
Anthropology: Modern Dance Club; Critique; Young Independents; 
Hillel; Pioneer Valley Folklore Society; Art Club. 

GREENOUGH, GAIL SARAH; 16 Cloverdale Street, Florence; 
Elementary Education: Education Club; Belchertown Volunteers; 
Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

GREENQUIST, JOHN RUSSELL; 58 Charles Street, Natick; Mathe- 
matics: Student Senate, Vice President, President; Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities; Dorm Counselor; Distinguished 
Visitors Program; Free Press Committee, Chairman; Class Executive 

GREENSTEIN, DAVID; 222 Walnut Avenue, Revere; Hotel and 
Restaurant Management; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Alpha 
Phi Omega, Banquet Chairman, Social Chairman; Innkeepers Club, 
President; College Folk Club, President; Hillel, Banquet Chairman; 
Dorm President. 

GREENWOOD, JANE L.; 14 Willey Street, Brockton; English: New- 
man Club; Dorm Social Committee. 

GREPP, MARSHA K.; 5 Hillcrest Road, Danvers; Elementary 
Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Education Club; Class Executive Coun- 
cil; Winter Carnival Committee; Sophomore Banquet Committee. 

GREY, ELLEN SPRINGER; 1001 North Pleasant Street, Amherst; 
Elementary Education; Education Club. 

GRIECO, DANIEL JOSEPH, II; 77 Heath Road, North Andover; 
Government: Tau Epsilon Phi, President; Interfraternity Council, Ad- 
ministrative Vice President; Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities; Revelers; Arcon; Scabbard and Blade. 

GRIFFIN, ROSEMARY ANN; 168 Spruce Street, Watertown; Math- 
ematics: Newman Club; Precisionettes, Commanding Officer. 

GRILLO, NANCY JEAN; 11 Stevens Road, Framingham; Food 
Technology; Food Technology Club, Treasurer. 

GRINNELL, RICHARD S.; 504 Waltham Street, Lexington; Eng- 
lish; Sigma Alpha Mu, House Manager; Scuba Club; Intramural Sports. 

GROMELSKI, JAMES CARL; Maple Street, Haydenville; midlife 
and Fisheries Biology: Alpha Zeta, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma. 

GROSSE, CARMEN LISBETH; 97 Trenton Avenue, White Plains, 
New York; German; Scrolls; Dorm Counselor; German Club; Lutheran 

GRYNKIEWICZ, HELEN J.; 96 Pittroff Avenue, South Hadley 
Falls; Political Science. 

GUSTAFSON, LINDA ELAINE; High Street, Pembroke; Elementary 
Education: Sigma Kappa; Education Club; Home Economics Club; 
University of Stockholm's Junior Year; Dean's List. 

GUTT, JOHN DAVID; 17 Ellis Street Extension, Westfield; Mathe- 
matics: Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Tennis; Newman Club; Associa- 
tion for Computing Machinery. 

GUZZETTA, FRANCIS JOHN; 5 Stanley Circle, Quincy; Marketing; 
Belchertown Volunteers, President; Marketing Club; Newman Club; 
Russian Club; Dean's List. 

HACHIGIAN, ELIZABETH ANNE; 39 West Chester Street, Wor- 
cester; Medical Technology: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer 
of Pledge Class; Young Democrats, Treasurer; Medical Technology 
Club, Treasurer, President; WAA; Women's Interdorm Council; 
Orthodox Club. 

HACKETT, JUDITH ELAINE; Main Avenue, Onset; Elementary 
Education: Dorm Counselor. 

HAGAR, JANICE RUTH; Tremont Street, Rehoboth; Elementary 
Education: Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Education Club. 

HAGLUND, ROBERT RAY; 123 Prospect Street, Brockton; Pre- 
Dental; Tau Epsilon Pi; Newman Club; Class Executive Council. 

HAIGH, SUSAN PHYLLIS; 526 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester; Eng- 
lish: Dean's List; Operetta Guild; Dorm Social Chairman. 

HALBERT, BETTYE MARIE; 6 Gilford Lane, Chelmsford; Psy- 
chology: Dorm Counselor; Precisionettes; LaCrosse. 

HAMBLET, DWIGHT ALLEN; 462 Old Westport Road, North 
Dartmouth; Mathematics: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Swimming Team. 

HAMEL, DANIEL JOSEPH; II Laurel Avenue, Methuen; History: 
Dean's List; Young Republicans; Newman Club; Intramural Sports; 
History Club. 

HAMEL, PATRICIA ANN; 29 Berkshire Drive, Westfield; History: 
Pi Beta Phi, Historian; Dean's List, Naiads, Winter Carnival Commit- 

HAMILL, GWENDELYN JO; 10 Cottage Farm Road, Brookline; 
Speech: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; University 
Theater; Operetta Guild, Business Manager; Wesley Foundation, 
Vice President; Wesleyaires, Business Manager, Director; Roister 

HAMMERSLEY, JEAN LOUISE; 56 High Street, Ipswich; Journal- 
ism and English: Collegian, Feature Writer; Pi Beta Phi, Magazine 
Reporter; Student Christian Association; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

HANLON, SUSAN EDYTHE; 112 Burlington Street, Woburn; Home 
Economics: Alpha Chi Omega, House Manager; Home Economics 
Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Angel Flight; Exchange Student. 

HARACZ, NORA J. MICHELSON; 103 State Street, Northampton; 
Elementary Education: Cape Cod Community College. 

HARDY, KENNETH A.; 33 Middlesex Avenue, Swampscott; Sociology: 
Adelphia; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Dis- 
tinguished Visitors Program, Program Chairman; Young Independents; 
University Reform Committee, Chairman; Wesley Foundation. 

HARRIMAN, RICHARD A.; Emmet Road, South Ashfield; Eco- 
nomics: Dean's List; Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledge Class President, Ac- 
tivities Chairman, Vice President; Student Senate, Budgets and Men's 
Affairs Committee; Interfraternity Council; Scuba Club; Interfraternity 
Council Sports. 

HARRIS, MERLE G., JR.; 221 Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; Pre- 
Medicai, Georgia Institute of Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

HARRISON, KAREN A.; 168 Bartlett Road, Winthrop; Govern- 
ment: Mortar Board; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 2nd Vice President, Presi- 
dent; Scrolls; Revelers; SWAP; Class Executive Council. 

HART, FRANCES ANNE; 24 Prospect Street, Fort Edward, New 
York; Speech: Precisionettes, Squad Leader, Executive Board; Dorm 
Counselor; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

HARTLEY, STEPHEN M.; 140 Montague City Road, Turners Falls; 
Civil Engineering: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice President, 
President; ASCE, President; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Council, Treas- 
urer; Association for Computing Machinery; Campus Religious Council. 

HARTSTONE, JOEL MARTIN; 6 Dorcar Road, Newton; Business 
Administration: Adelphia, Vice President; Student Union Governing 
Board, Vice Chairman; Collegian, Editorial Chairman; Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities; Class Executive Council; Dis- 
tinguished Teacher's Award Committee. 

HARTWELL, EDWARD A.; 18 High Street, Mansfield; C(v/7 Engi- 
neering: ASCE. 

HARVEY, DEBORAH JOYCE; 68 Whitney Street, Sherborn; Educa- 
tion: Student Senate, Women's Affairs Committee, Activities Com- 
mittee; Dorm Executive Board. 

HARVEY, JOAN CAROL; 425 North Pleasant Street, Amherst; 
Journalism: Honors Colloquia; Debating Society, Secretary; Lambda 
Delta Phi, Panhellenic Council Representative, Corresponding Secretary; 
Panhellenic Council; Journalism Club, Treasurer; Critique. 

HARVEY, JOHN EDWARDS; 1088 Ringwood Avenue, Pompton 
Lakes, New Jersey; History: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Scabbard 
and Blade; LaCrosse. 

HARVEY, JOYCE ELLEN; 139 Youle Street, Melrose; Journalism 
and English: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha 
Phi Gamma, Secretary, Organizing Chairman; Marching Band, Li- 
brarian; Symphony Band, Librarian; Collegian, Day Editor, Photog- 
rapher; Symphony Orchestra, Librarian. 

HASTINGS, DAVID ALLEN; 4 Depot Street, East Douglas; Malhe- 
matics: Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Dean's List. 

HASTINGS, DOROTHY PHYLLIS; 47 Schley Street, Springfield; 
Sociology: Outing Club, Secretary, Smoke Signals Editor, Camping 
Chairman; Square Dance Club, Secretary, Vice President; Recreation 
Club, Christian Association; Home Economics Club. 

HATCH, CYNTHIA HELEN; 24 Sylvan Circle, Lynnfield; Home 
Economics: Home Economics Club, State President, Executive Board, 
Co-Editor, School Publication; Class Executive Council; Winter Carni- 
val Committee, Poster Chairman; Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's List. 

HATCH, ELLEN ANNE; 8 Church Street, West Acton; Elementary 
Education: Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chairman; Publicity Chairman; 
Exchange Student; Scrolls, Treasurer; Dean's List; Education Club; 
Newman Club. 

HAVELES, ANDREA JOY; 24 Highland Street, Palmer; Elementary 
Education: Sigma Kappa; Education Club; Angel Flight. 

HAWES, WILLIAM E.; 23 Highland Avenue, Sudbury; Business 
Administration {Management): Soccer; Ski Club; Flying Club; 
AIIE, Secretary; Dorm Judiciary, Chief Justice. 

HAWKES, DONALD PHILLIP; 15 High Street, Amherst; Govern- 
ment: Freshman Class Vice President; Class Executive Council; Pistol 
Team; Collegians for Brooke, Chairman; Young Republicans. 

HAYES, MARYANNE; 29 Olde Stage Road, Chelmsbord; Elemen-. 
tary Education: Iota Gamma Upsilon; Newman Club; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Exchange Student; Dean's List. 

HAZNAR, GALE MADELINE; 95 Manning Street, Fairview; Child 
Development: Dean's List. 

HEADY, LYN CORNELIA; 21 Manhan Street, Northampton; Math- 
ematics: Iota Gamma Upsilon; Mathematics Club; Ski Club; New- 
man Club. 

HEBERT, MAURICE J. F.; 3 Rostone Place, Pittsfield; Psychology: 
George Washington University; Grenadiers; Rifle Team. 

HENDRICKSON, MARYHELEN; 35 Mill Road, Boylston; English. 

HENRY, SUSAL ELIN; 623 West Arbor Avenue, Wheaton, Illinois; 
Government: Chi Omega, 1st Vice President; Dean's List; Panhellenic 
Council; Index, Greek Editor. 

HERMSDORF, JANINE; 78 Western Avenue, Saugus; Speech; Class 
Executive Council; Dorm Social Chairman; Concert Band; U of Stock- 
holm, Sweden; WMUA. 

HERON, DAVID LAWRENCE; 26 Northrop Street, Hopedale; 
Economics; Newman Club; Tennis; Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

HERSH, VALERIE L.; 1415 Powderhorn Drive, Phoenixville, Pennsyl- 
vania; Psychology. 

HICKOX, MARGARET ANN; New Ashford Road, New Ashford; 
Nursing; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Nursing Club; Dorm Counselor; 
Young Democrats. 

HIGGINS, CAROL ANN; 86 South Whipple Street, Lowell; 
Mathematics; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
Colonel's Cadre, Executive Officer, Commanding Officer; Who's Who 
in American Colleges and Universities; Modern Dance. 

HILL, DONNA MARIE; 19 Hillview Avenue, Holbrook; Elementary 
Education; Education Club; Newman Club; Young Democrats. 

HILLSON, ROBERT BLANCHARD; 300 Buckminister Drive, Nor- 
wood; Business Administration; Theta Chi, President; Interfraternity 
Council, President; Football; Arcon; Marketing Club; Greek Week 

HINDLEY, DONNA MARIE; 65 South Street, Northampton; Eng- 
lish; Sigma Delta Tau, Sergeant At Arms; Young Democrats; Dean's 

HINTON, PAMELA KAY; Pleasant Street, Marshfield Hills; Ele- 
mentary Education; Musigals, Librarian; Alpha Chi Omega, Song 
Chairman, Standards Committee. 

HITCHINS, JANICE E.; 12 Church Street, Wakefield; Elementary 
Education; Education Club; Belchertown Volunteers. 

HOAGUE, SUSAN JANN; 40 Graves Avenue, Northampton; Psy- 

HOBBS, ROBERT V.; 164 Littleton Street, Springfield; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE; Sport Parachute Club, Treasurer; Newman Club. 

HODGE, ROBERT LEE, JR.; 101 Westminster Street, Springfield; 
Speech; Soccer; Wrestling; Flying Redmen, Inspection Officer; Flying 
Club; WMUA. 

HOGAN, SYLVIA DALE; I86-B Northeast Road, Ramey Air Force 
Base, Puerto Rico; Elementary Education; Angel Flight; Exchange 
Student; Education Club; Dorm Secretary; Exchange Student Club. 

HOLMES, LINDA RUTH; 62 Taft Avenue, Easthampton; Nursing; 
Commuters Club. 

HOLT, KATHLEEN JUNE; Depot Road, Princeton; Elementary 
Education: Education Club; S.U. Movie Committee; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Dorm Judiciary; Dean's List. 

HOMAN, RICHARD M.; 48 Aldie Street, Boston; Political Science: 
Student Senate, Chairman; House Council; Lutheran Club; Intramural 
Sports; Soccer; Dean's List. 

HOPKINS, SUZANNE LOUISE; 142 Greenview Terrace, Moores- 
town. New Jersey; Elementary Education: Dean's List; SWAP; Dorm 
Treasurer; Education Club, Historian; Lutheran Student Organization; 
Christian Associa ion. 

HORN, NELSON EDWARD; 434 Pleasant Street, Holyoke; Me- 
chanical Engineering: Georgia Institute of Technology; QTV; ASME; 
Newman Club. 

HORWITZ, NANCY BETH; 100 Evelyn Road, Newton; Sociology: 
Civil Rights Club; Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival Com- 
mittee; Entertainment Chairman; Revelers, Treasurer. 

HOWARD, STEDMAN DWIGHT; Church Street, West Brookfield; 
Economics: Worcester Junior College; Operetta Guild, Manager; Dis- 
tinguished Visitors Program. 

HOWE, RICHARD ANDREW; 55 Linden Avenue, Greenfield; Physi- 
cal Education: Greenfield Community College; LaCrosse; Wrestling. 

HOWE, ROBERT EDWARD; 71 Sheffield Road, Waltham; History: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Newman Club; Young Democrats; 
Intramural Sports; Volunteer Fire Department; History Club. 

HOY, PATRICIA ANNE; 39 Condit Road, Mountain Lakes, New 
Jersey; Economics: Gonzaga University; Senior Honors; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; French Corridor; Newman Club; Economics Association. 

HOYNE, SUSAN F.; 4544 North Menard, Chicago, Ilhnois; English: 
Mundelein College; Dorm Counselor; WMUA; Newman Club. 

HUGHES, DONNA M.; 616 Main Street, Southbridge; English: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, House Manager; Dorm Social Chairman. 

HULL, PETER RICHARD; Eagle Hill, Ipswich; Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; ASME; Society of Automotive Engi- 
neers; Amateur Radio Club; Dean's List. 

HULTIN, DAVID HAROLD; 237 Doyle Road, Holden; Government: 
Zeta Nu, Assistant House Manager, Interfraternity Council Rep- 

HUNT, CLAIRE ELIZABETH; 7 Middle Street, Georgetown; Eng- 
lish: Dorm Social Committee, Chairman; Literary Society. 

HURVITZ, KENNETH M.; 21 Marie Avenue, Sharon; Pre Medical: 
Phi Eta Sigma; Area Judiciary; Dean's List; House Council, Social 

HUTCHINSON, ROBERT BRUCE; 496 Humphrey Street, Swamps- 
cott; Arl: Delta Chi, President; Art Club; Intramural Sports. 

HYNEK, KATHLEEN MICHELE; 246 Chicopee Street, Chicopee; 
Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Dean's List; Roister 

INGHAM, CYNTHIA L.; Elm Drive, Wickford, Rhode Island; 
Education: Dorm Counselor; Education Club, Secretary; Dorm Treas- 
urer; Niaids; Dean's List. 

IRISH, GERALD S.; 9 Bayberry Road, Worcester; General Business: 
Barbell Club; Gymnastics; Dean's List. 

ISAACSON, JOANNE D.; 10 Laurel Avenue, Waltham; Journalism: 
Ski Club; Spectrum; Senior Honors. 

ISENOR, SANDRA ANN; 123 Center Street, Raynham; Nursing: 
Dean's List; Nursing Club; Dorm Counselor. 

JABLONSKI, CHESTER ROBERT; 28 Cornell Street, Chicopee 
Falls; Chemistry. 

JACKSON, BEVERLY SUSAN; Ridgeway Road, Concord; French: 
Framingham State College; Literary Society, Secretary; Northern 
Educational Service Tutor; French Corridor. 

JACKSON, LINDA LEE; 217 West Main Street, Norton; Elementary 
Education: Education Club; Lambda Delta Phi, Assistant Treasurer; 
Dean's List; Operetta Guild; Dorm Counselor. 

JACKSON, WALTER F.; 25 Nelson Street, Dorchester; Public 
Health: Scabbard and Blade; Pre-Med Club. 

JACOBS, FLORA MARJORIE; 155 Cotton Street, Newton; English: 
Collegian, Make-Up Editor, Day Editor; Hillel; Winter Carnival 
Committee; Homecoming Committee; Orchard Hill Newspaper, Editor- 

JACOBS, RICHARD B.; 141 Bonad Road, Chestnut Hill; Govern- 
ment: Sigma Alpha Mu; Senior Honors; Oxford Summer Seminar; 
YaHoo, Photography Editor; Dean's List; Area Judiciary. 

JACOBSON, GAYLE MARIAN; 7 Beech Circle, Andover; Elemen- 
tary Education: Student Senate, SWAP; Academic Affairs Committee; 
Women's Affairs Committee; Education Club. 

JAHN, BARBARA ROSS; 16 River Drive, South Yarmouth; History: 
Dorm Social Committee; Class Executive Council; Alpha Chi Omega, 
Treasurer, 3rd Vice President. 

JAMES, JUDITH ELLEN; 1836 Elm Street, Dighton; English: Uni- 
versity Theater; Roister Doisters; Young Republicans. 

JAMES, SUSAN P.; 25 Ellis Street, Seekonk; English: Class Execu- 
tive Committee; University Theater; Dean's List; Education Club; 
Winter Carnival Committee; Casino '67. 

JARNES, DAVID JOSEPH; 15 Woodbury Street, Beverly; Physical 
Education; Collegian, Assistant Sports Editor; Dean's List; French 
Corridor; Intramural Sports; Hillel; Education Club. 

JARVIS, CAROLE ANN; Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls; Home 
Economics: Home Economics Club; Education Club; Northern Edu- 
cational Service Tutor; S.U. Movie Committee. 

JEFFORDS, JEAN F.; 23 Huntington Avenue, Sharon; Botany: Pi 
Beta Phi; Naiads, Secretary; Horticulture Club, Treasurer; Chorale; 
Angel Flight. 

JOHAN, DOROTHY ELAINE; 108 Thurston Road, Newton; Educa- 
tion: Sigma Kappa; Education Club; Homecoming Committee; Dean's 

JOHNSON, ARLENE L.; 47 Chickering Road, North Andover; 
Medical Technology; Medical Technology Club. 

JOHNSON, BRUCE R.; 38 Cosby Avenue, Amherst; Wood Science 
and Technology: Xi Sigma Pi, Secretary, Fiscal Agent; Forestry Club. 

JOHNSON, DAVID MICHAEL; 3 Smith Street, Adams; Psychology; 
Berkshire Community College. 

JOHNSON, ELIZABETH L.; Rattle Hill, Southampton; Nursing; 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Dorm Counselor, 
Chairman; Scrolls; Mortar Board, Vice President; Nursing Honor 
Society, Chairman. 

JOHNSON, GERALD ROBERT; 2 West Hampton Street, Wor- 
cester; Civil Engineering: Tennis, Co-Captain; ASCE; Dean's List; 
Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; Intermural 
Sports; Phi Beta Kappa. 

JOHNSON, JANICE ELAINE; 55 Levering Street, Brockton; 
Sociology: Precisionettes, Squad Leader; Dorm Counselor; Education 
Club; Northern Educational Service Tutor; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, MARILYN C; North Main Street, Charlton City; 
Mathematics: Honors CoUoquia; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, NANCY EVELYN; 157 Chapel Street, Holden; Ele- 
mentary Education; Education Club; University Theater; Marching 
Band, Props; Wesley Foundation. 

JONES, CHERYL ANN; 16 Puritan Road, Hingham; Human De- 
velopment: Dorm Counselor; Spanish Club; Dorm Social Committee. 

JONES, DANIEL BERNARD; 4 Merritt Street, Groveland; Eoresl 
Management; Dean's List; Senior Honors; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi, 
Forester; Forestry Club. 

JONES, JERRY LYNNE; 4 Jan Street, Woburn; Public Health: 
Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alumni Secretary. 

JONES, KAREN SHEILA; River Road, Marstons Mills; Elementary 
Education: Newman Club; Education Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Alumnae Secretary; Exchange Student, 

JONES, ROGER C; 41 Federal Street, Reading; History: YaHoo, Edi- 
tor-in-Chief; Collegian; Index. 

Nursing Club; Dean's List. 

Lyman Street, South Hadley; Nursing: 

JORDAN, THOMAS M.; 914 North Main Street, Raynham; Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME; Tau Veta Pi, Projects Committee. 

JOSLIN, ROBERT WHORT, JR.; 4 Crapo Street, Marion; Sociology: 

JOYCE, PAUL MICHAEL; 19 Newton Street, Brockton; Government: 
Political Science Association, Vice President, President; Phi Mu Delta, 
Vice President; Newman Club. 

KAIMAN, DEBORAH M.; Chestnut Hill Road, Chepachet, Rhode 
Island; Home Economics: Mortar Board; Sigma Kappa, Scholarship 
Chairman; Home Economics Club, Treasurer, President; Senior 
Honors; Omicron Nu. 

KAISER, KENNETH GRANT; 344 Franklin Street, Holyoke; 
Government: Holyoke Community College; Intramural Volleyball; Pre- 
Law Association. 

KAMINSKAS, THOMAS; 340 Prospect Street, Stoughton; Account- 
ing: Quincy Junior College; Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Ac- 
counting Association. 

KANE, PATRICIA ANN; 759 Chestnut Street, Springfield; Nursing: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Membership Chairman; Panhellenic Council, 
Publicity Co-Chairman; Dean's List; SWAP; Nursing Club. 

KAPLAN, GARY ANDREW; 152 Bloomingdale Street, Chelsea; 
Psychology: Revelers, President; Maroon Keys, Treasurer; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Secretary, Rush Chairman; Dean's List. 

KAPLAN, LEONARD; 15 Coxwood Street, Worcester; Business 
Management: Worcester Junior College; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

KAPLAN, PHYLLIS SOBEL; 134 Mount Warner Street, Hadley; 
Nursing: Alpha Chi Omega, Courtesy Chairman; Nursing Club. 

KAPLAN, RICHARD WARREN; 340 Hartman Road, Newton; Ac- 
counting: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Accounting Association; Activities Com- 
mittee; Collegian; House Council. 

KARASICK, BARRY WILLIAM; 5 Monhegon Avenue, Rockaway, 
New Jersey; Sociology; Hillel; Tau Epsilon Phi, Alumni Committee; 
Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee; Dean's List; 

KARGER, LOUIS FISHMAN; 15 Edythe Lane, Peabody; History: 
Hillel; House Council, Vice President, President. 

KARLSSON, PETER EDWIN; 12 Merrill Road, Worcester; Ac- 
counting; Accounting Association. 

KASKESKI, PETER A.; Maple Street, Granville; Plant and Soil 
Science: Holyoke Community College. 

KASSLER, MARK J.; 35 Wallis Road, Brookline; Government; In- 
tramural Sports; Political Science Association; Pre-Law Association. 

KATES, JAMES L.; 15 High Street, Amherst; Accounting: Dean's 
List; Accounting Association. 

KATES, PAULA SMITH; 15 High Street, Amherst; Elementary 
Education: Honors CoUoquia; Dean's List. 

KAUFMAN, ARNOLD STEPHEN; 29 Pole Plain Road, Sharon; 
Government: Student Senate, Committee Chairman, Executive 
Board; Dorm Counselor; Intramural Sports. 

KAUTZMANN, ELEANOR MARY; 68 Granby Road, South Had- 
ley Falls; Nursing: Nursing Club; Judson Fellowship, Treasurer; Dean's 
List; Pre-Med Club. 

KEANE, RONALD CLIFTON; 22 Lloyd Street, Winchester; Eng- 
lish: Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

KEATING, JAMES JOSEPH; 30 Myrtle Avenue, Holyoke; History: 
Dean's List; History Club; Newman Club; Young Republicans; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

KEEFE, SUSAN PATRICIA; 43 Bel Air Road; Hingham; Elemen- 
tary Education: Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman; Education Club; 
Newman Club; Young Democrats. 


KELBERMAN, LYNN JUDITH; 53 Alsace Street, Springfield; 
Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; Sigma Delta 
Tau; Dean's List; Education Club; Hillel. 

KELLER, KATHLEEN MARY; 61 Abbey Street, Chicopee; English; 
Dean's List; Honors Colloquia; Newman Club; Winter Carnival 
Committee; Education Club; Dorm Counselor. 

KELLEY, BETTY ANNE; 41 Fairview Road, Lynnfield; English: 
Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Recommendation Chairman, Song 
Leader; Bridal Fair, Fashion Show Chairman; Winter Carnival Com- 
mittee; Class Executive Council. 


KELLEY, JEAN MARIE; 81 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Auburn; Home 
Economics Education: Pi Beta Phi; Class Executive Council; Home 
Economics Club. 

KELLEY, JUDITH ANN; 20 Maple Street, Lexington; English. 

KELLEY, PAUL W,; 51 Little Nahant Road, Nahant; Electrical 
Engineering: A.I.E.E.E. 

KENNEY, LYN R.; 1266 Pleasant Street, Athol; Sociology; George- 
town University; Newman Club, Executive Committee; Sociology 
Club, Treasurer. 

KENSETH, ARNOLD GEOFFREY; South East Street, Amherst; 
English: Bates College, Caesura, Prose Editor. 

KENSWIL, JACQUELINE; 49 Fairbanks Road, Milton; Speech; 
Operetta Guild; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Hillel. 

KEOUGH, JANET PATRICIA; 149 Richardson Drive, Needham; 
Elementary Education; Dean's List; Lambda Delta Phi, Scholarship 
Chairman, Song Chairman, Chaplain; Junior Panhellenic Council; Edu- 
cation Club; Operetta Guild. 

KEOWN, ARTHUR DWELLY, JR.; McClellan Road, Sutton; ^n;ma/ 
Science; Wrestling, Captain; Animal Science Club, Vice President; Vol- 
unteer Fire Department, Treasurer; Alpha Zeta; Dean's List. 

KETONEN, SHERRIN ANN; West Road, Ashby; Psychology; 
Dean's List. 

KEYES, DAVID; Liberty Street, Concord; Wood Technology: Mas- 
sachusetts Bay Community College; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

KIBBE, DOUGLAS PERRY; Saxtons River, Vermont; Wildlife Biol- 
ogy; University of Vermont; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; 
Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country. 

KIDD, DAVID R., JR.; Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox; Economics; 
Berkshire Community College; University Theater; Operetta Guild. 

KIMBALL, MARK E.; 293 Morgan Street, South Hadley; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE. 

KINCH, DIANE M.; 209 Pleasant Street, Brookline; Government; 
Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary; Dean's List; Modern 
Dance Club; Operetta Guild; Newman Club; Index. 

KINDNESS, ROBERT ALEXANDER; 15 Oxford Place, Chicopee 
Falls; English: Holyoke Community College. 

KINGSTON, CAROL J.; 23 County Street, Ipswich; History; Dean's 
List; History Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Sophomore Banquet 

KINSELLA, EDMUND AUSTIN, JR.; 7 Hayden Circle, North 
Billerica; Men's Physical Education: Northeastern University; Varsity 
Hockey; Football; Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

KITCHENKA, SUSAN B.; 24 Youle Street, Melrose; Home Econom- 
ics and Fashion Merchandising; Newman Club; Home Economics Club. 

KLAYMAN, ARNOLD F.; 4 Middleton Street, Dorchester; Pre- 
Medical; Alpha Phi Omega, National Projects Chairman, Service Vice 
President, Corresponding Secretary; Pre-Med Club. 

KLEIN, DIANE MARSHA; 81 Henshaw Avenue, Northampton; Art; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club; Commuters Club; Judson Fellowship. 

KLEINERMAN, DORIS L.; 127 Olmsted Drive, Springfield; English- 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hillel; Young Democrats; Collegian. 

KLEKOTKA, JAMES EDMUND; 110 Richview Street, South Had- 
ley; Electrical Engineering; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Lambda Phi. 

KLIMOSKI, DIANNE PATRICIA; 129 Nonotuck Street, Holyoke; 
Art; Alpha Lambda Delta; Newman Club; Art Club; Dean's List; 
Honors Colloquia; Interdorm Sing Leader. 

KLINE, ALLAN MICHAEL; 20 Devonshire Terrace, West Orange, 
New Jersey; Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Assistant Treasurer; Dean's 
List; Accounting Association; Intramural Sports; Soccer. 

KNEELAND, SANDRA MARY; 17 Henderson Avenue, Worcester; 
Government; Political Science Club; Young Democrats; Newman 
Club; Dean's List. 

KNOWLES, GEORGE DAVID; Bleecker Stage, Gloversville, New 
York; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Treasurer; Dorm Counselor; Air Cadet 
Squadron; Dean's List. 

KOBAYASHI, RICHARD MARILL; 284 Wilder Street, Lowell; 
Economics; University Reform Committee; WMUA, News Manager; 
Alpha Phi Omega; House Judiciary; Flying Redmen. 

KOHN, MELVIN H.; 86 Ormond Street, Mattapan; History; Critique; 
House Council; Intramural Sports. 

KOOK, MARYANN E.; 2367 Boston Road, North Wilbraham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Communications Chairman; 
S.U. Arts and Music Committee; Homecoming Committee. 

KOONS, SUSAN ELIZABETH; 436 Pepper Ridge Road, Stamford, 
Connecticut; Forest Management; Forestry Club, Secretary; Rifle 
Team; Lambda Delta Phi. 

KORCZYK, GEORGE; 67 Narragansett Street, Springfield; Russian: 
Orthodox Club, Treasurer; International Club; Russian Club. 

KOSINSKI, JOHN F.; 227 North West Street, Feeding Hills; Pre- 
Dental: Newman Club; Dean's List. 

KOSIOR, URSULA; 81 White Street, Westfield; Russian: Russian 
Club, President; House Council, Counselor. 

KOSTO, SUSAN BRENDA; 169 Prospect Street, Springfield; His- 
tory: American International College; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; 

KOZAK, VALERIE MARIE; 39 Massasoit Street, Northampton; 
English: University Theater; Commuters Club; Literary Club. 

KOZLOWSKI, CAROL ANN; 31 Regina Road; Lynn; Elementary 
Education: Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; Education Club, Pro- 
gram Chairman; Newman Club, Sacristant. 

f - 

KRASINSKI, JAMES VINCENT; 18 Brennan Street, Holyoke; 
History: Holyoke Community College. 

KRASKER, BRUCE; 4 May Street, Marblehead; History: Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Pledgemaster; Collegian; Intramural Sports; Winter Carni- 
val Committee. 

KRASNOW, MICHAEL A.; 4 Lynnwood Lane, Worcester; English: 
Class Executive Council; Hillel; Dean's List. 

KRASZESKI, JON LUCYAN; Brace Road, Tyringham; Pre-Medical: 
Dean's List; Senior Honors; Concert Band; Marching Band; Pre-Med 

KREBS, RUTH ELIZABETH; Mendenhall, Pennsylvania; French: 
Pennsylvania State University. 

KRUPSKY, JEAN ANN; 31 Livingstone Avenue, Beverly; Nursing: 
Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chairman, Altruistic Chairman; Scrolls; 
Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquia. 

KRUSE, FRANCIS JOSEPH; 61 Manomet Street, Brockton; Eng- 
lish: Baseball; Beta Kappa Phi, Athletic Chairman, Social Chairman; 

KUCINSKI, HELEN MARY; 48 Fairfield Street, Amherst; Zoology: 
Zoology Club, Treasuerer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

KUPEC, SUSAN JANE; 25 Vincent Drive, West Springfield; Eng- 
lish: Dean's List; Counselor. 

KURTH, BARRY C; 22 Snake Brook Road, Cochituate; Electrical 
Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma, Historian; Honors Colloquia; Dean's 
List; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice President; International 

KUSKE, KENNETH KARL; 118 Great Plain Avenue, Wellesley; 
History: Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

KUZARA, ROBERT M.; 147 Dalton Avenue, Pittsfield; Accounting: 
Bryant College; Phi Sigma Kappa; Dean's List; Accounting Association. 

KYER, PATRICIA TODD; 1047 South Street, Dalton; History: Berk- 
shire Community College; Phi Theta Kappa; Chorale; Collegian. 

KYLE, SALLY FRANCES; 30 Howard Street, Haverhill; History, 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Senior Honors; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Judson 

LABELLE, JAY LOUIS; 313 Dennison Drive, Southbridge; Civil 
Engineering: Intramural Bowling; Newman Club; ASCE. 

LABONTE, ARTHUR NORMAN; 140 Lafayette Street, Chicopee 
Falls; English: St. Thomas Seminary. 

LACH, HERBERT FREDERICK, JR.; 50 Beverly Road, Bloom- 
field, New Jersey; General Business: Florida State University; Kappa 
Sigma, Steward; Wrestling; Arcon, Chairman; Distinguished Military 
Student; Adelphia; Scabbard and Blade. 

LACHMAN, ELIZABETH ZOE; 419 Pine Street, Amherst; German: 
Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Delta. 



LADD, RICHARD H.; 75 Lyman Road, Northampton; English. 

LAFAYETTE, WALLACE; 2 Central Street, Woburn; Business 
Administration: House Council, Representative; Senior Honors. 

LAFLEUR, PAUL R.; Pond Street, North Uxbridge; Accounting; 
Worcester Junior College; Intramural Sports. 

LAFONTAINE, RICHARD ROBERT; 80 Walnut Street, Oxford; 
Accounting: Index; House Council, Secretary, Treasurer; Judo Club. 

LAHAIT, ARTHUR JOSEPH; 2 Silverwood Terrace, South Hadley; 
English: Freshman Golf. 

LAMB, PHILLIP ERNEST; 207 Tarkiln Hill Road, New Bedford; 
Fisheries Biology: Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Pru- 
dential Committee, Social Chairman. 

LANDRY, WILBUR JOSEPH, JR.; Valley View Trailer Park, Pel- 
ham; Physical Education; Dean Junior College; LaCrosse; Newman 
Club; Athletic Trainer; Judo Club; Weight Lifting Club. 

LANGAN, MARIANNE T.; 225 Oakland Avenue, Methuen; Ameri- 
can History: Women's Interdorm Council; Newman Club; Critique; 
Education Club. 

LANGAN, ROBERT EDWARD; 80 Superior Street, Lynn; History: 
Dean's List; Intramural Sports, Captain; Political Science Association; 
Dorm Government; Barbell Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

LANGDON, JOAN KAREN; 102 Milk Street, Westboro; Anthropol- 
ogy: Archaeology Club; Chorale; Dean's List. 

LANIER, JOHN W.; Box 165, Sunderland; Wildlije Biology: Univer- 
sity of Maine; Xi Sigma Pi. 

LANNON, JOHN MICHAEL; 17 Morris Avenue, South Swansea; 
Pre-Medical and Psychology: Pre-Med Club; Sports Car Club. 

LAPIERRE, GERALD; 42 West Main Street, Ware; Physical Edu- 
cation: Newman Club, Membership Committee; Dorm Activities; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

LAPOINTE, NINA M.; 189 Chapman Street, Greenfield; Educa- 
tion: Dorm Counselor; Women's Interdorm Council; Dean's List; New- 
man Club; Dorm Social Chairman, 

LAROSE, ANTONIO GERMAIN; 66 Jordan Drive, Athol; Account- 
ing: Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dorm Athletic Chairman; Intra- 
mural Sports; Accounting Association. 

LARSON, JEFFREY CARL; 325 Main Street, Holden; Mathematics: 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Basketball; Intramural Sports. 

LASHER, MARLENE G.; 49 Orchard Street, New Bedford; Eng- 
lish: Sigma Kappa, Social Chairman; Index; Angel Flight, Area Projects 
Officer; Hillel; Oxford Summer Seminar. 

LATINO, JEAN THERESA; 193 Lincoln Street, Worcester; History: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Junior Panhellenic; Dean's List. 

LAU, LINDA D.; 404 Prospect Street, Seekonk; History: Dorm Coun- 
selor; Equestrian Club, Secretary, Vice President, President; Inter- 
national Club; Honors Colloquia. 

LA VALLEY, ELAINE TERESA; 919 Elm Street, West Springfield; 
Zoology: Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club. 

LAVELLE, CHARLES PAUL; 40 Memorial Drive, Holyoke; Produc- 
tion Management: Holoyoke Community College; Economics Club; 
Hockey; Young Democrats. 


LAWRENCE, CHARLES H,; 88 Leyfred Terrace, Springfield; Speech; 
North Adams College; WMUA, Program Director, Chief Announcer; 
University Theater. 

LAXAR, DIANE MARIE; Box 288A, Route 12, Gales Ferry, Connec- 
ticut: Psychology: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice President; Newman Club; 
Psychology Club; Equestrian Club. 

LAZZARI, HELEN IRENE; 104 Howard Street, Pittsfield; Sociology; 
Newman Club; Sigma Kappa; Dean's List; Sociology Club; Northern 
Educational Service Tutor; Dorm Social Chairman. 

LAZUTIN, IRENE; 51 Jennifer Street, Littleton; Psychology-Rus- 

LEABMAN, JERRY MICHAEL; 18 Washington Avenue, Winthrop; 
Accounting: Tau Epsilon Phi; Interfraternity Council Sports; Account- 
ing Association; Dean's List. 

LEACH, DONNA JEAN; 32 Fyrbeck Avenue, Shrewsbury; Elemen- 
tary Education: Dean's List; Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Recording Secre- 
tary; Education Club. 


LEACH, MAUREEN ELAINE; 155 Shawmut Street, Chelsea; En- 
glish; Dean's List, Honor Awards; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Correspond- 
ing Secretary; Newman Club. 

LEAVITT, RUSSELL LAURENCE; 170 Boylston Street, Brockton; 
General Business and Economics; Oxford Summer Session; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Vice President, Secretary, Rushing Chairman; Student Senate, 
Chairman Services Committee, Co-Chairman Committee To Study 
The Grading System; Class Executive Council, Publicity Chairman; 
Tennis; Winter Carnival Committee. 

LEBEL, ROBERT ROGER; 1 Cyr Drive, Lawrence; Zoology; New- 
man Club, Religious Activities Chairman; Newman Choir, Coordinator- 
Soloist; Adelphia; Men's Judiciary; Who's Who in American Colleges 
and Universities; Senior Honors. 

LEBLANC, RICHARD NORMAN; 86 Ingleside Avenue, Worcester; 
Mathematics: Arnold Air Society, Information Officer; Mathematics 
Club, President; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

LEDWICK, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR.; 9 Elm Street, Hyde Park; His- 
tory: Zeta Nu, Vice President; Varsity Hockey; Maroon Keys. 

LEEN, LINDA; 18 Summit Drive, Hingham; Recreation; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Lambda Delta Phi, Song Chairman; SWAP; Recreation Club; 
Dean's List; Junior Panhellenic Council. 

LEHTO, SUSAN DIANE; 76 Main Street, Plympton; Government; 
University of Arizona; Dean's List; Equestrian Club; Young Republi- 
cans Club; Young Americans for Freedom; YaHoo. 

LEITAO, MANVEL F.; 244 Eugenia Street, New Bedford; Economics; 
Beta Kappa Phi; Soccer; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

LEMOINE, JOHN WAYNE; East Park Road, Sterling; Psychology; 
Student Senate, Chairman Men's Affairs, Executive Council; Student 
Life Committee; Newman Club; Intramural Football. 

LEMON, MARSHA JEANNE; 74 Alden Street, Whitman; Elemen- 
tary Education: Newton Junior College; Newman Club; Education 

LENNON, RICHARD DANIEL; 100 Johnson Street, Lynn; Physical 
Education: Swimming Team, Captain; Dorm Counselor; Acolytes; In- 
tramural Chairman; Statesmen; Newman Club. 

LENOIS, ROBERT GEORGE; 12 Farren Avenue, Montague City; 
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. 


LEUSSLER, MARYLOU LEONARD; 32 Summer Street, North Am- 
herst; Physical Education: Cheerleader; Dean's List; Modern Dance 
Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Winter Carnival Committee; Art Club. 

LEVENTHAL, LOIS ANN; 92 Foster Street, Brighton; Music: Cho- 
rale; Scrolls; Dean's List; Sigma Delta Tau; Musigals; Operetta Guild. 

LEVINE, ELLEN MARTHA; 56 Barber Road, Framingham; His- 
tory: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Collegian, 
News Editor, Managing Editor; Class Executive Council; SWAP, Pub- 
hcity Chairman. 

LEVINE, SANDRA; 66 Hawes Avenue, Melrose; Accounting: 
WMUA; Accounting Association; Hillel. 

LEVISON, SUSAN DEBORAH; 15 Puddingstone Road, South Brook- 
line; English: Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival Committee; 
Collegian; Dorm Social Committee; Hillel. 

LEVITT, ROCHELLE CARY; 65 Willowdean Avenue, West Rox- 
bury; Elementary Education: Massachusetts Bay Community College; 
Dean's List; Education Club; Hillel. 

LEVOSKY, CAROLYN JOYCE; 20 Rockledge Road, Newton; Zool- 
ogy: Collegian; Student-Faculty Library Committee. 

LEVY, STEPHEN M.; 7 Monastery Road, Brighton; Civil Engineer- 
ing: Swimming Team; ASCE, Vice President; Outing Club; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Dorm Secretary; Dorm Treasurer. 

LEWENBERG, FRANKLIN; 41 Longfellow Road, Newton; History: 
Alpha Epsilon Pi; Class Executive Council; Wrestling; Sailing Club, 
Vice Commodore; Sailing Team, Captain. 

LEWIS, LINDA JANE; 18 Cynthia Road, Framingham; French: Dorm 
Counselor; Operetta Guild; SWAP. 

LEWIS, RUTH J.; 4 Bradford Terrace, Brookline; Sociology: Sigma 
Delta Tau; Sociology Club; Hillel; Homecoming Committee. 

LIEDERMAN, LAWRENCE HOWARD; 16 Faulkner Street, Mai- 
den; Accounting: Tau Epsilon Phi, House Manager; Accounting As- 
sociation; Baseball; Dean's List; Interfraternity Council Sports. 

LILLY, ALICE L.: Ashfield; Recreation: Intervarsity Christian Fellow- 
ship, Mission Secretary, President; Equestrian Club; Collegian; Photog- 
rapliy; WAA Representative; Judson Fellowship. 

LIMA, DARYL TAYLOR; 124 Pleasant Street, Athol; English; Dorm 
Social Chairman. 

LIPMAN, ARTHUR L., JR.; 24 Hemlock Drive, Natick; Chemistry; 
Outing Club; Intramural Sports; Senior Honors; AFROTC Glee Club; 
Chemistry Club. 


LIPPMAN, ANNE RUTH; 549 Boylston Street, Newton Center; En- 
glish; Hillel; Education Club; WAA; University Theater; Dorm Pro- 
gram Committee. 

LIPPNER, VICKI F.; 100 New York Avenue, Metuchen, New Jersey; 
English; Scrolls; Chi Omega, Rush Chairman; Dean's List. 

LIPSHITZ, RICHARD ALLEN; 19 Ridgewood Avenue, Holyoke; 
Marketing; Marketing Club, Vice President; Hillel; House Counsel, 
Athletic Chairman; Intramural Sports. 

LIPSON, ALAN TERRY; 200 Maple Street, West Roxbury; Govern- 
ment; Hillel, Membership Committee Co-Chairman; Student Zionist 
Organization; Young Democrats; Dean's List, 

LIPSON, NANCY E.; 1437—51 Street, Brooklyn, New York; English; 
Northampton Volunteers; Hillel; Literary Society; Student Zionist As- 

LI SACK, JOHN; 860 West Crescent Avenue, Allendale, New Jersey; 
Civil Engineering; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Varsity Tennis; 
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Scabbard and Blade; 
Tau Epsilon Phi. 

LISZT, HARVEY; 65 Washington Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey; 
Astronomy; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Astronomy 
Club; Tennis; Hillel. 

LITVIN, LINDA RUTH; 11 Lyman Road, Brookline; Government; 
Dean's List; Hillel. 

LLOYD, CYNTHIA SUE; 28 Highland Street, Whitinsville; Animal 
Science; Springfield College; Dean's List; Senior Honors; Pre-Med Club; 
Zoology Club. 


LOBDELL, JOAN KAREN; 149 Walnut Street, Reading; Elementary 
Education; Westbrook Junior College; Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic 
Representative, Publicity Chairman, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic 
Council; Education Club. 

LOPARDO, MICHAEL THOMAS; 7 Speight Arden, East Long- 
meadow; Finance. 

LOVELAND, DAVID PRENTICE; 308 Davis Street, Greenfield; Ac- 
counting; Greenfield Community College; Accounting Association. 


LOVINS, SHARRON J.; 109 Cross Street, Maiden; German: Dean's 
List; Student Senate; Chorus; Dorm Social Chairman; Exchange Student. 

LOVITCH, NORMAN JOSEPH; 2033 Pearson Street, Brooklyn, New 
York; Fisheries Biology: Swimming Team; Hillel; Student Zionist Or- 
ganization; Scuba Club. 

LUBELCZYK, CHESTER STANLEY; Turkey Street, Hardwick; An- 
imal Science; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Dorm President; Var- 
sity Wrestling; Square Dance Club; Animal Science Club; Flying Red- 
men; Intramural Sports. 

LUCAS, ELAINE CHRISTINE; 234 Conant Street, Gardner; Mathe- 
matics: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Rush Chairman, Secretary; Musigals, 
Librarian; Newman Club; Concert Band; Sailing Club. 

LUCAS, STANLEY MAXIM; 362 New London Turnpike, Norwich, 
Connecticut; Pre-Medical. 

LUEY, MARTHA ELIZABETH; 9 Crescent Street, Millers Falls; 
Sociology: Greenfield Community College. 

LUKATCH, BARRY A.; 41 Piedmont Street, Lynn; Business Man- 
agement: Intramural Sports; Phi Sigma Delta, Sergeant At Arms; Dean's 

LUND, DRINDA JEAN; 96 Elbert Road, Agawam; Elementary Edu- 

LUNDBERG, MARYCAROL; 26 Myopia Road, Stoneham; French: 
Sigma Kappa, 2nd Vice President; Scrolls; Exchange Student; Index, 
Senior Editor; S.U. Arts & Music Committee, Treasurer; Winter Car- 
nival Committee; Homecoming Committee. 

LUPO, NANCY M.; 67 Summer Avenue, Reading; English: Sigma 
Delta Tau, Photographer; Dean's List. 

LYFORD, ROBERT WALTER; Harvard Forest; Petersham; Civil 
Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; ASCE, President; 
Chorale, Treasurer, Librarian; Square Dance Club. 

LYFORD, WAYNE DOUGLAS; 457 Main Street, Bridgewater; Fish- 
eries Biology: Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Fraternal Presidents 
Assembly; Alpha Tau Gamma, President. 

MABIE, PETER ALDEN; 51 Sanders Lane, Waltham; Wood Tech- 
nology: Forestry Club; Forest Products Research Society; Ski Club. 

MacCALLUM, CLYDE JAMES; 485 Wanaao Road, Kailua Oahu, 
Hawaii; Electrical Engineering: IEEE; Parachute Club; House Council. 

MacDONALD, JUDITH M.; 26 Avalon Road, Stoneham; Psychology: 
Education Club; Christian Association. 

MacDONALD, JUDITH ANN; Westdale Avenue, Wilmington; En- 
glish: Judson Fellowship, Worship Chairman, Secretary; French Corri- 
dor, Co-ordinator; Dorm Counselor; Equestrian Club. 

MacDONOUGH, JOSEPH FRANCES; 10 Raymond Avenue, Somer- 
ville; Government; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Track; Intramural 

MACHIA, PATRICIA MAY; 4 Norman Street, Palmer; Accounting: 
Accounting Association; Dean's List; Dorm Treasurer; Newman Club. 


MACHONIS, KENNETH LAWRENCE; 5 Housatonic Street, Wor- 
cester; History. 

MacIVER, BRIAN H.; 1 Juniper Street, Burhngton; Government: 
House Council; Political Science Honor Society; Winter Carnival Com- 
mittee; Sophomore Banquet Committee; Political Science Association; 
Intramural Volleyball, Softball. 

MacINNES, JOHN RODERICK; 310 Elm Street, Northampton; Zool- 
ogy: Dean's List. 

MacINTYRE, ALICE JANE; 13 Park Street, Lynn; English: Pi Beta 
Phi, Assistant Historian; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer, Administrator; 
Orchestra; Homecoming Committee; Newman Club; Winter Carnival 

MacIVER, DAVID ALAN; 128 Country Club Lane, Brockton; Fish- 
eries Biology: Beta Kappa Phi, Alumni Secretary, Chaplain; Golf; 
Dean's List; Collegian; Newman Club. 

MacKENZIE, JOANNE A.; 172 Cambridge Street, Burlington; Psy- 
chology: Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute. 

MACKLER, FREDERIC SAUL; 175 Lincoln Street, Holyoke; Pre- 
Dental: Pre-Med Club, Social Chairman, President; Phi Eta Sigma, 
Secretary; Dean's List; Acta Pro Medico, Co-Editor; Scuba Club; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. 

MacLEOD, MARY KATHLEEN; 27 Atwood Street, Wellesley; Ele- 
mentary Education: Education Club; Dorm Counselor; Class Executive 
Council; WAA; Newman Club; SWAP. 

MADDEN, DONALD JAMES; 69 Pelham Road, Amherst; Hotel 
Management: Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Innkeepers Club. 

MADOR, PAUL C; 67 Wildwood Glen, Longmeadow; Government: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, House Manager, Athletic Chairman; Intramural 
Sports; Spanish Club; Distinguished Visitors Program. 

MAGISTRI, JOAN V.; 107 Franklin Street, Feeding Hills; Mathemat- 
ics: Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; Education Club; Index. 

MA HON, WENDY LEIGH; 143 Beechwood Street, Cohasset; En- 
glish: Westhampton College; Mortar Board, Historian; Tennis; Dorm 
Counselor; Student Christian Worship Committee; Honors Colloquia. 

MAIN, CAROL DEGNAN; University Pari< Apartments, Amherst; 
Elementary Educalion; Operetta Guild, Publicity Manager; Education 
Club; Chorale. 

MAIN, PHILIP A.; University Park Apartments, Amherst; Mechan- 
ical Engineering: ASME; Flying Redmen; Honors Colloquia; Dean's 

MAJERCIK, DONALD A.; 237 West Main Street; Dudley; Pre-Medi- 
cal: Senior Honors; Intramural Sports; Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; New- 
man Club; House Council. 

MAJUNDLE, SANDRA LEE; 337 Earle Street, New Bedford; Elemen- 
tary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, President; Angel Flight; Dean's List; 
Education Club. 

MALCOLM, WALTER FRANCIS, JR.; 77 Governor Street, Spring- 
field; Psychology: Newman Club; Parachute Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Intramural Sports. 

MALLEY, ELAINE M.; 36 Lowell Avenue, Watertown; Elementary 
Educalion: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Social Chairman, President; Newman 
Club; Education Club; Christian Doctrine Instructor; Dean's List. 

MALOOF, BRUCE ARTHUR; 33 Coolidge Street, Lawrence; Psy- 
chology: Tau Epsilon Phi, Judo Club. 

MANCUSO, CHARLES S.; 140 Fulton Spring Road, Medford; Psy- 
chology: Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Social Chairman; SWAP; Class 
Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee, Button Chairman; 
Homecoming Committee; UN Carnival Representative. 

MANIX, KATHRYN; 11 Linden Avenue, Greenfield; Psychology: 
Sport Parachute Club; Equestrian Club; Newman Club. 

MALONE, KEVIN ROBERT; 1001 North Pleasant Street, Amherst; 
General Management: Beta Kappa Phi, House Manager; Management 
Club, Vice President; Dean's List. 

MALONEY, GEORGE MICHAEL; 75 Newell Avenue, Southbridge; 
Government: Phi Mu Delta; Dean's List; Political Science Association; 
Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma. 

MALONEY, MAUREEN ADELE; 354 Summer Street, Framingham; 
Physical Education: Newman Club; Modern Dance Club; Equestrian 

MANLEY, EILEEN A.; 42 McCIellan Street, Amherst; Journalism 
and English: Fine Arts Committee, Secretary; Philosophy Club; Home- 
coming Committee; Senior Honors. 

MANN, ANDREW JAY; 112 Walnut Hill Road, Newton; Govern- 
ment: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dorm Social Chairman; Dean's List; Young 
Democrats; Hillel; Track. 

MANNING, MARY MILLETTE; 1295 Elm Street, West Springfield; 
Spanish: Regis College; Dean's List; Spanish Corridor; Newman Club; 
Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

MANNING, THEODORE RONALD; 11 Parker Street, West Boyl- 
ston; Landscape Architecture: Varsity Golf; Varsity Rifle Team; Fresh- 
man Track; Landscape Architecture Club. 

MARCHAND, LOIS JEAN; 307 California Street, Newton; Elemen- 
tary Education: Newton Junior College; Dean's List. 

MARCUS, CAROL ELLEN; 2 Overlea Avenue, Milford; English: 
Dean's List; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1st Vice President. 

MARECHEK, CAROLE L.; 63 70th Street, Guttenberg, New Jersey; 
English: Kappa Alpha Theta, Corresponding Secretary; Sophomore Ban- 
quet Committee; Winter Carnival Committee; Class Executive Council. 

MARKS, JOHN SPENCER; 879 South Main Street, Bellingham; Gov- 
ernment: Chorale; Dorm Activities Committee; University Reform 

MARLETTA, JOHN; 162 Park Street, Beverly; Food Science and Tech- 
nology: Northeastern University; Dean's List; Food Technology Club, 
Secretary; Intramural Sports; Newman Club; Commuters Club. 

MARONN, CARL MASON; Maple Lane, Rehoboth; Wildlife Biology: 
Forestry Club, Secretary; Zoology Club. 

MARQUIS, ROGER A,; Bridge Street, West Newbury; Business Man- 
agement: Management Club; International Club. 

MARTIN, CLIFFORD DANA; 359 Green Street, Northboro; Mathe- 
matics: Rifle Team. 

MARTIN, LAWRENCE STUART; 50 Rockland Street, South Dart- 
mouth; Chemical Engineering: Soccer; Statesmen; Maroon Keys; Rev- 
elers; Tau Beta Pi; Tau Epsilon Phi. 

MARTIN, LINDA M.; 9 Brown Street, Fairhaven; Mathematics: Pi 
Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor; Scrolls; Dean's List; Exchange Student; 
Exchange Club. 

MASTALIZ, FRANK F.; 418 North Main Street, South Deerfield; Bus- 
iness Management: Intramural Sports. 

MASTRONARDI, MERILYN ROSE; 75 Prospect Avenue, Revere; 
Elementary Education: Chatham College; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
House Manager; Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

MATTHEWS, WALLACE JAMES; 212 Princeton Street, East Boston; 
Pre-Medical: Pre-Med Club, Treasurer; Acta Pro Medico, Co-Editor; 
Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Intramural Soccer; House Council, 
Secretary, Treasurer. 

MATUSZEK, ELAINE DOROTHY; 304 King Street, Northampton; 
Sociology: Greenfield Community College. 

MATUSZKO, JOANNE BARBARA; 4 Ball Lane, North Amherst; 
Goventmenl: Springfield College; Young Democrats. 

MAY, RICHARD W.; 781 Boston Post Road, Sudbury; Psychology: 
Dean's List. 

MAZMANIAN, SYBIL YVONNE; 8 Bradford Road, Belmont; Gov- 
ernment; Dean's List; Standards Committee, Chairman; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Precisionettes; Dorm Executive Council; Interdorm Basketball. 

McAULAY, RICHARD W.; Shedd Road, Billerica; Plant and Soil 

McCarthy, FRANCIS JOSEPH; 82 Green Hill Parkway, Worcester; 
Accounting: Accounting Club; Broadcasting Association; Newman 
Club; Dean's List. 

McCarthy, JOHN MICHAEL; 551 chestnut Street, Athol; Ac- 
counting: Dean's List. 

McCarthy, KATHLEEN MARY; 831 Beech Street, Rockland; 
English: Dean's List; Literary Society; Education Club. 

McCORMACK, DIANE ELIZABETH; 4 Ridgeway, Winchester; En- 
glish: Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

McDEVITT, MICHELE MARIE; 153 Chestnut Street. Duxbury; 
French: Emmanuel College; French Corridor; Dorm Standards Com- 
mittee; University Chorus; Newman Club; Literary Society. 

McDONALD, JAMES A.; 343 Evergreen Road, Springfield; Mathe- 
matics: Golf Team; Newman Club. 

McGARRY, JOHN F.; 68 Engrem Avenue, Rutland, Vermont; En- 
glish: Siena College; Theta Chi; Arcon; Newman Club. 

McGEE, RICHARD G.; 18 Park Street, Florence; Industrial Engineer- 
ing: AIIE, Vice President, Program Chairman; Flying Club, Vice Presi- 
dent; ASME. 

McKENNA, DIANA E.; 384 Walpole Street, Norwood; Physical Edu- 
cation: Newman Club; WAA; Basketball; Softball. 

McKENNA, JAMES JOHN, JR.; 81 Sunnyside Avenue, Winthrop; 
Government: Theta Chi; Intramural Sports; Ifoung Democrats; Rugby 
Club; Pre-Law Association. 

McKENNA, THOMAS FRANCIS; 85 Mechanic Street, Attleboro; 
Government: LaCrosse; Theta Chi; Young Democrats. 

McLaughlin, MARGARET ANN; 8 Evans Avenue, Bedford; So- 
ciology: Sigma Delta Tau; International Club; Dorm Counselor; New- 

McMAHON, CHARLES FRANCIS; 60 Buffum Street, Salem; Eco- 

McMAHON, MARY; 98 Oak Street, Wellesley; Speech Therapy: 
Newman Club. 

McMAHON, NANCY R.; 80 Laurel Hill Lane, Holden; Elementary 
Educalion: Newman Club; Education Club; Dorm Winter Carnival 

McMANAMA, MARY M.; 48 Davis Avenue, Arlington; Educalion: 
Newman Club; Senate Public Relations. 

McNALLY, PATRICIA ANN; 380 Central Street, East Bridgewater; 
Psychology: Newman Club; Sophomore Banquet Committee; Northern 
Educational Service Tutor; Judo Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 

McNAMARA, EDWARD G.; 18 Lyman Street, Westboro; Business 
Administration: Quinsigamond Community College; Intramural Bowl- 
ing; House Judiciary; Management Club; Marketing Club. 

McNeill, gilbert EDWARD; 139 Maple Avenue, Swansea; Gov- 
ernment: Phi Mu Delta, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Statesmen, 
Business Manager; Maroon Keys; Arcon; Interfraternity Council Rep- 
resentative; Dean's List. 

MEAGHER, ANDREW C. J.; 95 Commodore Road, Worcester; Gov- 
ernment: Fairfield University; Varsity Tennis; Theta Chi. 

MEAGHER, JANE ELLEN; Dudley Hill Road, Dudley; Nursing: 
Lambda Delta Phi; Nursing Club, Vice President; Dorm Standards 
Chairman; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

MEEKER, CALVIN R.; 2 Chapel Street, Norwood; History: Massa- 
chusetts Bay Community College. 

MEEKER, DONALD W.; 2 Chapel Street, Norwood; Civil Engineer- 
ing: Dean's List; Track; Maroon Keys; Theta Chi, Pledge Marshal; 
Lutheran Club, President. 

MEEKER, STAFFORD D.; 94 High Street, Amherst; Journalism: In- 
tramural Bowling. 

MELODY, DIANA ELIZABETH; Box 205, Barnstable; Elementary 
Education: Education Club; Sky-Diving Club. 

MENARD, ALFRED JOSEPH, JR.; 140 Frontenac Street, Chicopee 
Falls; Mathematics: Dorm Counselor; Dorm Secretary, Treasurer; 
Dean's List; Men's Inter-dorm Forum; SWAP. 

MENDELSOHN, VIVIAN ANN; 51 North Pleasant Street, Amherst; 
Psychology: Dean's List. 

MENZA, WILLIAM P.; 89 Florence Street, Everett; Sociology: North- 
eastern University; Sociology Club, President, Vice President; North- 
ampton Volunteers; International Club; Newman Club. 

MERCHANT, EDWARD JAMES; 10 Meadow Street, Framingham; 
History: Quinsigamond Community College; Student Council. 

MERRITT, KATHLEEN XOA; 49 Squier Street, Palmer; Mathemat- 
ics: Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Honors Colloquia; Newman Club; Class 
Executive Council; Dorm Counselor; Mathematics Club. 

METAXAS, PAMELA HARRIET; 7 Masonic Avenue, Shelburne 
Falls; Journalism: Greenfield Community College; Collegian; Alpha 
Phi Gamma, Treasurer; Orthodox Club, Corresponding Secretary; Ya- 
Hoo; Belchertown Volunteers; Northampton Volunteers. 

METRICK, JUSTINE; 323 Arlington Street, Watertown; Microbiol- 
ogy: Dean's List; Othrodox Club. 

MICHALAK, ELAINE JANE; 79 Seymour Street, Worcester; General 
Business: Accounting Association; Newman Club. 

MILLER, BARBARA JEAN; 66 High Street, Quincy; English: Oxford 
Summer Seminar; WAA. 

MILLER, MARILYNN ANNE; 19 Fiske Street, Shrewsbury; English: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Index. 

MILLER, PRISCILLA ALDEN; Box 384 BB, Easthampton; Child 
Development: Dean's List; Home Economics Club. 

MILLER, ROBERT OLSEN, JR.; 3201 St. Charles Avenue, New Or- 
leans, Louisiana; Government: Maroon Keys; Distinguished Visitors 
Program, Program Chairman; Track; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice Presi- 
dent; Class Executive Council. 

MILLER, STANLEY JAY; 7 Seaview Avenue, Marblehead; Econom- 
ics: Tau Epsilon Phi; Economics Association. 

MINASIAN, DORIS JEAN; Pleasantdale Road, Rutland; Pre-Medicai. 
University of Vermont; Pre-Med Club; Pre-Med Journal; Senior Hon- 

MINE, JACK ALAN; 116 Knollwood Terrace, Clifton, New Jersey; 
English: Phi Mu Delta, President, Vice President; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil; Fraternity President's Association; Political Science Association. 

MINTON, RICHARD LAWRENCE; 45 Orchard Hill Road, Jamaica 
Plain; Finance: House Council; AFROTC Glee Club; Mathematics 
Club; Finance Club; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

MIODUSZEWSKI, DANIEL C; 11 Arnold Road; Worcester; English: 
Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; LaCrosse; Newman Club; Intra- 
mural Basketball. 

MIRICK GEOGANN; 36 North Street, Shelburn Falls; Elementary Ed- 
ucation: Pi Beta Phi; Education Club. 

MISCI, JULIANNE; 11 Plymouth Road, West Peabody; Elementary 
Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club; Education Club; Dean's 

MITCHELL, ALICE ANN; 18 Grantland Road, Wellesley Hills; 
Physical Education: Dorm Standards Committee, Chairman; Dorm So- 
cial Committee, Chairman; LaCrosse; Field Hockey; Young Democrats; 
Newman Club. 

MITCHELL, CHARLES G.; 36 Main Street, Fairhaven; Government: 
Cross Country; Track; Intramural Sports; Dean's List; Collegian. 

MITCHELL, KATHRYN E.; 20 Rochelle Street, Worcester; Speech 
Therapy: Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman; Class Executive Council; In- 
dex; Dean's List; Angel Flight, Executive OflRcer; Winter Carnival 
Committee, Hospitality Chairman. 

MITCHELL, ROBERT CUMMINGS; 52 Cascade Terrace, Walpole; 
History: Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural Sports. 

MOEGELIN, DANIEL FRANCIS; 1 Gunderson Road, Wilmington; 
Zoology: Phi Mu Delta, Pledge Trainer, Chaplain; Intramural Football. 

MOLAND, MARGARET NOREEN; 7 Foster Street, Acton; Elemen- 
tary Education: Dean's List; House Judiciary, Chairman; Field Hockey; 
Basketball; WAA; Bridge Club. 

MOLANDER, FREDERICK ROBERT, JR.; 48 Massachusetts Ave- 
nue, Dedham; Pre-Dental: Zeta Nu, Treasurer; Hockey; LaCrosse; 
Arcon; Pre-Med Club, Social Chairman; Pre-Med Journal. 

MOORE, MARY ALICE; 143 Apple Avenue, Bellmawr, New Jersey; 
Government: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Historian, Chairman of Book Ex- 
change, Recording Secretary, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Newman Club; 
Dean's List; Senior Honors; German Corridor. 

MOORE, NANCY JEAN; 18 Tyler Street, Attleboro; Elementary Ed- 
ucation: Kappa Delta Pi; Student Senate, Women's Affairs Committee; 
Education Club; Chorale. 

MORAN, MARTIN PATRICK; 80 Boutelle Street, Leominster; Civil 
Engineering: QTV, Executive Council, Rush Chairman; ASCE; Inter- 
fraternity Council Sports; Newman Club. 

MORAN, RICHARD D.; 139 Shawmut Street, Chelsea; Pre-Vet: Col- 
legian; Index. 

MORANCY, WILLIAM ARTHUR; 19 French Drive, Seekonk; Psy- 
chology: WMUA; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

MORASR, BARBARA LEONE; 21 Manning Road, Waltham; Child 
Development: University of Connecticut; Home Economics Club; 
Omicron Nu; Dean's List; Lutheran Student Congregation. 

MORLOCK, MARY CHARLENE; 161 Central Avenue, Medford; 
Government: Dean's List; Newman Club; Class Executive Council; 
Sophomore Banquet Committee; Precisionettes; Winter Carnival Com- 

MORE, GLENN BARLOUS; 135 Fatima Drive, Somerset; Manage- 
ment: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge President, Treasurer, President; Ama- 
teur Radio Association; House Council, Dorm Counselor; AFROTC; 
Glee Club. 

MOREAU, GERALD ROGER; 18 Pickering Street, Willimansett; 
Psychology: Dean's List; Newman Club; Commuters Club. 

MOREAU, MARY JANE; 149 Sunset Avenue, Amherst; Government: 

MORIN, ALAIN W.; 42 Allen Avenue, South Attleboro; Psychology: 
Phi Eta Sigma; Track; Intramural Football; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

MORIN, KAREN HAWKINS; 42 Allen Avenue, South Attleboro; En- 
glish: Chorale; Dean's List. 

MORIN, ROGER ARMAND; 108 South Street, Granby; Accounting: 
Arnold Air Society, Information Officer, Executive Officer; Air Cadet 
Squadron; Newman Club; ASEE; Intramural Softball. 

MORIN, STEPHEN FRANCIS; 40 Canton Avenue, Amherst; Psy- 
chology: Northampton Volunteers; Marching Band; Concert Band; 
Dean's List; Belchertown Volunteers; Young Democrats. 

MORLEY, GENEVIEVE MAE; 53 Meadow Street, North Amherst; 
Botany: Outing Club, Caving Chairman. 

MORONEY, KATHLEEN MARIE; 383 Worcester Street, North 
Grafton; Physical Education: Dean's List; WAA. 

MORRILL, DIANE ROBERTA; 428 Hamilton Street, Southbridge; 
Marketing: Homecoming Committee; Naiads; Newman Club; Home 
Economics Club; Management Club, Secretary. 

MORSE, PARTICIA SWEENEY; 17 Forkey Avenue, Worcester; Ac- 
counting: Worcester Junior College; Newman Club; Accounting As- 

MORTON, JANET LYNN; 4 Lawrence Plain Road, Hadley; Human 
Development: Ohio State University. 

MOSACK, MARGARET ANN; 130 School Street, Woburn; Mathe- 
matics: Chi Omega, Treasurer; Index, Greek Editor; Precisionettes. 

MOSHER, MARY ELIZABETH: 152 Country Way, Scituate: Physical 
Education: Bridgewater State College. 

MOSTEK, JUDITH ELLEN; 20 Andrew Street, Bellingham; Elemen- 
tary Education: University Reform Committee, Secretary: SWAP: 
Young Independents: Education Club. 

MROZ, THOMAS JACK; 68 Evans Street, Osterville; Accounting: As- 
sociation of College Unions, President Region 1; S.U. Program Council, 
Chairman; S.U. Board of Governors; Accounting Association; Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities: Newman Club. 

MUCCIARONE, ALBERT ROBERT; 75 West Street, Franklin: Gov- 
ernment: House Council: House Judiciary; Student Senate, Investigating 
Committee: Equestrian Club; Newman Club; Sophomore Banquet Com- 

MULLIN. JOHN ROBERT; 7 Haynes Street, Maynard; Government: 
Class President; Class Executive Council: Scabbard and Blade, Treas- 
urer; Oxford Summer Seminar; Tau Epsilon Phi; Intramural LaCrosse. 

MULLY, ALAN RICHARD: 652 Broad Street, Clifton, New Jersey; 
Wood Technology: Paul Smith's College; Forestry Club, Treasurer; For- 
est Products Research Society; Intercollegiate Woodsmen's Competition. 

MURDOCK, MARTHA; 16 Allen Circle, Milton; Sociology: Young 
Democrats; Political Science Association; Newman Club. 

MURPHY, DAVID JAMES; 122 Dudley Street, Cambridge; Govern- 
ment: Student Senate; Soccer: Class Executive Council; Newman Club; 
WMUA; Young Democrats. 

MURPHY, JAMES F.; 15 Harvard Road, Belmont; Hotel and Restau- 
rant Management: Innkeepers Club; Beta Kappa Phi, Athletic Chair- 
man. House Manager; Newman Club; Management Club; Marketing 
Club; Golf. 

MURPHY, NANCY-LEE; 13 Enterprise Street, South Hadley; Psy- 
chology: Newman Club. 

MURPHY, RORY OWEN; 30 Highview Avenue, Old Greenwich, 
Connecticut; History. 

MURRAY, JOHN F., JR.; 56 Clement Avenue, Boston; Mathemal- 

MUSUMECI, JUDITH ANNE; 6 Wayside Drive, Danvers; Psychol- 
ogy: S.U. Program Council; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dean's 
List; Women's Interdorm Council; Equestrian Club. 

MUTTI, JULIANA; 21 West Emerson Street, Melrose; English: Kap- 
pa Alpha Theta, Alumnae Secretary; Class Executive Council; Winter 
Carnival Committee: Intramural Sports; Sophomore Banquet Commit- 

NADAN, MARSHALL WALTER; 284 Chapel Avenue, Jersey City, 
New Jersey: Government: Collegian; Men's Affairs Committee; Stu- 
dent Senate. 

NADROWSKI, ELAINE A.; 101 Newbury Street, Chicopee; Nursing: 
Nursing Club; Newman Club. 

NAGLE, JUDITH ANN: 3 Madison Avenue, Northampton; Govern- 
ment: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

NAJEMY, JOANNE MARIE; 11 Deernolm Road, North Grafton; 
French: French Corridor. Counselor; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; 
Dorm Cultural Program Chairman; Newman Club. 

NEAL, CHRISTINE LINDA; 43 West Street, Northampton; Elemen- 
tary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Historian Recorder; Dean's List; Dorm 
Charter Committee. 

NEEDLE, BURGESS STANLEY; 603 California Street, Newton; En- 
glish: Caesura, Prose Editor, Associate Editor; University Theater; Ya- 

NELLES, HOWARD D.; 12 Wildwood Street, Dorchester; Forestry: 
Sigma Alpha Mu. Steward; Forestry Club; Alpha Phi Omega. 

NELSON, DONALD ALBERT; 351 Main Street, Amherst; Account- 
ing: Accounting Association, Vice President; Dean's List; Fishing Team; 
Intramural Sports; Newman Club. 

NELSON, KAREN ELAIN; 18 Newbury Street, Woburn; Business: 
Dean's List; Dorm Social Committee; Accounting Association. 

NEWTON, LINDA COLE; 286 Oak Street, Indian Orchard; Elemen- 
tary Education: Marching Band, Librarian; Concert Band, Assistant 

NICHOLS, ROBERT T.; Main Street, Amherst; Government: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Class Executive Council; Varsity La- 
crosse; Intramural Sports. 

NIEDERJOHN, RUSSELL JAMES; 50 Putnam Avenue, Pittsfield; 
Electrical Engineering: QTV, Historian; Eta Kappa Nu, Correspond- 
ing Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE; Marching Band. 

NIEMI, WALTER WILLIAM; West Townsend Road, Lunenburg; 
Business Management: Ski Club; Intramural Sports. 

NIETUPSKI, JOANNE MARY; 51 Harvard Street, Chicopee Falls; 
Spanish: Dean's List; Chorale. 

NOBLE, MARILYN LOUISE; 26 Woodcrest Drive, Wakefield; Ele- 
mentary Education: Alpha Chi Omega; Exchange Student; Dean's List; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; Precisionettes. 

NOEL, BARBARA ANN; 12 Arkwright Road, Webster; Mathemat- 
ics: Alpha Chi Omega; Musigals, Director. 

NOLAN. JANET A.; 30 Pierce Road, Salem; History: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Panhellenic Council; Newman Club; Winter Carnival Com- 

NORMAN, KENNETH RAYMOND; 129 Little River Street, West- 
field; Botany: Holyoke Junior College; Dean's List. 

NOVACK, JUDITH S.; 35 Newbury Street, Newton; French: Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Tau. Cultural Chairman; French Corridor; 
Senior Honors; Honors Colloquia; Exchange Student. 

NOYES, LINDA U\LOKK\Co\r&m; Elementary Education. 

NYSTEDT, LINDA MAY; 93 Kathleen Street; Springfield; Mathemat- 
ics: Dorm Counselor; Education Club; Mathematics Club. 

OBELSKY, SHELDON L.; 63 Lowell Street, Maiden; History: Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Steward; Class Executive Council; Senior Week Commit- 
tee; Ski Club. 


O'BRIEN, RICHARD LAWRENCE; 25 Field Street, Brockton; En- 
glish: Phi Eta Sigma; Class Executive Council; Dorm Counselor; Dean's 
List; Oxford Summer Seminar; Newman Club. 

O'CONNELL, FRANCIS JAMES; 65 Adams Avenue, Everett; En- 
glish: Newman Club, Dorm Captain; Campus Blood Drive; Spanish 
Club; Belchertown Volunteers. 

O'CONNELL, MARY J.; 41 Hazelwood Terrace, Pittsfield; Govern- 
ment: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Co-Chairman, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Class Executive Council; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor. 

O'CONNOR, ROBERT S.; 14 Columbus Avenue, Northampton; Elec- 
trical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE. 

OCZKOWSKI, LOUISE V.; 205 Billerica Road, Chelmsford; Physical 
Education: WAA; Varsity Gymnastics; Field Hockey; Dean's List. 

OHLSON, P. KENNETH; 105 Holly Hill Circle, South Weymouth; 
Economics: Baseball; Intramural Sports. 

O'KEEFE, ANNE ELIZABETH; 15 Ellery Road, Waltham; Elemen- 
tary Education: University of Vermont; Caesura, Secretary; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Dean's List; Education Club; Women's Interdorm Council. 

O'LEARY, JOHN F.; 71 Gardner Street, West Roxbury; History: 
Newman Club; Dean's List. 

OLINS, ROBERT ABBOT; 333 Clark Road, Brookline; English: Ho- 
bart College; Honors Colloquia; Collegian; YaHoo, Associate Editor; 
Literary Society; Debating Team. 

OLSON, NORMAN JAMES; 20 Sawyer Road, East Weymouth; Psy- 
chology: Northampton Volunteers; Intramural Sports; Distinguished 
Military Student. 

OLMEDO, JAMES P., JR.; Box 212A RD # 1, Warwick, New York; 
fVood Science and Technology: Paul Smith's College; Forestry Club; 
Woodsman Team; House Judiciary; Intramural Sports. 

OLSON, SANDRA LEE; 107 Brooks Street, Worcester; Microbiology: 
Class Executive Council, Committee Chairman; Chi Omega, Vice Presi- 
dent; Revelers; Dean's List. 

OLTSCH, FREDRIC MALCOLM; 21 Montgomery Avenue, Pittsfield; 
Zoology: Outing Club; Young independents; Dean's List. 

O'MALLEY, CAROLE M.; 21 Lynwood Terrace, Springfield; History: 
Scrolls, Secretary; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer; Dorm Counselor; 
Newman Club. 

O'MALLEY, PATRICK MICHAEL; 41 Bailey Street, Dorchester; 
Psychology: Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

OMERSO, GARY LOUIS; 6 Avon Lane, Natick; Management: Kappa 
Sigma, Interfraternity Council Representative. 

ORDWAY, PETER HALE; 388 Sibley Avenue; West Springfield; Civil 
Engineering: ASCE; Symphony Band, Manager; Marching Band, Man- 
ager; Pep Band, Director; Operetta Guild; Intramural Football. 

O'REILLY, JAMES S., JR.; 5 Underwood Street, Worcester; History: 
Theta Chi, Secretary; Football; LaCrosse. 

ORZECHOWSKI, EDWARD WALTER, JR.; 7 Pine Street, Florence; 
English: Marching Band; Concert Band; Northern Educational Service 

OSETEK, EDWARD MARION; 129 Center Street, Chicopee; Chem- 
istry: Intramural Volleyball; Dorm Secretary, Treasurer. 

OSTROMECKI, PAULA R.; 91 Cary Avenue, Lexington; Fashion 
Merchandising: Class Executive Council; Alpha Chi Omega; Index; 
Newman Club. 

OSTROW, DANI; Morso Drive, Shelburn, Vermont; French: Colle- 
gian; Student Senate; Young Independents, Treasurer; Junior Year at 
University of Grenoble, France. 

O'SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN E.; 383 Nottingham Street, Springfield; 
English: Alpha Chi Omega; Dorm Counselor; Chorale. 

O'SULLIVAN, ANN KATHLYN; 21 Vernon Street, Lowell; Govern- 
ment: Newman Club, Dorm Captain; Newman Choir; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; Historian; University Chorus; WAA; Naiads. 

PAKSARIAN, JOAN PAULETTE; 555 West Central Street, Franklin; 
Psychology: Dean Junior College; Senior Honors; Dean's List. 

PALATINO, A. RICHARD; 5 Quincy Street, Ludlow; Accounting; 
Soccer; Lambda Chi Alpha, Activities Chairman; Distinguished Visitors 
Program; Winter Carnival Committee; Homecoming Committee; In- 
terfraternity Council Representative. 

PANAIA, JAMES N.; 57 Hartwick Street, Springfield; Mechanical En- 
gineering: ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; Newman Club. 

PAPEIKA, SANDRA LOUISE; 24 Beverly Avenue, Marblehead; Rec- 
reation Administration: Recreation Club; Newman Club; Collegian; 
Winter Carnival Committee. 

PAPUGA, JOANNE ELIZABETH; 55 Clark Street, Easthampton; 
French: Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; S.U. Dance Committee; S.U. 
Publicity Committee. 

PARKER, JAMES STUART; 3 Cortez Street, Chelmsford; History: 
Cross Country: Indoor Track; House Council, President; Class Execu- 
tive Council; Honors Colloquia. 

PARKER, MICHAEL DAVID; 17 Fox Hill Road, Springfield; Govern- 
ment: Phi Sigma Delta, House Manager, Flying Redmen. 

PARKER, RICHARD EDWARD: 8 James Road, Weymouth; His- 
tory: Winter Carnival Committee. 

PARMENTER, RICHARD ERNEST: 472 King Street, Franklin; 
Wildlife Biology: Arcon; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

PARSONS, PARTICIA JOYCE; 143 Cedar Street, Lexington; Psychol- 
ogy: Young Democrats, Scuba Club, Dean's List. 

PARTRIDGE, SUSAN JANE; 32 Lincoln Avenue, Little Falls, New 
Jersey; Nursing: Dorm Counselor; Nursing Club; Naiads. 

PASCOE, SANDRA JANE; 373 Court Street, Plymouth; Elementary 
Education: Education Club. 


PASKO, WALTER J., JR.; 630 Granby Road, Chicopee; Mechanical 
Engineering: Berkshire Community College; ASME; Tau Beta Pi. 

PASS, GARETH LYNN; 1 1007 Elk Avenue, Sun City, Arizona; Wild- 
life Biology: Dorm Counselor; Arnold Air Society; Operetta Guild; Cho- 
rale; Statesmen; Wildlife Society. 

PASTER, ELLEN T.; 29 Nancy Lane, Brockton; Sociology: Sigma Del- 
ta Tau, Alumnae Chairman; Dean's List; Hillel; Niaids; Sociology Club. 

PATTANGALL, MONICA RUTH; 317 South Main Street, Attleboro; 
Management: Newman Club; Chi Omega; Management Club, Secre- 
tary; Dorm Counselor; Honors Colloquia; Dean's List. 

PATTEN. BRUCE KENNETH; 54 Gardner Street; Hingham; Me- 
chanical Engineering: Flying Club, Treasurer; ASME. 

PATTERSON, GEORGE H.; 100 Riverside Street, Lowell, Physical 
Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Steward; Stewards Club, 
President; Fraternity Managers Association; Interfraternity Council. 
Rush Chairman; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

PAULINCA, SUSAN TANYA; 232 Walnut Street, Lawrence; Art: 
Art Club; Economics Association; Dean's List; Winter Carnival Com- 
mittee, Art Chairman; Caesura; Class Executive Council. 

PAULSON, ROBERT BARRY; 7 Mayflower Lane, South Yarmouth; 
Mathematics: Dorm Counselor; House Council, Secretary, Treasurer; 
Dean's List; Intramural Sports; Winter Carnival Committee; Mathe- 
matics Club. 

PAVELCSYK. PATRICIA ANNE; North Farms Road, Haydenville; 

PEARCE, PAMELA K.; 59 Havilend Street, Quincy; Zoology: Sigma 
Delta Tau, Rush Chairman; Dean's List; Lutheran Club; Education 
Club; Zoology Club. 

PEARSON, BARBARA JOAN; 80-37 215 Street, Queensvillage, New 
York; Psychology: Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer; Precisionettes; Class 
Executive Council. 

PEASE, CYNTHIA WHEELER; 104 Abbott Street, Springfield; His- 
tory: Kappa Alpha Theta, Marshal, Scholarship Chairman; Dean's List; 
Dorm Counselor; Honors Work; Christian Association; Sailing Club. 

PEDRO, JOSEPH AUGUSTINE, JR.; 14 Arnold Street, Revere; Civil 
Engineering: Newman Club; Student Senate; House Council; ASCE; 
Intramural Sports. 

PEKALSKY, PAULA MAY; 53 Lenox Street, Lawrence; Economics: 
Economics Association, Secretary, Treasurer; Newman Club; Sailing 
Club; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

Physics: Phi Kappa Nu, President. 

PELLETIER, JEAN MARIE; 6 Kenwood Road, Holden; Mathemat- 
ics: Dorm Treasurer; Education Club. 

PELLISSIER, LOUIS CALVIN; RFD Freeman Road, Charlton; Soci- 

PENDERGAST, PHILLIP L.; 19 Nobska Road, Woods Hole; En- 

PENN, SUSAN CAROLYN: 371 Russett Road, Chestnut Hill; Psy- 
chology: Dean's List; Young Democrats; Winter Carnival Committee; 
Russian Club; Hillel. 

PENTA, RICHARD HENRY; 210 Austin Street, NewtonviUe; Gov- 
ernment; Track; Dorm Athletic Chairman. 

PERKINS, NANCY CLARE; 54 Arch Street, Middleboro; History: 
Newman Club. 

<*- Uf 

PERLMAN, CYNTHIA J.; 29 Barnesdale Road, Natick; EngUsh: 
Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival Committee: Hillel. 

PERRIELLO, ELAINE ROBERTA; 551 West Street, Amherst; Gov- 
ernment; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President: Standards Committee; 
Dean's List; Senior Honors: Young Democrats, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Religious Action Group, Vice Chairman; Marching Band. 

PERRY, KAREN JANE; 65 Cloverdale Road, Newton; Physical Edu- 
cation; Dean's List; Senior Honors; Hillel; WAA. 

PESCUMA, MAUREEN T.; 39 Greenway Road, Salem; Mathemat- 
ics; Precisionettes; Class Executive Council; Sophomore Banquet Com- 
mittee; Winter Carnival Committee; Newman Club. 

PETERS, GERALD J.; 47 Hampstead Street, Methuen; Plant and Soil 
Science; Turf Management Club; Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

PETERSEN, DIANE EVELYN; 80 Bethel Road, Albertson, New 
York; Psychology; Northampton Volunteers; Dorm Counselor; Sport 
Parachute Club. 




PETERSON, JACK JOSEPH; 26 Presidential Apartments; Amherst; 
Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Debating Society, Treasurer. 

PETERSON, JAMES OLIVER; 8 Gardner Avenue, Woburn; Govern\ 
ment; Dean's List; Winter Carnival Committee; S.U. Dance Committee: 
Senior Honors; Newman Club. 


PETERSON, ROBERT JOSEPH; 103 Crescent Street, Northampton; 
Public Health. 

PETTAZZONI, JOHN GODFREY; 47 Morton Street, West Spring 
field; Government; LaCrosse; Political Science Association; Newmai 

PFERSICH, GORDON JOHN; Sunderland Road, Montague; Manage 
ment; Dean's List; Management Club; Business Symposium. 

PFERSICK, RICHARD N.; 39 Turners Falls Road, Greenfield; Ac 
counting; Dean's List; Intramural Sports; Accounting Association 

PHILBRICK, BRUCE WAINE; 31 Brae Road, North Weymouth; 
Park Administralion: Slockbridge School of Agriculture; Marching Band; 

PHILLIPS, SUSAN E.; 30 Radnor Road. Brighton; English: Dean's 
List; Dorm Counselor University Theater. 

PHYLLIDES, DOROTHEA MARIE; 86 Underwood Avenue, West 
Newton; Elementary Education: Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer; Educa- 
tion Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 

PIERCE, DAVID WINCH; 51 Central Street, Holliston; Civil Engi- 
neering: ASCE; Dean's List; Bay State Special Forces; Distinguished 
Military Graduate. 

PIHL, JUDITH MARY; 17 Wyman Street, Arlington; Art: Newman 
Club; Dorm Social Committee, Chairman; Dean's List; Kappa Alpha 
Theta, House Manager; Art Club, President; Education Club. 

PIKE, MAUREEN A.; 14 Magnolia Road, Melrose; Speech Therapy: 
Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Ski Club. 

PI KEN, ROSS A.; 63 Hammond Pond Parkway, Brookline; Govern- 
ment: Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice President; Baseball; Maroon Keys, Vice 
President; Hiliel. 

PIMENTAL, DORIS M.; 67 Hortonville Road, Swansea; Elementary 
Education: Lambda Delta Phi, Social Chairman; Exchange Student; 
Education Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

PISANI, MICHAEL JOSEPH; 436 Elliott Street, Beverly; Elementary 
Education: Exchange Student; Dean's List; Spanish Club; Newman Club; 
International Club. 

PITONIAK, MATTHEW MARTIN, III; 44 Forest Glen Drive, West- 
field; History: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Newman Club; Young 
Democrats; Intramural Sports; Volunteer Fire Department; History 

Science and Technology: Northeastern University; Ski Team, Co- 
Captain; Outing Club; Ski Club; ASCE; Forestry Club. 

PITZI, CHARLES J.; 592 Broadway, Revere; Sociology: Massachusetts 
Bay Community College; Sociology Club; Collegian; Young Indepen- 
dents; Intramural Sports. 


Physical Education. 

Truehart Drive, Easthampton; 

PLOSKI, BARBARA ANN; High Street, North Billerica; Speech Ther- 
apy: Newman Club, Religious Co-Chairman, New England Province 
Chairman; Belchertown Volunteers. 

PLUMB, BRYAN WILLIAM; 799 Parker Street, East Longmeadow; 
Music Education: Symphony Band; Marching Band; Chorus; House 
Council; Clarinet Ensemble. 



PLUMRIDGE, MARGARET M.; 6 Brent Road, Lexington; Sociology; 
Honors Colloquia; Sociology Club; Senior Honors; Dean's List. 

POCIUS, SANDRA DIANE; Oriental, North Carolina; English; Alpha 
Chi Omega; Dean's List; S.U. Publicity Committee; Winter Carnival 

POLANSKY, DAVID SAMUEL; 164 Grovers Avenue, Winthrop; Psy- 
chology; Pre-Med Club; Operetta Guild; Hillel; Intramural Football; 
Marching Band; Dean's List. 

POLCHLOPEK, EDWARD JOSEPH; 39 Maryland Avenue, Chicopee 
Falls; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Corresponding Secretary; Varsity Hoc- 
key, Captain; Varsity Golf; Varsity Baseball; Dorm Athletic Chairman. 

PONTE, PAUL M.; 106 Hemlock Street, New Bedford; Pre-Dental; 
Interfraternity Council, Secretary, Publicity Chairman; Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Rush Chairman; Collegian; Dean's List; Student Senate Com- 
mittee; Intramural Sports. 

PONTE, PRISCILLA ANN; 58 Clapboard Hill Road, Greens Farms, 
Connecticut; Music; Iota Gamma Upsilon, Cultural Chairman; Or- 
chestra; Musigals, Co- Director; Chorale. 

POTASKY. JOHN S., JR.; 48 Maple Street, Easthampton; History; 
Dean's List; Newman Club; Intramural Sports; History Club; Collegian. 

PRESTON, JOHN RICHARD; Buena Vista Plaza, Springfield; Phys- 
ics; Physics Club; Newman Club; Judo Club. 

PRICE, ELIZABETH ANN; 4590 Beechnut, Houston, Texas; Ameri- 
can History; Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing; Chorale; 

PRIFTAKIS, LEWIS JOHN; 16 Hanover Street, Lynn; Economics; 
Dean's List; Economics Club; Orthodox Club; Dorm Counselor; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

PROLMAN, RALPH L.; 44 Tower Hill; Lawrence; Finance; Dorm 
Counselor; Dorm Secretary; Dean's List; Collegian; Young Republicans. 

PROUTY, LESLIE ARLENE; 70 Eastern Avenue, Leominster; En- 
glish; Musigals; Sigma Delta Tau, Assistant Treasurer, Song Director; 
Chorale; Sailing Club; Dorm Social Chairman; Education Club. 

PROVOST, ROLAND JOSEPH; 356 James Street, Fairview; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE. 

PUFFER SUE-ELLEN; 9 Ravine Road, Winchester; History; Rock- 
ford College. 

PUGLIA, VINCENT D., JR.; 112 Beech Avenue, Melrose; Personnel 
Management and Industrial Relations; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Student Senate, Chairman Men's Affairs; Faculty Com- 
mittee on Student Affairs; Varsity Golf. 

PYE, PATIENCE SPURR; Saint George Street, Duxbury; Government: 
Exchange Student; Scrolls; Cheerleader; Dorm Counselor; Chi Omega; 

PYWELL, HOWARD ROSS, III; North Main Street, Sunderland; For- 
est Management: Forestry Club, Treasurer, President. 

QUALEY, RICHARD THOMAS; 44 Richard Circle, Woburn; Physi- 
cal Education: Football; Class Executive Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
President, Vice President, Pledge Trainer. 

QUIMBY, EDWARD D.; 29 South Normandy Avenue, Cambridge; 
Marketing: Varsity Hockey, Captain; Kappa Sigma. 

QUINN, DENNIS CHARLES; 292 Chestnut Street, Holyoke; History: 
Holyoke Junior College. 

RABINOVITZ, JOAN RACHEL; 16 Cape Cod Lane, Milton; Horti- 
culture: Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Horticulture Club, Secretary; 
Dorm Social Committee; Assistant Dorm Treasurer; Agriculture Fair 

RAE, SANDRA JEAN; 40 Westbrook Drive, Springfield; Elementary 
Education: Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; Education Club; Dean's 

RAFTERY, THOMAS JOSEPH; 1274 Pleasant Street, Worcester; 
Government: Varsity LaCrosse; Zeta Nu; Management Club, Vice 

RAMSAY, ALAN OSBORN; 177 Laurel Road. West Springfield; Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME; Ski Club. 

RANA, DONALD ARTHUR; 255 Massasoit Road, Worcester; Gen- 
eral Business Management: Football; LaCrosse; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

RANDALL, JOANN NOEL; River Street, Halifax; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Dean's List; Exchange Student; Education Club; Young Repub- 
licans; Theater Guild. 

RAYMOND, ARTHUR V.; Adams Road, Williamstown; Hotel and 
Restaurant Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Steward; Dean's List; 
Stewards Club, Secretary; Fraternity Manager's Association, Secretary; 
Innkeepers Club; Newman Club. 

^^v*^^^ ^ik 

RAYMOND, JOYCE LOUISE; 335 Maple Road, Longmeadow; Rec- 
reation: Intramural Basketball; Campus Life; Belchertown Volunteers; 
Young Democrats. 

RAYNER, BARBARA JEAN; Daniels Street, Franklin; Home Eco- 
nomics Education: Home Economics Club; Northern Educational Ser- 
vice Tutor; Education Club. 

RAYNER, CAROLYN KNOX; 6 Friedel Street, Worcester; Socioloev 
Dean's List. 

READ, CHRISTOPHER; 216 Howard Street. West Bridgewater; Chem- 
ical Engineering. 

REDMOND, BRENDA YOUNGSTEN; 822 Lincoln Apartments, 
Amherst; History: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Rush Chairman; Dames Club. 

REED, NANCY A.; Main Street. Conway; Elementary Education: 
Greenfield Community College. 

REGAN. SANDRA JEAN; Alice Street, Turners Falls; Elementary 
Education: Greenfield Community College; Education Club. 

REID, ANDREW JOHN; 44 Homestead Road, Holden; Government; 
Beta Kappa Phi, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil; Arcons; Class Executive Council. Committee Chairman; Revelers; 
Intramural Sports. 

REID. DAVID COREY; 216 Village Avenue, Dedham; Public Rela- 
tions: Management Club; Marketing Club; Volunteer Fire Department; 
Intramural Sports; House Council, Treasurer; Geology Club. 

I ' -.. ^m^^^ 

RICHMOND, LOUISE A.; 14 Bedford Street, Concord; Sociology: New- 
man Club; Critique. 

REID, ELIZABETH A.; 50 Albert Street, Melrose; Zoology: Zoology 
Club; Dorm Counselor. 

REID, NANCY ANN; Route 4, Box 179, Newport, Tennessee; En- 
glish: Alpha Chi Omega, Assistant Pledge Trainer, 2nd Vice President; 

REINHART, LAURENCE EDWARD; Planting Island, Marion; Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME, Treasurer, Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, 
Treasurer, 3rd Vice President; Honors Colloquia; Dean's List; Dorm 

REISMAN, RICHARD JAY; 948 Dedham Street, Newton Centre; 
Pre-Dental: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Hillel; Oxford 
Summer Seminar; Pre-Med Club. 

REMBOLD, JOHN M.; 84 Liberty Terrace, Buffalo, New York; Wood 
Science and Technology: Paul Smith's College; Forestry Club. 

REPOSE, RICHARD STEPHEN; 9 Lynn Avenue, North Chelmsford; 
General Business and Economics: Intramural Sports. 

REYNOLDS, HOWARD LANGDON; 43 Glendale Road, Belmont; 
English: Operetta Guild, Technical Director; Roister Doisters; Opera 
Workshop; University Theater. 

RHEUBOTTOM, JOHN GEORGE; 40 Montray Road, Glens Falls, 
New York; Wood Technology: Paul Smith's College; Intramural Sports. 


RHODES, NATALIE ELEANOR; 52 North Prospect Street. Amherst; 
Geology: Astronomy Club; Geology Club; International Club. 

RICCI, AMERICO EDWARD; 120 Bel Air Drive, Longmeadow; Mar- 
keting: Marketing Club; Intramural Sports. 

RICHARD, RAYMOND FRANCIS; 67 Maxwell Street, Dorchester; 
Economics: Massachusetts Bay Community College; Economics As- 
sociation; Ski Club; Outing Club; Scuba Club; Newman Club. 

RICHARDS, ALBERT PETER, JR.; Washington Street, Duxbury; 
Government: University of Michigan; Arnold Air Society, Assistant to 
the Commander; Military Ball Committee, Chairman. 

RICHARDS, BRUCE W.; 169 Elm Street, East Longmeadow; Mathe- 

RICHARDSON, ALAN LEE; Villone Drive, Leeds; Personnel Man- 
agement: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

RIEL, DOUGLAS DAVID; 14-4th Street, Turners Falls; Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers. 

RIFFELMACHER, GERALD J.; 73 Pine Acre Road, Springfield; Pre- 
Medical: Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; .Ski Club; Flying Club; Senior 

RIZZOTTO, EDWARD SAMUEL; 235 Central Street, Hingham; Park 
Administration: Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Alpha Zeta; Arbori- 
culture and Park Administration Association, President; Landscape 
Architecture Committee; Collegian; Canterbury Club, Vice President. 

ROBERTSON, JANICE LAUREN; 28 Melrose Terrace, Elizabeth, 
New Jersey; Education: Education Club; Young Democrats; National 
Association of English Teachers; Winter Carnival Committee; Class 
Executive Council. 

RILLA, DONALD ROBERT; 35 Melrose Avenue, Pittsfield; Sociol- 
ogy: Berkshire Community College; Dorm Counselor; Intramural 
Sports; Belchertown Volunteers. 

ROARK, JOHN E., JR.; 19 Fenwick Drive, Chelmsford; History: In- 
tramural Sports; Dorm Counselor; House Judiciary Advisor; Pre-Law 


ROBINSON, DIANE ETTA; 21 Pratt Street, Millers Falls; Nursing: 
Lambda Delta Phi, Nursing Club, Treasurer; Newman Club; Dorm 
Standards Committee. 

ROBINSON, JAMES BERTON; 331 Rosewell Street, Springfield; In- 
dustrial Engineering: AIIE, Treasurer. 

ROCHE, DONALD WARREN; 1201 Holmes Road, Pittsfield; Busi- 
ness Administration: Berkshire Community College. 

ROCHE, KATHLEEN MARY; A Street, East Douglas; Physical Ed- 
ucation: Dean's List; Newman Club; WAA. 

RODERICK, DEBORA ANN; 24 Hickory Road, Wellesley; English: 
Psychology Club. 

RODZWELL, BETTE-ANN; 503 South Pleasant Street, Amherst; Ele- 
mentary Education: Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; Dean's List. 

ROGERS, JANET B.; 123 Salem Street, Reading; Nursing: Drake Uni- 
versity; Dorm Counselor; Kappa Alpha Theta, Assistant House Man- 
ager; Nursing Club; Junior Panhellenic Council, Secretary. 

ROGERS, RAYMOND F.; 491 Elliott Street, Beverly; Sociology: Bar- 
bell Club, President, Vice President; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

ROGERS, RONALD STANLEY; 71 Knox Street, Lawrence; Ameri- 
can History: Phi Sigma Delta, Vice President; Intramural Sports; New- 
man Club; History Club. 


ROMANOWICZ, JAMES PAUL; 813 Lenox Street, Athol; Recreation 
Administration: Dorm Counselor; Flying Redmen, Assistant Com- 
mander; Newman Club, Social Chairman, Accolyte Captain. 

ROOP, WILLIAM REED, III; 110 Church Street, Winchester; Busi- 
ness Administration: Marketing Club, Publicity Director, President; 
University Fire Department; Ski Club; House Council; Intramural 

ROSEEN, KAREN; 1 Lake Avenue, Bristol, Connecticut; English: 
Precisionettes; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Treasurer; Literary Society; 
Winter Carnival Committee. 

ROSEN, MICHAEL M.; 144 Francis Avenue, Pittsfield; Chemistry: 
Astronomy Club, Founder, President; Pep Band, Manager; Band Staff; 
Marching Band; American Chemical Society. 

ROSENBLATT, ELLEN; Cheltenham Terrace Apartments, Wyncote, 
Pennsylvania; Education: Sigma Kappa, President; Dean's List; Mortar 
Board; Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi; S.U. Dance Committee, Co- 

ROSENBERG, GLENN; 67 Bither Street, Springfield; Accounting; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors CoUoquia; Pre-Law Association; 
Hillel; Intramural Sports. 

ROSENFIELD, HERBERT JAY; 26 Burns Street, New Bedford; Gen- 
eral Business Administration and Finance: Class Executive Council; 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; Senate Men's AfTairs 
Committee; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; House Council, President. 

ROSS, A. JOSEPH; 20 Notre Dame Road, Bedford; Government: Sci- 
ence Fiction Club, Founder, President; Publicity Chairman; Student 
Senate; WMUA; Astronomy Club, Vice President; Hillel; Collegian. 

ROSS, WALTER WILSON; 116 Powder House Boulevard, Somerville; 
History: Kappa Sigma, Steward. 

ROSSI, SHARON RUTH; 2 Ingalls Terrace, Lynnfield; English: Angel 
Flight: Newman Club: Sigma Kappa. 

ROTHENBURG, ROBIN; 5109 Westpark Drive, North Hollywood, 
California; Fashion Merchandising: University of California; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Home Economics Club. 

ROTHMAN, BETTE L.; 28 Byron Street, New Bedford; English: Sig- 
ma Delta Tau; Angel Flight; Oxford Summer Seminar. 

ROY, ROBERT A.; 428 Maple Street, Holyoke; English: Holyoke 
Community College. 

RUBERTI, GOERGE WILLIAM; 506 East Main Street, North Adams; 
Accounting: Accounting Association; Intramural Bowling. 

RUBIN, ELAINE RONNIE; 865 Boylston Street, Newton; Chemis- 
trv: Hillel. 

RUBIN, MAVIS, R.; 4 Maple Street, Auburndale; English: Sigma Delta 
Tau; Dean's List; Honors Colloquia; Index; Spanish Club. 

RUDGE, CAROLE ANN; 209 Burncoat Street, Worcester; Zoology: 
Sigma Delta Tau, Secretary, 2nd Vice President; Student Senate; Wom- 
an's Affairs Committee; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Angel Flight. 

RUGMAN, LENORE MARIE; 72 Myrtle Street, Hanover; Govern- 
ment: Young Democrats; Political Science Association, Publicity Chair- 
man; Belchertown Volunteers. 


RUPLENAS, ROBERT D.; 90 Sawyer Avenue, Dorchester; Zoology; 
Chorale; Madrigal Singers; Chamber Singers; Young American for Free- 

RUSSELL, ANN KATHRYN; 83 Harvard Street, Quincy; fngfey;. 

RUSSO, THEODORE MICHAEL; County Road, Deerfield; History: 
Soccer, Captain; Kappa Sigma; Dean's List. 

RUST, DONNA BIAGETTI; 32 Cochituate Street, Natick; English: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Chairman; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social 
Committee, Chairman; Interdorm Council. 

RYAN, NORMAN A.; 19 Packard Avenue, Hull; Management: 
WMUA, News Director, Assistant Station Manager, Station Manager; 
Student Communications Board; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian; Dorm 
Social Chairman; Critique; Collegian. 

RYAN, PATRICIA ROSE; 15 Bacon Street, Newton; Medical Tech- 
nology: Medical Technology Club; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; 
Science Fiction Club. 

RYER. RICHARD LEWIS; 153 Bartlett Avenue, Pittsfield; Agricul- 
ture and Food Economics: Berkshire Community College; Dean's List. 

RYSZ, FREDERICK MATTHEW; 22 Crandall Street, Adams; Math- 
emalics: Dean's List; S.U. Special Events Committee; Chess Club; Math- 
ematics Club; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

RZASA, PHILIP VINCENT: 81 Cyman Drive, Chicopee; Industrial 
Engineering: AIIE; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu, Vice President; Winter 
Carnival Committee; Dean's List; Intramural Sports. 

SALICE, PATRICIA JOEANN; Marble Street, Lee; Chemistry: Dean's 
List; Chemistry Club; American Chemical Society; Newman Club. 

SALTER, JAMES DUDLEY; 39 Oakridge Street, Chicopee Falls; Psy- 
chology: Holyoke Community College: Arnold Air Society; Flying Red- 
men; Intramural Sports; Dorm Counselor. 

SALVUCCI, DONNA LEE; 6 Wayne Road, Needham; Speech Ther- 
apy: Alpha Chi Omega; Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival 
Committee; Education Club; Newman Club; Young Democrats. 

SAMIA, NOREEN GAIL; 96 Vermont Street, Methuen; Marketing: 
Marketing Club, Treasurer: House Council; Dean's List; S.U. Special 
Events Committee; WAA. 

SAMPSON, DONALD ALLEN; 223 Pleasant Street, Leicester; Me- 
chanical Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; ASME; Ski Club; 
UN Carnival Committee. 

SANBORN, CAROLYN NANCY; 38 Hartford Street, Natick; An- 
thropology: Dorm Social Committee; Dorm Cultural Committee. 


SANBORN, EDWIN N., JR.; Rockholm Road, Annisquam, Econom- 
ics: Varsity Hockey: Intramural Sports; LaCrosse. 

SANBORN, NORMAND RALPH; 195 Summer Street, Haverhill; 
Psychology: Phi Mu Delta; Political Science Association; Psychology 
Club; Outing Club. 

SANFORD, JUDITH ANNE; 7 Mount Vernon Street, Reading, Ele- 
mentary Education: Dorm Counselor; Northern Educational Service 
Tutor; S.U. Program Committee; Education Club. 

SANIN, MICHAEL PAUL; 37 West Boylston Drive, Worcester; Rus- 
sian: Soccer; Russian Club, Vice President; Dorm Counselor: Dean's 

SANTORO, LOUIS M.; 158 Lovell Road, Watertown; Civil Engineer- 
ing: Association for Computing Machinery, Vice President; ASCE; 
Newman Club. 

SARACENO, LINDA ANN; 21 Aster Circle, Weymouth; Psychology: 
Nasson College; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. 

SARGENT, KIMBALL ROBERT; 105 East Street, North Attleboro: 
Mathematics: Chess Team; Chess Club; Intramural Sports, 

SARIDAKIS, GEORGE WILLIAM; 32 Bradford Street, Pittsfield; 
Chemical Engineering: AICE, Vice President; Engineering Journal, 
Distribution Manager, New Developments Editor. 

SARNELLI, ANTHONY JAMES; 66 Palmer Avenue, Springfield; 
Chemistry: Dorm Counselor; Chemistry Club; Men's Interdorm Forum; 
Newman Club; Judo Club. 

SARNO, ALLEN E.; 125 Fairfield Street, Lowell; History: Adelphia; 
Men's Judiciary; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; 
Student Senate; Revelers; Maroon Keys. 

SASS, LORNA JANET; 147 Sperry Boulevard, New Hyde Park, New 
York; English Literature: Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Senior Ad- 
visor; Mortar Board; Spanish Corridor, Counselor; Dean's List; Honors 
Colloquia; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 

SATTIN, MIRIAM; 18 Elmwood Park, Maiden; English Literature: 
Dean's List; Honors Colloquia; Literary Society, Co-President; Oxford 
Seminar; International Club. 

SAVAGE, JEAN L.; 981 Pleasant Street, Worcester; English: Sigma 
Delta Tau; Dean's List. 

SAVAGE, ROBERT A.; 65 South Prospect Street, Millers Falls; Food 
Science and Technology: Greenfield Community College; Food Tech- 
nology Club. 

SAVERY, LITA ELLIS; 629 Delano Road, Marion; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Education Club. 

SCAFATI, JEAN MARIE; 61 East Cross Street, Norwood; Govern- 
ment: Pi Beta Phi, House Manager; Newman Club; Government Club; 
Class Executive Council; Intramural Basketball. 

SCANLAN, NEIL CHRISTOPHER; 45 Circle Road, Florham Park, 
New Jersey; English: Saint Joseph's College; Collegian; Intramural 

SCHEELE, FRANCIS EDWARD; 1 Lawndale Terrace, Jamaica Plain; 
English: Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

SCHINOFF, RICHARD BARRY; 15 Whitney Circle, Auburn; Botany: 
S.U. Governing Board, Chairman of the Board, Chairman Finance 
Committee; Dorm Counselor; Hillel; SWAP; Who's Who in American 
Colleges and Universities. 

SCHLOTHAN, KATHRYN ANN; 3 Sutheriand Street, Andover; His- 
tory: Newman Club; Precisionettes; Mathematics Club; History Club; 
Class Executive Council. 

SCHMIDT, LAUREEN BARBARA; 5 Bass River Lane, South Dennis; 
Government: Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Representative; Student 
Senate; Angel Flight; Class Executive Council. 


SCHNARE, SHARON ELIZABETH: 21 White Avenue. Worcester: 
Elementary Education: Dorm Counselor: Student Senate: Dorm Treas- 
urer: Dorm Activities Committee: Women's Affairs Committee: Edu- 
cation Club. 

SCHOMAKER, CAROL ANN: 16 Woodland Road, Bedford: English; 
Berkshire Community College: Dorm Counselor: Education Club: Dorm 

SCHROTH, FERDINAND F., II: 90 Virginia Road, Quincy: Econom- 
ics: Quincy Junior College: Dean's List; Dorm Counselor: Economics 
Association; WMUA. 

SCHULTZ, CAROLANN; 22 St. Jerome Avenue, Holyoke; Journal- 
ism: Collegian; Honors CoUoquia: Young Republicans: Press Club, 

SCHWARTZ, THOMAS A.; 76 Gorham Street, Canandaigua, New 
York: Economics: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller: Fraternity Man- 
agers Association; Varsity Swimming. 

SCOTT, ELINOR JEAN; Maple Street, Southampton; Nursing: Uni- 
versity of Vermont: Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm Coun- 
selor; House Chairman: Dean's List; Nursing Club. 

SCOTT, PHILIP H.; 92 Woodside Terrace, Springfield; Government: 
Senior Honors; Dean's List; Area Judiciary; Dorm Counselor; Young 
Republicans, Vice President. 

SEGOOL, LESLIE ANN; 376-D Northampton Road, Amherst; Ele- 
mentary Education: MacMurray College; Education Club; Young Dem- 

SEIBERT, VIRGINIA L.; 200 Common Street, Braintree; Recreation: 
Juniata College: Recreation Club, President; Newman Club; Equestrian 
Club: Dorm Social Committee: Interdorm Basketball; Newman Choir. 

SELLS, JUDY ANN; 36 Meadowbrook Drive, Bedford; Home Econom- 
ics: Meredith College; Omicron Nu; Danforth Award, 1966; Home Eco- 
nomics Club: Education Club. 

SELMAN, JOYCE; 247 Gallivan Boulevard, Dorchester; Elementary 
Education: Critique; Education Club: Northern Educational Service Tu- 
tor: Dean's List; Hillel. 

SEPPA, ALLAN WILLIAM; Tatnic Road, Brooklyn, Connecticut; 
Industrial Engineering: AIIE. 

SERABIAN, PAUL C: 25 Rutherford Avenue, Haverhill 
Dean's List. 


SERRANO, PHILIP JOHN; 6 Lincoln Street, Gloucester; Landscape 
Architecture: Basketball; Landscape Architecture Club; Intramural 

SEVERN, THEODORE RICHARD; 3315 Ramey Circle, Orlando, 
Florida: Physical Education: Paul Smith's College; Varsity Swimming; 
Arnold Air Society; Flying Redmen; Intramural Sports; Military Ball 

SEYMOUR, PAMELA ANNE; 87 Clarendon Street, South Weymouth; 
Chemislry: Dean's List; Newman Club; Equestrian Club. 

SHABMAN, LEONARD ALAN; 37 Bracewood Lane, Stamford. Con- 
necticut; Agricuhural Economics: Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Zeta; Phi 
Eta Sigma: Agricultural Economics Club; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

SHAGOURY, JOHN G.; 365 Quincy Street, Dorchester; Mechanical 
Engineering: Phi Sigma Delta; ASME; Intramural Sports; Orthodox 

SHAIN, NEAL MARTIN; 254 Hawthorne Street, Maiden; Maihemal- 
ics: Mathematics Club, Vice President, Treasurer; Hillel; Dean's List. 

SHAPIRO, JAY GORDON; 108 Church Street, North Adams; Market- 
ing: Class Executive Council; SWAP; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Winter Carni- 
val Committee; Senior Week Committee. 

SHAPIRO, RICHARD STEPHEN; 38 Roylston Avenue; Lowell; 
Economics: Economics Association; House Council; Intramural Sports; 

SHARP, CYNTHIA ELAINE; Point Road, Manomet; Medical Tech- 
nology: Honors Colloquia. 

SHAUGHNESSY, HELEN ANNE; 50 Woodland Street, Worcester; 
Elementary Education: Education Club; Newman Club; Young Dem- 

SHAUGHNESSY, ROBERT PAUL, JR.; 91 Brook Street, Quincy; 
English: Quincy Junior College. 

SHAW, MALCOLM DICKINSON; Hatch Road, Vineyard Haven; 
Wood Technology. 

SHEEDY, JANE K.; 177 North Street, Salem; Marketing: Marketing 
Club; Dean's List; Concert Band; Newman Club. 

SHEELEY, MICHAEL ANTHONY; 931 Williams Street, Pittsfield; 
History: Cross Country; Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; Dean's List. 


SHEINHAIT, LOIS; 85 Lynde Street, Melrose; English: Oxford Summer 
Seminar; Literary Society, Co-Chairman; Honors Colloquia; Dean's List: 
French Corridor. 

SHELLEY, KAREN LEE; 3676 Avalon Road, Shaker Heights. Ohio; 
Sociology: Chorale, Publicity Director; Dean's List; Concert Associa- 
tion, Treasurer: Dorm Counselor; Student Religious Liberals, President; 
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 

SHEPARD, DONALD EDGAR; 124 Ferry Street, Easthampton; Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME; Ski Club; Newman Club; Commuter 
Club; Intramural Football. 

SHERWIN, ANNE; 141 Highland Street, Holden; English; Marietta 
College; Chi Omega, Alumni Chairman; WAA; Naiads; Swim Team; 
Panhellenic Declamation. 

SHERWIN, JANE STUMPF; 14 Eastford Road, Auburn; Nursing: Pi 
Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, President; Winter Carnival Commit- 

SHONAK, SANDRA A.; 104 Long Terrace; Springfield; English: Dean's 
List; Honors Colloquia; Literary Society; Oxford Summer Seminar; 
Dorm Counselor; Education Club. 

SHULMAN. HARRY; 6 Fermoy Heights Avenue, Dorchester; Gov- 
ernmenl: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Activities Chairman, House Manager; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Political Science Club. 

SICCONE, BARBARA JEANNE; 35 Gould Street, Wakefield; French: 
Dean's List; French Corridor, Publicity; Education Club; Science Fiction 
Club, Library, Publicity Committee; Newman Club. 

SIDERL LINDA GAIL; 49 Brimblecom Street, Lynn; /Irr, Art Club. 

SIKORSKI, STANLEY E.; 225 Green Street, Fairhaven; English: Alli- 
ance College; Judo Club; Northern Educational Service Tutor. 

SILVA, GIL S., JR.; 177 Washington Street, Taunton; Physical Educa- 
tion: Beta Kappa Phi, Athletic Chairman; Baseball; Interfraternity 
Sports; Newman Club; Greek Week Committee. 

SIMENSEN, ARTHUR JOHN; 50 Essex Street, Wakefield; Account- 
ing: Varsity Football; Kappa Sigma; Intramural Sports; Accounting As- 

SINGER, JERRY DAVID; 9 Gaslight Drive, Colonie, New York; Psy- 
chology: Dorm Counselor; Northampton Volunteers, President; Dean's 
List; Belchertown Volunteers; Young Democrats; Psychology Club. 

SINGER, ROBERT IRWIN; 7 Marilyn Drive, Canton; Hotel and Res- 
taurant Administration: WMUA; Phi Sigma Delta, Rush Chairman, 
Secretary; Marketing Club, Program Chairman; Hotel Sales Manage- 
ment Association, Vice President; Hillel; Critque. 

SKIBISKI, BARBARA ANN; North Main Street, Sunderland; Elemen- 
tary Education: Marching Band, Librarian; Symphony Band, Librarian; 
Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Education Club. 

SKOWYRA, WILLIAM J.; 192 Warren Road, Palmer; Government: 
Theta Chi; Dorm Social Chairman; Hockey; Baseball: Newman Club. 

SKRATT, THOMAS ANTHONY; 64 Colonial Road, Stamford, Con- 
necticut; Forest Management: Newman Club; House Council, Social 
Chairman; Forestry Club, Vice President; Intramural Sports. 

SLACK, JOHN FRANK; 256 Oakland Avenue, Methuen; Psychol- 
ogy: Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Judo Club, 
President; Dorm Counselor; House Council; Science Fiction Club. 

SLATTERY, JAMES MICHAEL; 49 Jenness Street, Springfield; Speech: 
Newman Club; WMUA; House Council; Intramural Sports; Spanish 

SLAVINSKY, ELAINE JULIA; 30 Lone Pine Path, Weymouth; Gov- 
ernmenl: Alpha Chi Omega; Political Science Association, Secretary; 
Northampton Volunteers, Treasurer; Winter Carnival Committee; 
Newman Club. 

SLUTSKY, NORMAN L.; 125 Byrd Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey; 
Hislorv: Alpha Phi Omega, 2nd Vice President, Alumni Secretary, Fel- 
lowship Chairman; WMUA; Hillel. 

SMALE, NANCY ELLEN; 263 Norfolk Street, Springfield; Sociology: 
Northampton Volunteers; Sociology Club. 

SMALL, ARTHUR B.; 9 Green Willow Drive, Longmeadow; Malhe- 
matics: QTV; Sports Car Club; Karate Team; Innkeepers Club. 

SMILEY, DIANNE; 85 Amity Street, Amherst; Speech Pathology: 
Symphony Band; Marching Band; Symphony Orchestra; Critique; Intra- 
mural Basketball. 

SMITH, BARBARA ANNE; 119 Holyoke Street, Lynn; Nursing: New- 
man Club; Nursing Club. 

SMITH, BRIAN HUNT; 83 Woodland Road, Waltham; History: Dorm 
Counselor; House Council; Dean's List. 

SMITH, CAROLE-JEAN; 52 Russell Place, Harrington Park, New 
Jersey; Elementary Education: Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Council Rep- 
resentative; Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Vice President; Mortar 
Board, Treasurer; Scrolls; Junior Panhellenic Council, President; Kappa 
Delta Pi. 

SMITH, CATHERINE; 12 Dana Street. Revere; Government: Massa- 
chusetts Bay Community College. 

SMITH, GEORGE LELAND; 427 Sippewissett Road, Falmouth; Civil 
Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Maroon Keys; Dean's List; Newman 
Club; ASCE. 

SMITH, MARJORIE; 19 Elmwood Road, Wellesley; Physical Educa- 
tion: Dean's List; Operetta Guild; Gymnastics, Co-Captain. 

SMITH, RICHARD D.; 9 Charles Street, West Medway; Pre-Medical: 
Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Dorm Social 

SMITH, SANDRA ANN; 14 Melville Avenue, Norwood; Art: Chi 
Omega, Steward; Newman Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 

SMITH, STEPHEN FRANCIS; 17 Exeter Drive, Auburn; American 
History: Springfield College; Dean's List; Lambda Chi Alpha, Corre- 
sponding Secretary-Rush Committee; Class Executive Council; Winter 
Carnival Committee; Protestant Christian Council; Canterbury Club, 

SMITH, STEPHEN H.; P.O. Box 41, Stockbridge; Marketing: Duke 

SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY, JR.; 13 School Street, Rowley; Account- 
ing: Baseball; Intramural Sports; Accounting Association. 

SMOLA, DANIEL JOHN; 186 Mazarin Street, Indian Orchard; Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME; Outing Club; Phi Eta Sigma. 

SMOLEN, NANCY ELLEN; 10 Reed Court, Great Neck, New York; 
Pre-Medical: Dean's List; Scrolls; Sigma Delta Tau, Secretary, President; 
Mortar Board; Tennis; Dorm Counselor. 

SNICKER, GAIL FRANCES; Main Street, Sunderland; French: Dean's 

SNYDER, BARBARA ALICE; 37 Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield; Zool- 
ogy: Lambda Delta Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Cultural Chairman; 
Square Dane Club. 

SNYDER, ELLEN; 185 Healey Terrace, Brockton; Art: Art Club, 
Vice President; Hillel, Recording Secretary; Dean's List; Dorm Treas- 

SNYDER, ROBERT JAY; 74 West Selden Street, Mattapan; Pre-Den- 
tal: Tau Epsilon Phi, Pledge Study Program Chairman; Class Executive 
Council; Winter Carnival Committee; Pre-Dent Club; Intramural Soc- 

SOCKEY, ELI WILLIAM, III; 19 Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield; Forest 
Management: Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, 3rd Vice President, Pledge- 
master; Newman Club; Outing Club. 

SOKOLOVE, ROBERT PAUL; 20 Sargent Road, Belmont; Govern- 
ment: Tau Epsilon Phi; Intramural Sports; Hillel; Chorale; Winter 
Carnival Committee. 

SOPEL, HENRY J.; 312 Court Street, New Bedford; Industrial Engi- 
neering: QTV, House Manager; AIIE. 

SOUZA, ALFRED FRANCIS; 21 Union Street, Plymouth; Civil Engi- 
neering: Maroon Keys; QTV; ASCE; Art Club; Caesura; Newman 

SPEAR, SHERRY JANICE; 215-04 24th Avenue, Bayside, Ney York; 
English: Collegian, Feature Editor; WMUA, Campus News Director; 
Symphony Orchestra. 

SPURR, GARY ALAN; 23 Tabor Road, West Yarmouth; Accounting: 
Intramural Football; Accounting Association; Intramural Soccer. Vol- 
leyball, Captain. 

SROCZYNSKI, RONALD R.; 31 Fourth Avenue, Taunton; Zoology: 
Baseball; Beta Kappa Phi; Intramural Sports. 

STACY, MARILYN NAOMI; II Chestnut Hill, North Wilbraham; 
Mathematics: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Colonel's Cadre; Dean's Council. 

STAHLMAN, JERRY TRACY; RD # 4, Box 88, Punxsutawney, 
Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering: Pennsylvania State University; ASCE. 

STANDLEY, LOUISE MARIE; 457 Cabot Street, Beverly; Nursing: 
Nursing Club; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Sigma Theta Tau. 

STANTON, JACQUELYN YVONNE; 94 Williams Street, New Lon- 
don, Connecticut; Psychology: Northampton Volunteers; Belchertown 
Volunteers; Modern Dance Club; Civil Rights Club. 

STANWOOD, WILLIAM ROBERT; New Ipswich Road, Ashby; En- 
glish: Dorm Counselor; Intramural Softball. 

STAPLES, LEE HOWARD; 136 Weeden Road, Fairhaven; Govern- 
ment: Pre-Law Association; Wrestling Team. 

STARKWEATHER, RICHARD ALAN; 69 Emerson Gardens, Lex- 
ington; Sociology: Arnold Air Society, Wing Commander, Operations 
Officer; Volunteer Fire Department; Phi Sigma Kappa; Outing Club; 
Sport Parachute Club. 

STARZYK, LOUISE ROSE; 199 West Street, Ware; Mathematics: 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian; Dean's List. 

STATKUN, CYNTHIA LOUISE; 20 Edward Street, Agawam; Elemen- 
tary Education: Index; Women's Interdorm Council; Judo Club; Edu- 
cation Club; Operetta Guild; Newman Club. 

STAWASZ, ELAINE MARIE; 167 Elm Street, Holyoke; Nursing: 
Alpha Chi Omega, Historian; Junior Panhellenic Council; Winter Car- 
nival Committee; Nursing Club; Index. 

ST. CHARLES, THERESE RUTH; 860 Washington Street, Abington; 
Child Development: Women's Interdorm Council; House Council; 
Dean's List: Omicron Nu. 

ST. CLAIR, STEVEN H.; 88 Main Street, Northfield; Government: 
Varsity Cross Country, Co-Captain; Varsity Track; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Scholarship Chairman; Dean's List; Commuters Club; Pre-Law As- 

ST. CYR, CHARLES ROY; 56 Lauzier Terrace, Chicopee Falls; En- 
glish: Dean's List. 

STEARLEY, DONALD F.; 19 Myrtle Street, Chicopee, Accounting: 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer; Accounting Association. 

STEELE, JON M.; Norman Avenue, Gloucester; European History: 
Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Intramural Sports; History Club; New- 
man Club. 

STEIN, AARON LEE; 100 Leyfred Terrace; Springfield; Government: 
Maroon Keys; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

STEPHENS, LINDA MAY; 52 Sunflower Avenue, Chicopee; Elemen- 
tary Education: Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Northern Educational 
Service Tutor. 

STETSON, LINDA L.; 34 Farren Road, East Weymouth; Home Eco- 
nomics and Fashion Merchandising: Dean's List; Alpha Chi Omega; 
Newman Club; Home Economics Club. 

STEVENS, JEFFREY CLUFF; 101 Highland Street, Hyde Park; Zool- 
ogy: Zoology Club, Vice President, President. 

STEVENS, KENNETH B.; 142 Leach Avenue, Brockton; Civil Engi- 
neering: ASCE; Baseball; Beta Kappa Phi, Secretary, House Manager; 
Interfraternity Sports. 

STEWART, EVELYN LEONORA; Church Lane, Sutton; Mathemat- 
ics: Marching Band, Assistant Librarian; Concert Band. 

STEWART, GAIL; 371 Dover Road, Westwood; Home Economics: 
Omicron Nu, Vice President; Home Economics Club; Honors Col- 

STEWARD, JAMES E.; 57 Olcott Street, Watertown; Psychology: Fly- 
ing Redmen, Commander; Arnold Air Society, Project Officer; Judson 
Fellowship; Pre-Med Club. 

STEWART, PETER LESLIE; 126 Bainbridge Street, Maiden; Food 
Science and Technology: Student Services Committee; Institute of Food 
Technologists; Food Technology Club; Sk Club. 

STIFFLE, DEAN ALTON; 114 Coolidge Road, Worcester; Pre-Medi- 
cal: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramural Sports; Pre-Law Association; Dean's 

STILLMAN, AGNES CORA-RUTH; 57 Myrtle Street, Pittsfield; 
Physical Education: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alumnae Secretary; WAA, 
Vice President. 

STIRLING, ROBERT, III; 20 Main Street, Saugus; Agricultural and 
Food Economics: Phi Mu Delta, Secretary; Food Distribution Club. 

ST. MARTIN, EDWARD JOSEPH; 2128 Providence Road, North- 
bridge; Pre-Medical. 

STONE, HARVEY RICHARD; 59 Auburndale Road, Marblehead; 
Government: Dean's List; Student Senate, Finance Committee, Ways 
and Means Committee, Insurance Committee, Chairman; House 
Council; Intramural Sports. 

STONE, MARK; 16 Margaret Road, Sharon; Government: YaHoo, 
Subscription Editor. 


STRAND, SHARON ELIZABETH; 362 Chestnut Street, Ashland; 
History: Dean's List; Scrolls; Chi Omega, Standards Committee; Class 
Executive Council; Newman Club; Special Events Committee. 

STRECKER, ANGELA LANZA; Millow Hollow Apartments, North 
Amherst; Elementary Education: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alumni Secre- 
tary, Corresponding Secretary; Newman Club; Critique, Research 

STRECKER, MARGARET ELLEN; 35 Brookside Avenue, Green- 
field; Psychology: Equestrian Club; Science Fiction Club, Librarian. 

STRZEGOWSKL JOSEPH C, JR.; 39 Union Street, Northampton; 
Mechanical Engineering: Holyoke Community College; ASME, Co- 
Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List. 

STRZEMPKO, THADDEUS JOSEPH; 198 Brainard Street, South Had- 
ley; Physics: Phi Eta Sigma; Physics Club, President. 

STUDLIEN, GENE C; 1 1 Church Street, Hudson; Mathematics: Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Mathematics Club. 


STUMPEK, EDWARD STANLEY; 23 Second Street, Adams; Electrical 
Engineering: IEEE, Chairman; Dean's List. 

STURTEVANT, JUDITH ANNE; 39 Shore Avenue, Quincy; Account- 
ing: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Recording Secretary; Miss University 1966; 
Reveler; Dean's List; Homecoming Court. 

STURTEVANT, SHIRLEY MAE; Plymouth Street, Halifax; Elemen- 
tary Education: Exchange Student; Exchange Student Club, President; 
Education Club; Sociology Club; Student Christian Association. 

SUAREZ, ELVIRA R.; 458 Center Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey; 
Economics: Student Senate; House Judiciary, Chairman; Economics 
Association, Secretary; WAA; Dean's List; SWAP. 

SULLIVAN, GERALD M.; 134 Cornell Street, Newton Lower Falls; 
Accounting: Newman Club; Accounting Association; Intramural Sports. 

SULLIVAN, JAMES MICHAEL; 40 Abbott Street, Worcester; Market- 
ing: House Judiciary; Intramural Basketball; Marketing Club; Dean's 

SULLIVAN, JOHN F.; 33 Willard Street, New Bedford; Mechanical 
Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; Dorm Counselor; ASME; Society of Automo- 
tive Engineers; Newman Club; House Judiciary. 

SULLIVAN, MICHAEL F,; 24 Grove Street, Medford; Government: 
Winter Carnival Committee; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Newman Club; Pre- 
Law Association. 

SVEDA, IRENE MARIE; 53 Larch Row, Wenham; Sociology: Italian 
Club; Newman Club; Education Club. 

SVENSON, GARY J,: 158 Nilsson Street, Brockton; £co«om/a. 

SWARTZ, ANN MARIE; 10 Pine Street, North Amherst; English: 
Newman Club. 

SWARTZ, RUSSELL KENNETH; 188 Cabot Street, Newton; Food 
Science: Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary, Vice President; Maroon Keys; 
Arcon; Class Executive Council; Student Senate. 

SWEENEY, LINDA M.; 422 Parker Street, New Bedford; Microbiol- 
ogy: Chi Omega; S.U. Governing Board; Revelers; Newman Club; Pre- 
Med Club. 

SYDNEY, HOWARD RAY; 20 Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Hill; History: 
Class Executive Council; Homecoming Committee, Concert Chairman; 
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Richardson Cam- 
paign Committee, Campus Coordinator; Winter Carnival Committee, 
Concert Chairman. 

SYLVESTER, ROBERT E.; 15 Memorial Road, Somerville; Govern- 
ment: Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Dean's List; Revelers, Vice President; 
Scabbard and Blade, President; Distinguished Military Student. 

SZYMONIK, EVELYN CAROL; 65 Chester Street, West Springfield; 
History: Alpha Chi Omega, Precisionettes; Dean's List; Exchange Stu- 

TALBOT, MAURICE PAUL; RED 1, Box 90, Ware; frencA. 

TAORMINA, ALFONSO; 196 Parkway Court, Mineola, New York; 
Civil Engineering: ASCE; Intramural Bowling, Captain; Newman Club. 

TARABELLI, KENNETH M.; 29 Paul Street, Watertown; History: 
Alpha Sigma Phi; YaHoo. 

TARDIF, RICHARD H.; 3291 Main Street, Springfield; Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME; Newman Club. 

TARQUINIO, EDWARD ANTHONY; 160 Ararat Street, Worcester; 
Accounting: Accounting Association. 

TARR, LORIN ALAN; 83 Chalmers Street, Springfield; Economics: 
Soccer; Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee; Sopho- 
more Banquet Committee. 

TASK, ALAN STEPHEN; 20 Whittier Street, Lynn; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Hillel; Education Club. 

TASKA, BARBARA JOAN; 14 Daedalus Circle, Scituate; English: 
Class Executive Council; Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chairman; Scrolls; 
Homecoming Committee; Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- 

TATTLEBAUM, DAVID JERROLD; 59 Brook Road, Marblehead; 
Government: Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Law Association. 

TENOFSKY, HARRY S.; 65 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton; Pre-Medical: 
Belchertown Volunteers; Pre-Med Club; Hillel. 

TERRY, PAUL LEWIS; Walnut Street, Brookfield; Psychology: Intra- 
mural Sports; House Council; Dorm Counselor. 

TESLER, MARC STANLEY; 47 Sewall Avenue, Winthrop; Mathe- 
matics: Index, Assistant Business Manager, Business Manager; Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman; Math Club. 

TESTA, EUGENIA C; 37 Huttleston Avenue, Fairhaven; English: 
Sigma Kappa, 1st Vice President; Class Executive Council; S.U. Arts 
and Music Committee. 

TEVLIN, KATHLEEN JUNE; 10 Bartlett Street, Chelmsford; Gov- 
ernment: Newman Club, Publicity Co-Chairman, Secretary, Province 

THALER, ROBERT MYRON; 24 Dehart Avenue, Sharon; Market- 
ing: Dean's List; Marketing Club. 

THEOFILIS, DIANA NICKY; 12 Robert Hill Drive, North Attleboro; 
Elementary Education: Chorale, Librarian, Assistant Manager, Man- 

THERIAULT, JOHN T.; 228 Dayton Street, Springfield; Food Tech- 
nology: Dean's List; Lambda Chi Alpha, Steward; Food Technology 

THOMAS, WILLIAM PETER; 20 Maxwell Road, Winchester; En- 
glish: Track, Co-Captain; Cross-Country; Dean's List; Senior Honors; 
Oxford Summer Seminar. 

THOMPSON, ROBERT FREDERICK; 76 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton; 
Pre-Dental: Pre-Med Club; Intramural Football. 

THWING, KIRBY RUSSELL, JR.; 12 Montgomery Avenue, Holyoke; 
Mechanical Engineering: ASME. 

TIBBETTS, JILL ANN; 47 Hallen Avenue, Milton; Physical Educa- 

TIDHAR, YEHOSHUA; Zabotinsky Street, Beersheba, Israel; Agricul- 
tural Economics: Student Zionist Organization; Hillel; Dean's List. 

TIERNEY, ANN; 88 Grozier Road, Cambridge; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Precisionettes, Squad Leader; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; 
Education Club. 

TIERNEY, JOHN R., JR.; 1675 Northampton Street, Holyoke; Mu- 
sic: Holyoke Community College; Symphony Band; Symphony Orches- 
tra; Marching Band; Operetta Guild; MENC; Vice President; Brass 

TIETZE, ERICH O.; 66 Upland Drive, East Northport, New York; 
Civil Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; Dean's List; Intramural 
Sports; Dorm Counselor. 

TIMSON, CATHY ELAINE; 28 Hutchins Circle, Lynnfield; English: 
Chi Omega, Vocations Chairman; Dean's List. 

TISDEL, MERRILL O.; 224 Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; Zoology: 
Zoology Club, Vice President, President; Newman Club. 

TOBACCO, RICHARD J.; South Street, Hatfield; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Corresponding Secretary; IEEE, Pro- 
gram Chairman; House Council; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

TOBIN, MARK WARREN; 104 Deering Road, Mattapan; Govern- 
menl; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor; Young Democrats, Vice Presi- 
dent; Pre-Law Association; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Free Press Committee. 

TOEPFER, THOMAS MICHAEL; Squire Valleevue Farm, Chagrin 
Falls, Ohio; Wildlife Biology: Outing Club Vice President, President; 
Square Dance Club. 

TORVI, SALLY ANN; 16 Old County Road, Hingham; Elementary 
Education: University of Miami; Young Republicans; Education Club. 

TOTON, THOMAS ALBERT; Kelly Road, Palmer; Chemical Engi- 
neering: AIChE; Flying Redmen, Treasurer; Dean's List. 

TOURIGNY, KATHERINE JANE; Baldwinville State Road, Win- 
chendon; Medical Technology: Newman Club; Medical Technology 

TOURVILLE, DIANE MARIE; 42 West Street, Easthampton; Sociol- 
ogy: Education Club; Newman Club; WAA, Bowling Manager; S.U. 
Dance Committee. 

TOWLE, BARBARA MARIE; 9IA South Main Street, Cohasset; 
Nursing: Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Affairs Committee; Nursing 
Club; Newman Club; WAA Representative. 

TRENHOLM, GEORGE S.; Box 185, Conway; Mathematics: Green- 
field Community College. 

TROCKI, CAROL JEAN; 151 Congress Avenue, Chelsea; Mathe- 
matics: Dean's List; Mathematics Club, Secretary; Ski Club; Newman 
Club; Exchange Student; Exchange Student Club. 

TROUPE. WILLIAM HAROLD; 184 Davis Street, Quincy; Public 
Relations; Tennis; Hockey; Dean's List; Phi Sigma Delta, Sergeant; 
Wesley Foundation. 

TUCCI, SANDRA MARIE; 7 Wychwood Drive, Littleton; Public 
Health: Lambda Delta Phi, Panhellenic Representative; Panhellenic 
Council; Ski Team. 

Lincoln Road, Sudbury; Marketing: 

Soccer; Gymnastics; Dean's List. 

TUFTS, ANNE RUTH; 5 Walnut Street, Danvers; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Education Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Dean's List. 


TUROVER, CYNTHIA R.; 19 Hazleton Street, Mattapan; Elemen- 
tary Education: Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

TYBURSKI, DAVID ALBERT; 63 Kenyon Street, Springfield; Indus- 
trial Engineering: AIIE, President; Alpha Pi Mu, President. 

ULJUA, ROBERT WAYNE; 21 Westland Circle, West Boylston; 
Marketing: Phi Sigma Kappa, Inductor, Pledge Chairman; Interfrater- 
nity Council, Public Relations Director; Maroon Keys; Flying Redmen; 
Marketing Club. 

UMANA DONNA LEE; 181 Court Road, Winthrop; Psychology: Em- 
manuel College; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secretary; Young 
Democrats, Secretary; Newman Club. 

UTZ, PETER; Route 9, Windsor; Physics: WMUA; Dorm Social Com- 
mittee; YaHoo. 

VALENTE, LEWIS JOSEPH; 5 School Street, South Barre; Mathe- 
matics: Operetta Guild; Roister Doisters; Dean's List. 


Framingham; Medical Technology: Student Senate; Dorm Activities 
Committee; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

VANNAH, WILLIAM DOUGLAS; 77 Fletcher Street, Roslindale; 
History: Phi Mu Delta; Grenadiers; Drill Team Commander; Dorm 
Counselor; Political Science Association; Scabbard and Blade. 

VARNEY, ALAN FREDERICK; 35 X Street, Turner Falls; Civil En- 
gineering: ASCE. 

VARNEY, LINDA; 1057 Main Street, Wakefield; Nursing: Nursing 
Club; School Affairs Committee. 

VASIL, RICHARD D.; 51 Colwell Street, Dedham; Accounting: Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha, Assistant Treasurer, Athletic Chairman; Interfraternity 
Council; Orthodox Club; Accounting Association. 

VAUNDELL, DONALD CLIFFORD, JR.; Box 187 Carpenter Hill 
Road, Charlton City; Accounting: Worcester Junior College. 

VENTI, MARTHA FRANCES; 447 Worcester Avenue, Pittsfield; 
Government: Student Senate; Class Executive Council; International 
Club; Young Democrats; Newman Club. 

VICKERY, DAVID BRUCE; 125 South Main Street, Mansfield; Ac- 
counting: Flying Redmen; Accounting Association, Treasurer; Dean's 
List; Pre-Med Club. 

VINCENT, RONALD FRANK; 841 Chicopee Street, Willimansett; 
Economics: Holyoke Community College; Economics Association. 


VINCUNAS, JAMES RICHARD; 135 Peach Street, Braintree; Gov- 
ernment: Judo Club; Newman Club; House Council, Secretary; Intra- 
mural Football. 

VORSE, EILEEN MARIE; 7 Wellesley Circle, South Hadley; English: 
Chorale; Newman Club; Dorm Social Committee. 

WALKER, ARLENE; 200 North Street, Danvers; Mathematics: Gym- 


WALKER, HAROLD WALTER; 85 High Street, Newton; European 
History: House Constitutional Committee; House Council; Dean's List; 
Honors Work; Newman Club; History Club. 

WALLS, GERALD WINSLOW; 82 Webster Street, Rockland; Elemen- 
tary Education: Football, Co-Captain. 

WALTER, ALFRED KURT; Washington Park, Norwell; Chemical 
Engineering: Scabbard and Blade, Social Chairman; Rifle Team; AIChE. 

WALTY, ROBERT K.; 21 French Street, North Quincy; Geology: 
Astronomy Club; Intramural Bowling, Captain. 

WARBURTON, DIANA; 52 Munsey Avenue, Swansea; English: Dorm 
Counselor; Operetta Guild; Dean's List. 

WARD, COLLEEN JANE; 670 Crane Avenue, Pittsfield; European 
History: Equestrian Club; Newman Club; Newman Choir; Home Eco- 
nomics Club. 

WARD, RICHARD A.; 968 Highland Avenue, Medford; History; Alpha 
Sigma Phi; YaHoo. 

WARDROP, THOMAS WILLIAM; 56 Pearl Street, Holliston; Eco- 
nomics: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Beta Kap- 
pa Phi, Secretary; Men's Judiciary, Chief Justice; Class Executive Coun- 
cil; SWAP; Winter Carnival Committee. 

WATERMAN, JOAN IRENE; 72 Highland Street, Athol; History: 
Dorm Counselor; Student Senate, Services Committee; Northern Edu- 
cational Service Tutor. 

WATSON, ROBERT W.; 176 Leicester Street, Auburn; Landscape 
Architecture: Wentworth Institute; Dorm Counselor. 

WEBB, MARTHA CARRINGTON; 21 Purington Avenue, Natick; 
Elementary Education: Marching Band, Secretary, Publicity Manager; 
Symphony Band, Secretary, Publicity Manager; Education Club; Orches- 
tra; Sophomore Banquet Committee. 

WEBER, PAUL A.; 3 Bradford Road, Lynn; Government: Newman 
Club; Class Executive Council; Young Democrats; Tau Epsilon Phi; 
Dorm Vice President; Winter Carnival Committee. 

WECKSTEIN, STEVEN ARTHUR; 42 Coolidge Road, Maplewood, 
New Jersey; Wood Technology: Paul Smith's College; Alpha Zeta; 
Dean's List; Intramural Sports; Barbell Club; Forestry Club. 

WEINBERG, EDWARD DANIEL; 61 Taylor Street, Pittsfield; Phys- 
ics: Physics Club, Vice President, Treasurer. 

WEINBERG, PHYLLIS G.; 176 Fairmount Street, Dorchester; Elemen- 
tary Education; Exchange Student; Hillel; Education Club; Ski Club; 
Exchange Club. 

WELSH, RAYMOND MATTHEW, JR.; 216 Main Street, Turners 
Falls; Microbiology; Dorm Counselor; House Council; Tennis Team; 
Intramural Sports. 

WELSH, WILLIAM ALLAN; 135 Prospect Street, South Hadley Falls; 
History: Newman Club. 

WERNER, ANN E.; 1272 Beacon Street, Brookline; English; Collegian; 
Operetta Guild; Hillel; Student Zionist Organization, Secretary, Regional 
Executive Officer; Mathematics Club. 

WEST, MARK JOSEPH; 70 Gleason Road, Lexington; Zoology; Zeta 
Nu, President, Vice President; Interfraternity Council Representative. 

WESTLEY, JANET MARIE; 2602 Arbor Road, Broomall, Pennsyl- 
vania; Mathematics; University of Georgia; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Op- 
eretta Guild; Newman Club; Literary Society; Dorm Program Com- 

WEXLER, BARRY HOWARD; 55 Rosalie Road, Newton Centre; 
History: Sigma Alpha Mu, Secretary, Scholarship Chairman; Young 
Democrats; Student Zionist Organization; Hillel. 

WHEELER, CAROLYN MARIA; 69 Pearl Street, Holyoke; English; 
Valparaiso University; Iota Gamma Upsilon; Tennis; Sport Parachute 

WHELAN, JANET L.; 90 Hardy Pond Road, Waltham; English: 
Caesura; YaHoo; Equestrian Club; Dean's List. 

WHITCOMB, SANDRA SUSAN; 5 Colonial Terrace, Chelmsford; 
Sociology: Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean's List; Scrolls; Class Executive 
Council; Exchange Student; Art Club. 

WHITE, ALAN I.; 69 Homestead Street, Newton; History: Alpha Ep- 
silon Pi, Athletic Chairman; Intramural Sports; Pre-Law Association; 

WHITE, ALAN LEWIS; 619 Linwood Avenue, CoUingswood, New 
Jersey; Economics: Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledge Trainer, Sing Chairman, 
Assistant Social and Rushing Chairman; Intramural Football; Roister 
Doisters; Economics Club; Young Republicans. 

WHITE, BARRY DONALD; 125 Fernwood Drive, East Longmeadow; 
American History. 

WHITE, GEORGE H.; 66 North Main Street, Whitinsville; Govern- 
ment: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain; Track; Dorm Social Chairman; 
Dorm Athletic Chairman; Pre -Law Association. 

WHITE, JUDITH A.; 644 Adams Street, Milton; Government: Iota 
Gamma Upsilon, Rush Chairman; Dorm Counselor; Young Democrats; 
Dean's List. 

WHITE, ROBERT W.; 76 Crane Hill Road, Wilbraham; Chemistry: 
Dean's List; Scuba Club; Parachute Club; Ski Club. 

Newton; Art: Iota Gamma Upsilon, President, Panhellenic Council 
Representative; Swimming Team; Newman Club; Art Club; Dean's 

WHITMAN, DONNA LEE; 606 Crescent Street, Brockton; Elemen- 
tary Education: Education Club, Dorm Representative; Dean's List. 

WHITMAN, ROY KENT; West Brookfield Road, North Brookfield; 
Animal Science: Scabbard and Blade; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

WHITMARSH, RONALD PAUL; 16 Danforth Avenue, Pittsfield; 

WHITNEY, GAIL IRENE; Church Street, Bernardston; English: As- 
sociation for Computing Machinery; Political Science Association. 

WHITNEY, JEFFREY DONALD; 16 Gold Street, Greenfield; Govern- 
ment: Baseball. 

WHITNEY, SUZANNE MARION; 30 Rose Court, Buffalo, New 
York; English: Dorm Counselor; Class Executive Council; Literary 

WHITWORTH, DAVID WILLIAM; 67 Whittier Street, Andover; Ac- 
counting: Phi Mu Delta, Sergeant At Arms; Accounting Association; 
Political Science Club. 

WHITWORTH, THOMAS, III; 16 Hemlock Drive, Canton; Mathe 
matics: Dorm Counselor. 

WIGGINS, CAROL LEE; 71 Fletcher Road, Bedford; Medical Tech- 
nology: Pi Beta Phi; WAA Ski Team, Co-Captain; S.U. Arts and Mu- 
sic Committee; Medical Technology Club, Secretary; Dean's List. 

WILFERTH, JOHN CHARLES; 214 Britton Street, Fairview; Person- 
nel Management: Management Club; Arnold Air Society; Dean's List; 
Senior Honors. 

WILKEY, JAMES RALPH; 9 Hemlock Street, Danvers; Mathematics: 
Class Vice President; Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- 
sities; Beta Kappa Phi; Homecoming Committee, Vice Chairman; Win- 
ter Carnival Committee, Chairman; Senior Week Committee, Chair- 

WILLARD, WALTER G.; 60 Monroe Street, Agawam; Psychology: 
Newman Club; Intramural Sports; Dorm Athletic Chairman; Soccer. 

WILLIAMS, JEANNE HISCOX; Healy Road, Dudley; Zoology: Zool- 
ogy Club; Chorale; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List. 

WILLIAMS, LINDSAY ANN; 80 Orchard Street, Adams; Anthropol- 
ogy: Young Independents, Secretary; Critique, Managing Secretary; 
Archery Club; Dorm Program Committee; International Club. 

WILLIAMS, PRISCILLA BRAINERD; Plumtree Road, Sunderland; 
Elementary Education: Holyoke Community College. 

WILLIAMS, SHARON JANE; 4 Main Boulevard, Shrewsbury; Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Administration: Operetta Guild, Personnel Co- 
ordinator; Roister Doisters; Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Newman 
Club; Home Economics Club. 

WILLIG, GEOFFREY R.; 714 Lincoln Apartments, Amherst; Eco- 
nomics: Bates College; Dean's List. 

WILLIS, CLAUDIA MARIA; 655 Dedham Street, Wrentham; Gov- 
ernment: Jackson College; Dean's List; Mortar Board; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Scholarship Chairman, Public Relations Chairman; Index, 
Senior Editor, Campus Life Editor; Spanish Corridor, Social Chairman; 
Senior Honors. 

WILLOUGHBY, LIONEL P., II; 132 Glenway Street, Dorchester; 
Pre-Medical: Outing Club; Square Dance Club, Treasurer; Alpha Phi 
Omega, Alumni News Editor, Pledge Class President; Marching Band; 
Pre-Med Club; Concert Band. 

WINDHEIM, MARGARET MARY; 10 Lawsbrook Road, West Con- 
cord; Elementary Education: Intramural Softball; Education Club; New- 
man Club; Dorm Standards Committee, Assistant Chairman; Dean's 

WING, DONALD; 62 Pierce Street, Greenfield; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: Dorm Counselor; Head Counselor. 

WINSOR, NANCY ELLEN; 2 Birchwood Terrace, Fanwood, New 
Jersey; Zoology: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Dean's List. 

WINTTURI, WALTER WERNER, JR.; Knower Road. Westminster; 
Forestry: Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta. 

WISEMON, MARCIA M.; 1081 Slade Street, Fall River; Recreation 
Administration: Equestrian Club; Dorm Social Chairman; Recreation 
Club; Hillel. 

WITKOWSKI, BARBARA ELAINE; 89 Anniversary Street, Spring- 
field; Elementary Education: Newman Club; Education Club; Tennis. 

WOJNAROWICZ, JOHN JOSEPH; 75 1/2 Seymour Street, Worcester; 
Accounting: Dean's List; Newman Club. 

WOJTKUN, CATHERINE T.; 19 Moraine Street, Andover; Elemen- 
tary Education: Women's Judiciary; Pi Beta Phi; Dorm Counselor; 
Education Club; Newman Club; Women's Interdorm Council. 

WOLFE, BURTON STEPHAN; 37 Stuart Road, Newton Centre; 
Hotel and Restaurant Management: Class Executive Council; Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman; Winter Carnival Committee; Young 
Republicans; History Club. 

WOLFE, JOHN CHESTER; Hillside Road, Southwick; Zoology: 
Marching Band; Zoology Club; Dean's List. 


WOLLENHAUPT, PAUL E.; 47 Barnstable Street, Swampscott; 
Landscape Architecture: Dorm Counselor; Landscape Architecture 
Club; Rifle Club; Intramural Sports. 

WOOD, GAIL VIVIAN; 136 Fay's Avenue, Lynn; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Dorm Counselor; Judson Fellowship, Publicity Chairman; Edu- 
cation Club. 

WOOD, JAMES McKEEN; 76 Groton School Road, Ayer; Mechanical 
Engineering: Freshman Honors Colloquia; ASME, Secretary; Dean's 
List; Intramural Sports. 

WOODARD, ROBERTA ANN; 364 Davis Street, Greenfield; Fashion 
Merchandising: Greenfield Community College; Home Economics 
Club; Dean's List. 

WOODBURY, JUDITH ANNE; 126 Liberty Street, Middleton; Ele- 
mentary Education: Iota Gamma Upsilon, Song Chairman; Education 
Club; Newman Club. 

WOODLAND, RONALD BERTRAM; West Street, West Hatfield; 
Geology: Northeastern University; Astronomy Club, Chairman. 

WORTHEN, CAROL LYNN; 55 Locust Street, Lynnfield, Education: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Naiads; Education Club. 

WRIGHT, BLANCHE LOUISE; 197 Topsfield Road, Ipswich; Zool- 
ogy: Newman Club; Dorm Social Committee, Chairman; Northern Ed- 
ucational Service Tutor; Zoology Club, Secretary. 

WRIGHT, CHRISTINE ELIZABETH; 17 Nelson Street, Chicopee; 
Elementary Education: Education Club; Young Democrats; Belcher- 
town Volunteers; Sociology Club; Psychology Club. 

WRIGHT, DIANE LOIS; 1 1 1 Holden Street, Holden; Human Develop- 
ment: Worcester State College; International Club, Secretary; Home 
Economics Club; Equestrian Club. 

WRIGHT, JOSEPH CLARK; 1879 Magnolia Way, Walnut Creek, 
California; Government: San Francisco State College; Campus Crusade 
for Christ, President; Arnold Air Society; Dorm Counselor. 

WRIGHT, HENRY JOSEPH; 26989 Havelock Drive, Dearborn Heights, 
Michigan; Accounting: Dorm Counselor; Accounting Association; In- 
tramural Sports. 

WRIGHT, RANDOLPH ELLISON; 382-C Northampton Road, Am- 
herst; Landscape A rchitecture. 

WYANT, AGNES K.; 148 Stuart Avenue, Fitchburg; Art: College of 
Our Lady of the Elms; Collegian; Spanish Corridor; Equestrian Club; 
Dean's List; Winter Carnival Fashion Show. 

WYMAN, CHARLES ELY; 316 Log Plain Road, Greenfield; Chemical 
Engineering: Columbia University; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer; AIChE, 
Treasurer; House Council, Social Chairman; Engineering Journal; In- 
tramural Sports; ASCE. 

WYSER, WENYON W., JR.; 60 Sawmill Road, Bristol, Connecticut; 
Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chairman; Class Executive 
Council; Swim Team; Arcon; Interfraternity Council. 

YAKAVONIS, ANNE CLAIRE; 789 North Main Street, Brockton; 
Mathematics: Alpha Chi Omega, Warden, Panhellenic Representative; 
Class Executive Council; Mortar Board, President; Panhellenic Council, 
Treasurer; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha 
Lambda Delta. 

YAVNER, IRA JASON; 207 Grovers Avenue, Winthrop; Physical 
Education: Maroon Key; Theta Chi; Varsity LaCrosse; All Star Intra- 
mural Football. 

YEAGER, SAMUEL JAMES, III; 48 Vernon Street, Greenfield; His- 
tory: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledgemaster; Arnold Air Society; Ski Club. 

YEE, ROBERT H.; 860 Huntington Avenue, Boston; Electrical En- 
gineering: Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Vice President; Dean's List; 
IEEE; Winter Carnival Committee; Intramural Soccer. 

YEE, ROGER HON; 860 Huntington Avenue, Boston; Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; Industrial De- 
sign; Pistol Team; Outing Club. 

YELLE, RAYMOND PAUL, JR.; 100 Bay Street, Taunton; Park Ad- 
ministration: Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Dorm Counselor; 
Dean's List; Arboriculture and Park Administration Association. 

YENDFSKY, RICHARD LEE; 42 Connolly Street, Randolph; Zool- 
ogy: Pre-Med Club; Zoology Club, Chess Club, Dorm Counselor. 

YORKE, MARIA ELANA; 403 Nichols Avenue, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware; Chemistry: Outing Club; Dean's List; American Chemical So- 
ciety; Newman Club; Rifle Team. 

YOUNG, CATHERINE B.; 7 Highland Street, Attleboro; Latin: Dean's 
List; International Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Social Committee; 
Unitarian Youth Group. 

YOUNG, DEBORAH ANNE; 20-A Davis Road, Westover Air Force 
Base; Elementary Education; Whitman College; Index. 

YOUNG, JUDITH MARIAN; 36 Hunt Avenue, Braintree; Elemen- 
tary Education: Education Club; Dean's List. 

YUKNA, CAROLYN ANN; 16 Lansdowne Street, Brockton; English: 
Chi Omega, Secretary, House Manager, Junior Panhellenic Council 
Representative; Class Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee, 
Chairman; Junior Panhellenic Council; Colonel's Cadre, Vice President, 
Secretary-Treasurer; Newman Club. 

YUKNA, KATHRYN ANN; 16 Lansdowne Street, Brockton; English: 
Class Treasurer; Class Executive Council; Chi Omega, House Manager; 
SWAP; WAA; Newman Club. 

ZACAMY, SUSAN FRANCES; 176 Harrison Avenue, Somerset: Child 
Development: Outing Club; Dean's List. 

ZAHIGIAN, CHARLES V.; 30 Black Oak Drive, Attleboro; Market- 
ing: Soccer; Chorale; Intramural Sports. 

ZAJAC, MORTIMER D.; 20 Emery Street, New Bedford; Marketing: 
Cape Cod Community College; Marketing Club; Dorm Counselor; 
Newman Club; Bowling. 

ZAJAC, THOMAS GARY; Hartford Avenue, West Upton; Electrical 
Engineering: Newman Club; IEEE; Ski Club. 

ZAWALICH, WALTER S.; 186 Pleasant Street, South Grafton; Zool- 
ogy: St. Anselm's College; Kappa Sigma, Executive Committee; Dean's 
List; Zoology Club; German Club. 

ZEDONIS, JUDITH ANN M.; College Highway, Southampton; Psy- 

ZEMBISKI, JEANNE FRANCES; North Street, Hatfield; Sociology; 
Dean's List; Kappa Alpha Theta, Recording Secretary. 

ZERAMBY, ARLYNE MERLE; 97 Cottage Street, Chelsea; English; 
Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Hillel; Operetta Guild. 

ZICH, MARJORIE ANN; 12 Glastonbury Oval, Waban; Sociology; 
S.U. Program Council, Chairman; S.U. Governing Board; Revelers; 
Dorm Counselor; Sigma Delta Tau, Social Chairman, 1st Vice President; 
Class Executive Council. 

ZINK, BEVERLY JEANNE; 92 West Silver Street, Westfield; Elemen- 
tary Education; Education Club; Critique; Winter Carnival Committee. 

ZIPSER, PEGGY ANN; 17 Cherry Lane, Great Neck, New York; 
Psychology; Dean's List; Psychology Club; Mathematics Club; Hillel. 

ZLETZ, RICHARD STEPHEN; 13 Hillside Avenue, Swampscott; 
Government; Sigma Alpha Mu, Founder, President; Student Senate; 
Concert Band, Student Conductor; Honors CoUoquia; Dean's List; 
Interfraternity Council Sports. 

ZMUDA, CAROL ANN; 2196 South Main, Fall River; Elementary 
Education; Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; Precisionettes, Squad 
Leader; Newman Club. 

ZOFREA, GLENORA THERESA; 27 Auburn Street, Pittsfield; Phys- 
ical Education; Berkshire Community College; Dorm Counselor; Mod- 
ern Dance Club; Secretary, Naiads; Dean's List; WAA. 

ZUKROFF, BARBARA RUTH; 949 High Street, Fall River; English; 
Scrolls, Vice President; Sigma Delta Tau, Philanthropic Chairman; 
Hillel; Dorm Counselor. 

MacDOUGALL, ELEANOR MARIE; 39 Chestnut Street, Wakefield; 
Medical Technology; Alpha Chi Omega; Dorm Counselor; Medical 
Technology Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

Seniors Not Pictured 





McCarthy, richard j. 
mednicov, harvey j. 
meier, johanna 
rogers, suzzanne meuni 
mihovan, betsy p. 
miller, carleton p. 
miller, john d. 
mills, kerry h. 
milner, david i. 
misener, alan f. 
misky, joseph w. 
monette, theodore a. 
mullaney, stanley j. 
murphy, eugene p. 
murphy, francis 
murphy, robert w. 
murray, henry t. 
myer, douglas r. 
myshrall, charles d. 
noonan, richard j. 
nyren, richard p. 
oconnell, thomas j. 
oconnell, william e. 
ogilvie, jeffrey s. 



In Memorium 



Barbara Nawrocki, Dick LoFontaine, Alice Pelletier, Karen Ficcdn 
Ahem, and Rick Sadowski, Photography Editor. 

Pilon, George Williams, Jim Slavas, Maureen 

This ninety-eighth edition of the University annual, the Massachusetts 
Index, is an attempt to capture the events, achievements, and pleasures of 
the 1 966-67 academic year. 

1967 was a year of change for the Index. Switching to fall publication 
had many advantages. Current graduation and spring activities were in- 
cluded for the first time and the staff did not sufFer from the rush and 
pressures of a March final deadline. Therefore, a great deal more time 
was put into careful picture selection, photography, and layout design. 
Fall publication also enabled sizable economies, and we used these savings 
to increase color coverage. 

A great deal of credit is due all those who contributed to this publica- 
tion, especially the photography staff. They never ceased to amaze me 
with the quantity, quality, and cleverness of their work. Richard LeFontaine 
received the photographer of the year award. Special thanks should also 
be given to Don Lendry of American Yearbook Company, Mike Dasho 
and Guy Quartarone of Lincoln Studios, and Bernard HofFman Labs of 
New York. 

Alex Dean